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Our Experience with Design Research

Throughout this project we have been making use of various techniques, frameworks and models to help guide our work and organize our thoughts.  One such method is… 2,971 more words

Sekolah Untuk Apa? Alasan Pendidikan Untuk Keutuhan Manusia

Banyak sarjana menganggur dan banyak orang menganggap bahwa pelajaran di sekolah tidak lagi menjawab persoalan hidup manusia. Lalu kenapa kita harus sekolah dan mencari pendidikan? 301 more words


Applying human centered design to data visualization

Jeff Knezovich over at On Think Tanks posted some great reflections from his recent trip to the Cartanga Data Festival, breaking down why data viz isn’t just a science but also an art. 454 more words

Just For Fun

IDEO Refugee Education Challenge

If you’re interested in how design can contribute to the greater social good, check out the IDEO Refugee Education Challenge. The challenge poses the question “how might we improve learning and expand education opportunities for refugees around the world? 189 more words


Where My Ladies At? Emily Pilloton

Throughout high school, I knew I wanted to spend my life building beautiful, clever and useful things, but I had no idea how to go about doing it. 243 more words

Women In Design Wednesday

Human-Centered Design and The Wallet Project

What comes to your mind when you hear the word design? Color, shape, packaging? In many industries, design is often misinterpreted as the visual layer of a product. 974 more words


Attempting to Interview the Homeless

My group and I needed to get some interviews with the homeless around downtown. We assumed that it would be easy enough to find and talk to them, but we were very wrong. 127 more words