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Human Centered Design methodologies: Experience Design (part 2: because I think that I understand now?)

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I am still a little unsure of Experience design.

I am now more in the dark again about HCD.

But, in regards to HCD I do know these things: 581 more words


H6D-100c and the HCD lenses

It has now been a little more than a month since I received my new Hasselblad H6D-100c and I have got to test it out properly, at least in the field. 971 more words


Human Centered Design methodologies: Experience Design (part 1: because I am so very confused)

Today’s listening content and this too

The last couple of days, (yes including work time :O) I have been looking up other methodology of HCD. In summary; from what I have understood from Franki Simonds’ … 477 more words


Human Centered Design methodologies: Service Design

Today’s listening content

So yesterday, I was learning about HCD and how UX is a part or a process that is part of HCD and along with UX, there are other methodologies that form HCD. 886 more words


Design Lingo & Jargon

OK. I know, posting twice on the same day… Like does this fox even have a life?
The answer to that is yes.

So just to discuss here some of the things I have learned so far: 826 more words


Using Human-Centered Design (HCD) Approach to Improve Your Government Contact Center's Experience

Every interaction the taxpayer has with the government is a touch point that shapes their impression on the quality of service received based on a positive or negative experience. 410 more words

Customer Service

Human Centered Design- Course Project: VidGrub


At the time I had recently discovered this term, and intrigued by this design approach investigated further. I quickly came to realized the many benefits of HCD, as one ultimately creates products for people by first starting with people. 38 more words