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Fix and Repair a Dead Hard Drive

Everyone’s got a story about losing important data one way or another, whether it’s from the accidental deletion of some files, a stolen computer, or more commonly a failed hard drive. 382 more words


Hard Drive Bracket Explained

I just bought a used MacBook and it was a steal! Even though it is an older version ( 2009) the technical specification are still valuable and will help do my job right ( I am a video editor). 399 more words

Storage, a Video Editors Guide

Storage is important for anyone who uses a computer, but for an editor it’s everything. Your storage device is what you keep your raw footage on, your edits, your completed work, and your demo reel. 640 more words

Film Maker

A Fresh Take on SDS - Quobyte Briefing Note

Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions are a dime a dozen. The problem is that only a few solutions truly differentiate themselves from the features that come with the legacy storage hardware systems they are replacing. 588 more words

Briefing Note

Crashed Hard Drive

My hard-drive crashed recently and then I realized the importance of backup. I thought that there’s always time for a backup and kept delaying. I realised today that I delayed too much. 156 more words


The Wooden Government of Miami Beach






“The noise is too loud!” “What?” “THE NOISE IS TOO LOUD!” “WHAT?” THE NOISE IS TOO DAMN LOUD!

674 more words

Laptop with HDD: Battery Life Trick

This describes a little trick to get more battery life out of a laptop with a HDD

Recently my PNY SSD died after only 2 years, and i have put the original HDD back in my laptop. 165 more words