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4th HCG

Had my blood test today, its at 3100, the doubling is slowing down:

14dpo: 42

18dpo: 200

21dpo: 610

27dpo 3100

Which according to internet calculator s is normal. 9 more words

Time to pull the trigger - IVF#2

The time has come, tonight is the night I trigger.  For ‘non-IVFers’, this means I get to take an extra injection at midnight tonight. This is a huge injection of the HCG hormone which gets all those little eggies to ripen nicely, ready for collection. 243 more words


Holy Smokes Batman. It's HCG Girl!!

School Teacher by Day, Crime Fighter by Night?

HCG Girl Rises:

After graduating college, Dina started her teaching career. As if filling those little skulls full of mush with knowledge wasn’t enough, Dina wanted to have  am impact on her family and friends. 166 more words

Hanging in There

Well as of this morning this is the longest I have ever been pregnant, I had a blood test this morning and just got my results back, the nurse still feels its too early to get my hopes up but it has gone up from 200 to 610 in 72 hours so my doubling time is less than 48 hours, which is good. 32 more words


I am nervous even writing this blog post, because I don’t want to jinx myself or our chances. . . We got a glimmer of hope today. 100 more words


Cycle #7: Cycle Day 25; vent

An overview of the meds/procedures taken during this cycle:

  • Metformin (1,000mg daily)
  • Myo-inositol (Pregnitude)
  • Femara (5g Cycle Day 3-7)
  • Ovidrel
  • IUI
  • Pre-seed
  • Acupuncture and massage…
  • 366 more words

More than Doubling

I had my second blood test today, the hcg has gone up to 200, which is more than doubling, however the nurse urged me to be cautious,  as my inital test was only 42 and considered low, so I still have a high chance of a miscarriage. 41 more words