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The Impact of Extremely High Density SSD Drives - Viking Technology Briefing Note

The next generation of solid state drives (SSD) are coming to market. Some are focused on performance and are leveraging NVMe connectivity to reduce latency. Others are focused on extremely high capacity (50TBs+) and are designed for dense data center storage that powers analytics and big data processing. 686 more words

Briefing Note

Head to Head: HDD vs SSD

Consumers today are met with a range of storage solutions for their technological device. However you may be wondering what they all mean? What are the advantages and the disadvantages of using different types of memory? 498 more words


A glimpse of the scope of the Mariner East 2 drilling disaster


It seems there have been drilling fluid spills at dozens of sites, and groundwater-related problems in at least three areas of the state, and almost none of it public until now. 714 more words


Securely delete files/folders in Ubuntu

In brief, you should NEVER trust your HDD before handing it over to someone else!

The solution to this would be either wipe the whole HDD or at least wipe the files/folders that you need to keep out of reach. 94 more words


How to find if a disk is SDD or HDD in Linux?


sudo smartctl  -i /dev/sda | grep Rotation
Rotation Rate:    Solid State Device


sudo smartctl  -i /dev/sdb | grep Rotation
Rotation Rate:    7200 rpm

Linux Utility to Measure the Performance of NVMe Storage Drives

NVMe is a new upcoming storage protocol. It has been developed because Solid State Drives have started filling up the Threshold limits of SATA Protocol. It has been designed keeping the growth of storage industry in mind; thus, future storage drives won’t be able to saturate its threshold anytime soon. 4,027 more words