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Using Human-Centered Design (HCD) Approach to Improve Your Government Contact Center's Experience

Every interaction the taxpayer has with the government is a touch point that shapes their impression on the quality of service received based on a positive or negative experience. 410 more words

Customer Service

Human Centered Design- Course Project: VidGrub


At the time I had recently discovered this term, and intrigued by this design approach investigated further. I quickly came to realized the many benefits of HCD, as one ultimately creates products for people by first starting with people. 38 more words


Week 35: In the Land of You Betcha

Having lived on the east and west coasts of the United States, my only experience in the midwest had been from an airplane window, or maybe the occasional layover. 393 more words


Going Beyond Consumer Concentricity

Being consumer-centric is a way of thinking,¬†a philosophy that drives your actions. HCD or Human Centered Design was first a powerful movement in the 90’s and is still core, but delivering good design means going to the next level. 112 more words


Episode 2: Driving without Humans

In this strangely prescient episode that was recorded a few days before the first fatality involving an automated car, the boys discuss whether technology is now outstripping the ability of human  society and institutions to deal with it. 175 more words


Week 25: Cue the Waterworks

Not tears. Not rain. Sweat. And lots of it. Despite DC’s late spring and my week in Canada, the heat and humidity have come home to roost (and roast). 188 more words


Making sense of your research to unleash design opportunities

Uncovering opportunities to improve design is a tricky business. Often teams take far more time than they ought to, or they cling to observations that support their opinions. 536 more words