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HCG Diet: Phase 2 Day 1

So the next phase for HCG Diet is the Core Phase. Normally it runs between 13-43 days depending on how much weight you need to lose. 219 more words


HCG Diet: Phase 1 Day 1-2

HCG Diet have several phases. Your D1 and D2 are called Loading Phase. Some call these the “binge” or “gorge” days. Most overweight people are extremely low on needed reserve fat, while having an excess of abnormal fat. 172 more words


How to Reduce the Fat in Ground Beef - and Save Money Too!

When it comes to deciding whether or not food is still good to eat, some people live by the motto: “When in doubt, throw it out.” 635 more words


Observations on hCG

This post is not intended to be a research abstract, a review of science, or a breakdown of any hows or whys. It’s just me reporting on my observations from the last couple years regarding the rapid and dramatic weight loss that results from using the hCG protocol. 525 more words

Who Wants to Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Days!

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since I posted some news for you all. Well I have some GREAT news for you all tonight. What I’m about to share with you can and will be… 358 more words


This is how it all started....

Where to start? Well, let’s see, I was a fat kid. Not at first. At first, I was cute. Then, something happened and all I can remember is being focused on food. 903 more words


5 Ideas to Freshen Up the Bathroom

It’s the first room you go when you wake up and the last room you go to before turning in. The bathroom is your true living room. 430 more words