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Flood risk-Est Anglia-Essex-Kent

What will happen in the UK eastern counties of Lincolnshire, Suffolk, Essex and Kent if we do not manage to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C? 165 more words

Bill Butterworth

SlideShare: Overcoming the Storage Roadblock to Data Center Modernization

Organizations have tried a variety of solutions to regain control of their data storage infrastructure. They’ve invested in monolithic storage systems, software defined storage (SDS) and hyper-converged systems. 320 more words


Designing Storage for the Software Defined Data Center

The goal of a Software Defined Data Center initiative is to enable the organization to increase an organization’s flexibility by programmatically configuring and reconfiguring their environment with a series of software commands instead of interacting with hardware. 582 more words


First Facebook now Instagram envy - and despair?

Just as Facebook makes people feel less satisfied about their lives as they look at exaggerated posts and touched-up selfies it seems Instagram is having the same effect. 162 more words


Storage vs. The Software Defined Data Center

The goal of a software defined data center (SDDC) is to enable an organization to leverage standard hardware to reduce costs and leverage intelligent software to increase flexibility by dynamically defining the data center as the needs of the application workloads and the organization change. 329 more words


Comparison of Pipeline Drilling Methods: Bores, HDDs & Direct Pipes [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 75]

Over the course of their construction, pipelines encounter many obstacles that require the use of subsurface tunnels.  Such tunnels enable the pipeline to pass beneath roadways, railroads, rivers, and environmentally sensitive areas without disturbing them. 917 more words


Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Evans Compare Their Friendship To Disney Duos In Hilarious Twitter Exchange

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans proved their love for one another once again over the weekend as they compared their friendship to other famous Disney duos. 135 more words