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Flash memory's density surpasses hard drives for first time

”NAND flash memory has surpassed hard disk drive (HDD) technology in areal density for the first time, according to a new report from a market research firm,” Lucas Mearian reports for Computerworld. 184 more words


Advanced Format - Large HDD Performance issues

Older operating systems, like Windows 7, may have performance issues in dealing with the largest enterprise type drives. 512e drives are recommended over 4K native drives. 131 more words


Raspberry PI B+ HDD-cage.

Well, this is the result of my idea that I got while I had problem sleeping. And a quick search later, I was unable to find any box/cage that was ready for a HDD (2.5″). 114 more words


Upgrading form an HDD to an SSD

So there’s a lot of stuff out there that says that you can’t upgrade from old mechanical drive to a new SSD without having to buy a new operating system. 314 more words

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Why Low Latency Matters

Enterprise Applications and Dynamic Business Workloads Demand Faster and Faster Response Times

Applications are driving the enterprise, whether it is a relatively simple application used by millions of customers or a complex, scalable database that drives an organization’s back end. 1,700 more words


Flash + SMR = Storage Density and Performance

Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) hard disk drives do something remarkable. For the same basic bill of materials and occupying the same physical space as traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), they increase the amount of available capacity. 1,150 more words