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Pendalaman Alkitab; Disiplin Anak Dalam Alkitab

Pendalaman Alkitab Pengembangan Anak Holistik/ Holistic Child Development.

Ulangan 8:5; Maka haruslah engkau insaf, bahwa TUHAN, Allahmu, mengajari engkau seperti seseorang mengajari anaknya
Amsal 3:11-12 : Hai anakku, janganlah engkau menolak didikan TUHAN , dan janganlah engkau bosan akan peringatan-Nya.

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Pendalaman Alkitab: Pengajaran Anak Menurut Ulangan 6

Pendalaman Alkitab Seri Pengembangan Anak Holistik / Pelayanan Anak

Ulangan 6 : 1-25

Ulangan  6:7
haruslah engkau mengajarkannya berulang-ulang kepada anak-anakmu dan membicarakannya apabila engkau duduk di rumahmu, apabila engkau sedang dalam perjalanan, apabila engkau berbaring dan apabila engkau bangun.

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Hourly Comic Day 2016

Hello, friends—it’s time for another installment of everyone’s favorite working holiday: Hourly Comic Day! This is my sixth(!!!) year participating which, for those of you who aren’t familiar, involves drawing a panel or two for every hour you’re awake on February 1st. 58 more words


Cooking with your users: reflections on the Museum Computer Network (MCN) Keynote

I wanted to jump out of my chair during Liz Ogbu’s keynote presentation at the 2015 Museum Computer Network conference in Minneapolis. In her presentation, she talked about the power of human-centered design and its potential for impact in museums. 837 more words


Human-Centered Design

It is so important for designers to remember who they’re creating for-humans! By keeping human-centered design in mind, it’s possible to make a product that fits the wants, needs, and desires of consumers. 145 more words


Innovation and Alignment - Collaborating to stay ahead

I took a Human Centered Design workshop a year ago to learn more about the innovation process. My big epiphany from that workshop was that alignment is not achieved by convincing others, it’s an outcome of true collaboration…. 336 more words