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Cohesity - brings Light on your Dark Data...

Primary Storage & Secondary Storage – two terms that are very well-known in the nowadays IT technology companies, articles, blogs, social media (LinkedIn, Twitter). Well, Primary Storage – consist the Primary Storage solution for the mission critical data & strict SLAs, however the Secondary Storage – cover much more than the Primary Storage like Data Protection, File Shares, Archiving, Backups, Analytics, Clones, Test/Dev, Cloud etc – in general its Dark Data that is fragmented and inefficient inside your Data Centers. 212 more words


Wake up and snooze

Like most people I wake up to the alarm set on my phone. And like most people, I want to press the snooze button and go back to sleep. 48 more words


Virtual SAN Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at VMworld 2016

Shameless self-promotion here. I’m very excited to be presenting 2 sessions at the upcoming VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas. So, of course I think you shouldn’t miss them. 1,756 more words

Virtual SAN

Shneiderman’s 3rd Golden Rule of Interface Design

Shneiderman‘s 3rd Golden Rule of Interface Design stated:

3. Offer informative feedback.

For every user action, there should be system feedback. For frequent and minor actions, the response can be modest, whereas for infrequent and major actions, the response should be more substantial.

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Dialogs: Designed to Yield Closure

In Ben Shneiderman’s Eight Golden Rules of Design it explains design dialogs as the fourth rule with the following: “Sequences of actions should be organized into groups with a beginning, middle and end. 227 more words


Assessment on WordPress

It’s been almost a month since I first started using WordPress. And now I am going to assess this website as a beginner user.

WordPress is a good tool to express yourself and to post some stuffs. 254 more words



The WordPress

The WordPress is a great tool for making a blog, because it is free. Bloggers who are

low on budget should pick this website, since it is free, bloggers can post blogs  anything… 152 more words