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X IS THE STORY: Introducing DSIL Creative Media Lab

Track X is here.

For those of you who may have been following our facebook posts, you’ve heard the stories, seen the videos, and may have read about this thing we do in SE Asia called… 56 more words


How Biogas is Improving Lives in Ethiopia: Focus on the Customer

7/21/15 – This guest post is written by three GSSE MBA students who envision an entrepreneurial future involving biogas.  This summer, they are partnering with the Ethiopian branch of the social business… 664 more words

Sustainable Enterprise

Storytelling: Cara Ampuh Menangkap Tacit Knowledge

Pada dasarnya pengetahuan dapat dibagi menjadi 2 (dua) kelompok, yaitu pengetahuan yang telah terdokumentasi dan mudah dipelajari biasanya disebut dengan explicit knowledge dan pengetahuan yang masih di dalam otak seseorang biasanya berdasarkan pengalaman, pengetahuan itu disebut tacit knowledge. 236 more words


Reflections on a Human Centred Design online course.

A while ago on this blog, I made a promise to actually take up on a MOOC (massive online open course), and document my experience.  Although I consider myself  to be  self-motivated and an independent learner, it has been 5 years since I did any kind of formal learning and sometimes life gets in the way and the next thing you know all motivation, engagement and direction is lost.  1,119 more words

Kenapa Perusahaan Perlu Mendefinisikan Corporate Culture?

Kami hanya perusahaan kecil, kami rasa tidak perlu mendefinisikan budaya perusahaan.

Budaya kerja di perusahaan kami sudah cukup baik, mengapa perlu didokumentasikan segala?

Mungkin banyak pernyataan tersebut muncul di benak Anda ketika kita membicarakan tentang pentingnya mendefinisikan corporate culture (budaya perusahaan) secara formal.

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