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Number Three

A lot has happened in the last week or so. On Monday, I got my test results back (testing for blood clotting disorders, genetic abnormalities, and so on), and I am SO relieved to report that all is clear!! 509 more words


New Arrivals!

The hubs & I made an online purchase last week & it just arrived…. Yep, that’s right…150 FDA approved Pregnancy tests, & 150 FDA approved Ovulation tests (cups included) all for the mere price of just $35. 449 more words


Never ending symptoms. 

It’s been a little over 4 weeks since my d&c. I. Am. Still. Bleeding. It is never ending. I was told this was a possibility and once my hcg level is below 0, it should stop. 270 more words

5 Tips for All-Natural Bathroom Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning is no fun. Soap scum on the shower floor, hair balled up and the hard to clean toilet bowl are enough to make us dizzy just by looking at them. 402 more words


2 Years Already! Happy Lifestyle Change Anniversary To Me!

Well happy 2 year lifestyle change anniversary to me! When I was at the gym last night I kept thinking how two years ago yesterday I was so nervous about starting my diet and changing the way that I ate because it was so different. 776 more words

End Of Phase 2 Week 4 and Measurements

Another week down… 1 1/2 to go! I gained clarity on the length of my round through the group I’m in, it’s not 6 weeks, it’s 40 days (including loading) and then I stop the drops and eat 500 calories for 72 hours. 103 more words