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Game Review: Mario Party 10 (2015, Wii U)

Reviewed by: Phantomhour (Brendan Graham)

It’s no secret that Mario Party is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. The mini games are addicting, and the board game aspect was brutal among friends, and took ruthless strategy. 389 more words


Feel the Light by Jennifer Lopez

I’m not fan of her, but this show is amazing. The song is meaningful too.

Show me your light and guide me through the darkness.
– me


Semana Santa in Jerez de la Frontera 2015

Let me apologize in advance for not going full wide screen with this video of my son, Samuel, at his first Semana Santa in Jerez de la Frontera.   291 more words


You Can Now Play Super Mario 64 In Your Browser

For millions of 90s kids, Super Mario 64 is the video game equivalent of Proust’s madeleine — evoking a simpler, more exciting and infinitely more awesome time. 155 more words

Queen of the Arena

By Ben – I am pretty sure that almost 20 years after her three legendaries concerts at (at the time brand new) Amsterdam Arena, Tina Turner’s… 340 more words

Tina Turner

80's Anime Star Wars is awesome

Unlike many around me I’m not enthused or unhappy about new star wars movies, I’m sure there will be fun in them and something worth seeing but I’m simply not enthused, what i am enthused by is the fandom that surround’s it however, this piece of animation Took 4 years to make over weekends by animator Paul Johnson and it shows with every loving reference to the X-Wing/Tie Fighter series of games. 41 more words


Zelda Wii U Has Been Delayed To 2016?!

Well, I should have known it was coming. Zelda Wii U has been pushed back to 2016. I am not really sure as to why I am surprised since 2015 seemed almost too perfect. 116 more words