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MOOC Madness

Ah, the MOOC–or massive open online course. It sounds like such an opportunity: take a class on thousands of topics, any time, any where, from some of the world’s best professors. 1,805 more words


Research: Forms (2)

This online quiz was created to inform the reader about what their subconscious is trying to tell them. Not sure if a website is the appropriate form, but gets me thinking more about interactive digital forms. 8 more words


Research: Forms

Stemming from my last lexicon, this foldable is asking the reader questions and giving them information about their subconscious. Needs more type variation and interest. 7 more words


Research: Lexicon 2

Second iteration of my lexicon. Narrowed down the terms surrounding how the subconscious affects human behavior.


Research: Lexicon

First draft of my lexicon of terms related to my interests.

Blood, sleep, emotional, present, reaction, time


Research: Terms

Coming from the list of my interests ~here~, I have started narrowing down topics of things I’d like to dive further into. Currently I’m researching how pop culture relates and affects the subconscious mind and human behavior. 14 more words