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She wasn't back. Not anymore.

Note: If you had read it’s Part-1, you’ll know the story or else you won’t understand where we are heading.

Here’s the first part of it... 293 more words


She was back. Again.

“What is more delicate?
Blood through the veins
or Ink on paper?
You already know my choice.”

I wanted to erase it but, I ended up pressing the send button.

317 more words
Love Redefined

Whatever happened to smiling

I remember the good old times, without mobile phones or ‘always available’ cameras to take instant pictures. Remember the era of retro cameras? With a limited number of shots in hand, it made sense to have the perfect shot. 243 more words

He And She

#fridayfotofiction - Him.

“You can’t love me,you can’t talk about me and you certainly will not search me if I am gone”

“You mean, when you are gone” , she corrected him… 128 more words


She loves Rom-Coms!

She loves romantic comedies! The beautiful feeling when butterflies fill her stomach, while her heart is so full of warmth that tears just flow down her cheeks is what makes her weekend worth waiting for. 623 more words

He And She

Until I find myself

“So where are you now?” he asked as he sipped his coffee.

“In front of you?” she answered, so confused it almost came out as a question. 174 more words

He And She