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Cyclists POV 39 - The Darkness / Spot The Cyclist / Hit & Run Driver / Friendly White Van Man

There’s been a few more subscribers lately so here’s another video!

Spot The Cyclist – Thankfully, most people have the sense to buy a light or two, even the cheapest of the cheap but see if you can spot this guy in the shadows. 910 more words

HD Hero

Winter Wolf Run 2015

The aches are back! (But at least I can walk this year!)

Sunday, November 8th 2015.
My fourth Wolf Run and my favourite course out of the two. 960 more words


Cyclists POV 33

Not uploaded one of these in a while. I’ve been a little distracted… Sorry!

Fixed Gear Fail – I’m 95% sure this incident ruined my fixed gear. 399 more words


Cyclists POV 29

Random Beep – Not sure who it came from or who it was aimed at, all I know is that I was getting wet and I needed to get home. 447 more words


The Corolla

She’s still ticking along nicely but I want to try something different. I’m going to try and document anything more I do in video form. It was fun making this little video and as much as I hate talking on it… I think it came out ok.


Cyclists POV 18

Two videos to share with you this week. First up is another “POV” video:

I’m getting out on the bike more and more now trying to get the old body back in shape so the amount of footage is building. 352 more words


Cyclists POV 17

Moving the camera to the helmet makes you look like a bit of a dick but gives a much better perspective.  I’m still trying to work out all of Adobe’s functions so hopefully in time, my editing will improve.   12 more words