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Lots of Great HDRIs

Here’s a site with quite a few good HDRIs.¬†https://www.hdrvault.com/


Free Fake HDRI: Malcolm Studio Black

I’m getting busy with a few other design things, so there won’t be new HDRIs for a while, but I promised a black version of the Malcolm Studio and I love it! 110 more words


Free Fake HDRI: Grid

This is a fun new world I’ve made from a grid on the walls of a cube. It should be quite useful for showing off prototypes and presenting perspective.¬† 43 more words


Free Fake HDRI: Mars

This is a fun, if somewhat inaccurate fake HDRI that I’ve created for you. It was made using a panorama from Curiosity Rover which I’ve made seamless. 163 more words


Free Fake HDRI: Malcolm Studio

In an effort to create better renders, I’ve started creating several “fake” HDRIs. They’re fake because they are created entirely within Blender, but they do contain complex lighting environments including “photo studio objects” which were kindly shared by Nukkio on Blendswap. 95 more words


Creature Rig

Finished rigging my creature, animated and rendered with a HDRI image. Will move onto Look Development next.