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ytd the whole lot of us went to eat dimsum at san fu low restaurant. the ambience of the place is super good. really got chinese chinese feel. 113 more words



did not expect to receive any presents this year. but managed to receive 3 over here.
really quite a surprise. and a little happy inside.


The Hum of Engines, the Hum of Rain

heavy storm clouds hang overhead

heads that are hurried

hearts that are hurting

hair that is held back under helmets

hands gripping handlebars

the hungry rain reduces us to moving gray puddles

and you walk alone


Sài Gòn 418 x Unilever (p1)

*Featured image là cây hoa màu vàng ko biết tên chụp từ phòng mình, nhưng có vẻ rất phổ biến ở đây.

Thật tình cờ nhưng đúng ngày này tháng trước, sáng còn đang lang thang phố đi bộ tay cầm cốc trà sữa Phúc Long, trưa chạy ra sân bay, về đến Hà Nội xách xe đi chợ rồi về nhà nấu cơm giặt quần áo, như chưa hề có chuyến đi nào.. 2,635 more words

#du Lịch

a special day

woke up from a dream that i’ve been having for the past few months.

started off the day with a vid call from laobu. apparantly laodou asked if i called back home like 1 or 2 days back kekeke. 240 more words


Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh was the leader who brought Communism to Vietnam. After annexing South Vietnam, he unified the country, and Saigon, the previous capital of South Vietnam was renamed in his honor. 349 more words


Just In Time For The Next Adventure

I’ve been putting aside the rest of my blog posts because every time I look at my pictures for inspiration, it just makes me hungry again. 1,243 more words