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Discovering - Babies Thursday

In the words I used to tell my mom: I peed on a stick and apparently my body is producing hCG.

Watching that faint little blue line appear on my $5 grocery store pregnancy test is at the same time exhilarating and… weirdly not. 534 more words


Disappointing weigh in.

This mornings weigh in is 112.4. I was less than thrilled to see that number go up, but there are a few things contributing. One being that lovely time of the month that should arrive at any time now as well as a case of constipation, yup talk about tmi. 47 more words



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Hubby the Rockstar

My hubby totally came through tonight.

My RE called this afternoon to tell me that my HCG injection should take place at 11:15pm, and my surgery is scheduled at 11:15am on Tuesday. 400 more words


Low carb Bento.

I love bento boxes! So I decided I would start using them to take my lunch to work everyday, not only are they good for portion control but it also makes your food look a lot more interesting. 38 more words


Day 2 stabilization on Keto, what I ate.

Day 2 8/25/15. My scale kicked the bucket this morning so was unable to do a weigh in, I will be replacing it tonight and will report weight tomorrow. 10 more words


Trigger at Night, an IVFer's Delight.

Day 10

More mind games today.

During yesterday’s call from my nurse, she informed me that the doctor wanted to wait another day before “triggering”. Only one of my follicles was at 18mm. 584 more words