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The Island of the Gods, Bali

Bewitching, picturesque, diverse, romantic and the many words I could think about Bali. It is really nothing short of divine scenery, rich culture, intricate architecture, spiritually healthy people, visitors overwhelmed with a magical experience and most of all couple’s love nest where time freezes longer than any parts of the world I guess. 3,000 more words


He and She.

He took her hand and led her in the meadow,
and lay beside her under the diminishing fires of the sky.
He looked at her when she kissed him gently, 183 more words

Rhyming Poetry

He and She .

They were burning the lifeless body
under a pile of woods.

She stood there watching ;
Sill. Emotionless. Numb.

“What do they think they’re burning anyway?”,

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He and She .

And once again, they were getting to know each other .
Ready to fall hopelessly in love .

This had to be done over and over again.

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He and She .

The sun was burning up the city that afternoon .

Far from any shade, she lay ;
Lost in the thoughts of her beloved .

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He and She .

He was the burning wax ;
She was the light .
He was in pain every moment ;
and she was shining bright .