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Team Overcomer Hits The Ground Running

Yes, that’s what I am at the young age of 55.  We all have a story to tell, a brand to build on.   170 more words


Beta #3 - 190

Wooohooo! That’s up from 29 last Thursday (4 days ago).

I am SO excited. Next bloods this Friday.

PS I think this might be my shortest ever post!


Beta #2 - we're still in the game

Well this has been an excruciating couple of days. When I saw the Dr this morning I told her it was harrowing. Then I felt over dramatic but whatever. 305 more words


Today I was angry

At this very moment I am sitting in my bed, wrapped up in a Minnie Mouse blanket and I’m angry (which is hard to do while wrapped in this particular blanket!). 461 more words


I needed a res!

I failed.

I tried to take a shortcut and I failed.

I ran, solo, into a pack of ten high-level mobs as a priest with my bubble on global cool down. 807 more words


Blast from the past

I’ve just been trawling through my computer to clear off some files, as it is almost full, when I spotted an Excel sheet called ‘Hospital Chart’. 111 more words

If He wills it

Well its been a long time and I practically forgot this blog existed. I just looked up my last post and it was September last year… that was 10 months ago… 218 more words