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This used to be home

“This used to be home.” She said as she pressed her hand on the dusty window. Her handprint wasn’t as small anymore as on the living room wall. 275 more words

He And She


“What is it that you’d kill to do now?” He asked as he put his phone down.

“Travel!” Squeaked she.

“Oh so you could caption that picture on the beach with ‘wanderlust’?” Joked he. 173 more words

He And She

Her Fraudulent Payment?

It was in a set of quirky circumstances that they had met each other. The first time they came close to doing so, she was leaving the venue he was at, moments too soon. 2,200 more words


Story of a Poet: #50 I could not love you

A half century of English poetry here at my blog. Uff…*sighed*

With every blot of ink outraged an enormous amount of passion for reinforcing in me a will to write. 192 more words

English Poetry

why we work.

she: “this is not how this works.”

he: “everything works when it’s with you.”

He And She

She Pleads For Him

On her hands and knees
Limbs trembling
Her desire coating the
inside of her thighs
Visions of him filling
The slow movements of
pushing into her… 128 more words