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Escape from reality

“We met at the weirdest circumstances, didn’t we?” He asked.

“Definetely” she giggled.

“And now you’re my escape from reality.” Said he.

“I don’t want to be your escape from reality” she confessed. 121 more words

He And She

Don't Want To Fly

With a twinkle in his eye

He grabbed her hand

Gentle warmth engulfed her heart

And she felt so alive 83 more words


He and She (Fictional)

He felt the stubs on his face
And squeezed his gravity-prone testicles
He knew they were going to come off with time
And those pink Avirate bras would be perfect fits… 205 more words



“Why do people drink?” She asked as she eyed two people drinking celebratory shots on the adjacent table.

“There are many reasons.” He said.

“Like?” Her curious eyes asked. 139 more words

He And She

A Millennial Meet Cute

She used Facebook religiously, like any other girl her age. Wake up, check Facebook. Bored in class, check Facebook. Want to look busy when you’re alone, check Facebook. 1,793 more words

Love Story


Her head bent down
As he passed by
She took a sigh
And secretly smiled

He glanced at her
As she looked down
How he wished… 37 more words


The Reason 

​“You should speak your mind more often.” He smiled at her.

“Me? Why?” She asked as if he just told her to act in a movie. 245 more words

He And She