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While he’s busy typing away on his laptop for work, I am in my corner of the couch enjoying a cup of tea (he made for me) and this is my favourite angle of him. 15 more words

Heart Of Allysium

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This was never a part of my plan.


Breathe again.

My fear is drowning in my hope, because you taught me to have faith.

Heart Of Allysium

She and He

She gazes at him,
Full of care and romance.
He never looked at her,
Instead at somebody’s radiance.

She smiles at him,
Like those candies’ sweet sorrow. 55 more words

He and She

She: Do you love me?

He: Yes.

She: Would you marry me one day?

He: Why not!

She: Do you see yourself spending your whole life with me? 37 more words

Happy (#9)

With him, she was the happiest she’d ever been. And that scared her to death.

She didn’t really understand why he would choose her. They were, on the surface, very similar people–their beliefs often would line up when they talked about certain topics. 321 more words

He And She

Three-Hour-Zombie Ride

On the brink of finding simple joys , hubby and I have recently become bike enthusiasts since we discovered these amazing park connectors in Singapore.This I guess is one of the things I often get to adore after years of living in this small part of the world yet offers me much convenience, safety, and motivation to get physically fit. 1,141 more words