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Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind - Preternia He-Man

If you subscribed to the Masters of the Universe Classics line in 2011, you were able to score the exclusive sub-only figure, Preternia He-Man (as in “Pre-Eternia”). 623 more words


Free Comic Inside: The First Snake Men Origin

I wish I had thought to do this for last month’s installment, when the Snake Men first popped up in the re-imagined comic series. I didn’t realize I was up to that point. 1,645 more words


Review - He-Man/Thundercats #5 (DC Comics)

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer(s): Rob David, Lloyd Goldfine
Artwork: Freddie E Williams II
Colours: Jeremy Colwell
Release Date: 15th February, 2017 515 more words


Episode 062 - Golden Disks of Knowledge

In which Zodac gets an apprentice.

The Sorceress contacts Adam, requesting that he come to Castle Grayskull immediately, in He-Man format. When he arrives, with Battle-Cat and Orko in tow, he discovers that the jawbridge is banging up and down, and the castle’s eyes are lighting up randomly. 1,118 more words


"Yesterday's" Comic> Masters Of The Universe v3 #3

Masters Of The Universe vol. 3 #3

MV Creations (June, 2004)

STORY: Emiliano Santalucia & Val Staples

WRITER: Lori Ann Scott

ARTISTS: Emiliano Santalucia & Enza Fontana… 246 more words

Yesterday's Comics

Savage He-Man – Most mysterious man in the universe! (1983?)

Anyone who has been collecting Masters of the Universe long enough has heard about the mysterious brown-haired He-Man figure that goes for so much money on eBay. 1,415 more words

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