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Windows 10 A Cautionary Tale.

So like everyone, yesterday I was pretty excited to get my hands on Windows 10. But what started as an exciting new thing to play with, soon turned into a day and a half from hell. 754 more words


Intel unveils new Storage Technology: 1000 times faster than what we have

The digital age has spurred an era of consumption, and has heralded an era of data production. We have produced more data in the last decade than we have in the last millennium put together, and even as some of these data may seem mundane to most, the fact is that storage is becoming more and more important. 271 more words

Company Announcement

The Top 3 Deduplication Trends

When combined with compression and thin provisioning, deduplication makes a backup disk a cost effective strategy and now makes considering a primary storage tier consisting only of flash reasonable. 586 more words


Toshiba’s woes and the Japanese triple whammy

Toshiba apologised yesterday for over-reporting its income statements from 2008 onwards, having delayed calculating its full-year financial results and setting up an independent investigation panel back in May. 554 more words

Financial Results

How to decide if Software Defined Storage is Right for you

Software Defined Storage (SDS) is the abstraction of data services from the storage hardware and it promises a lot: flexibility, cost savings and the elimination of vendor lock-in. 1,848 more words


SSD - Solid State Devices

SSD? Many of you, who would have heard about these when you hear about latest laptops. What is it actually?

We all are familiar with HDD- Hard Disk Drive. 195 more words


Available computer parts and price

Call for Desktop parts listed below:

Motherboard:G31=2100 Taka, G41=2600 taka, H61=2600 Taka, D845=1200 Taka, Pinless DDR1=1700 Taka, G45=2600 taka,

Hard Disk:40GB=450 Taka, 80GB=750 Taka, 160GB=1300 Taka, 250GB=1700 Taka, 320GB=2000 Taka. 61 more words