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HCG Injections Helpful in Reducing Weight for Healthy Living

People now have got the maximum weight loss plans and strategies as compared to earlier. There are numerous diet charts and exercise routines that are asked to be followed for reducing the excess fat. 480 more words

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Speed Bump

So it turns out I am human and make errors.  Delicious, warm, fudgey, nutty mistakes, BUT I do not regret it one bite, err bit.  I made it 2 weeks straight without straying once from the uber strict diet.   216 more words



One word – Netflix.

So if I were still in Austin (I moved here in late August P.S.), this would be damn near impossible to accomplish because I had a much more hoppin’ social calendar betwixt my fellow single gal pals, work events (UT tailgate parties), and my San Antonio besties only a hop skip and jump away to catch any live country band at our beckon call like we love to do. 228 more words


Au Naturale

Eeeek I almost forgot… the beauty regimen takes a drastic turn!  So not only can you not consume any oil, neither can you put any on your skin (with the exception of mineral oil).   132 more words



10 days in, 10 pounds down!!!  #WhenOthersStartToNotice

-Hunger subsiding
-Meal prep getting easier, finding your rhythm
-Feeling amazing in your skin
-Clothes fitting better
-Knowing you CAN & WILL ride this thing out


Lose It

Tracking is the key to success.  This is my preferred method, you get reminder notifications, everything I’ve consumed has been specific and found in their extensive database.   129 more words


Hot Lemon Water

Wake up.  Take drops.  Wait 15 min.  Keurig hot water in mug.  Squeeze 1/2 lemon juice into water.  Start day.

16 Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Lemon Water… 308 more words