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Dinner - Le Corto

Le Corto is one of the best French restaurant I highly recommend to go dinning in town. The chefs are from the hospitality industry and their prices are really reasonable. 149 more words


Socialized Medicine: HCMC plans to cut staff in 2017

Socialized medicine is a colossal failure. That’s been proven many times on countrywide scales. Once mighty superpowers have been relegated to second world status thanks to socialized medicine. 423 more words


Vietnam to Korea to Japan

I’m sitting in the O’Hare airport right now, minutes away from boarding a plane to Narita. I’m a little antsy, but also hopeful and bright, excited the way children are before they perform in their first school plays. 277 more words


Ho Chi Minh City: Presidential Problems (1/2)

This is part something of something of my Upside Down Heart Tour. I’ve lost count. We visited Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An and Nha Trang before finding our way to Ho Chi Minh City. 1,686 more words

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A Very Vietnamese Christmas

Simon Stanley unwraps the tropical festive spirit, of a very Vietnamese Christmas. Photos by Vinh Dao.

Despite being home to a relatively small Catholic community, with the majority of the remainder of the population being either Buddhist or atheist, Vietnam is once again poised to embrace the spirit of Christmas in a big way. 1,814 more words

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11/29 - 12/1: Ho Chi Minh City

And so it begins. First stop on this three-week long journey, Ho Chi Minh City. The city — still referred to by some as Saigon — is home to about eight million people. 203 more words


Living in Vietnam - Month One, Pros & Cons

It’s been exactly one month since moving to Ho Chi Minh City. As expected, it has not been easy. In fact, sometimes it was down right miserable. 685 more words