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Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Leech

September 2011 brought another figure I was really excited about to my door: Leech.  For those not in the know, I love The Evil Horde faction of… 886 more words


30 Day Gaming Challenge!

Thought I would give this a shot!
Day 1 – Very First Video Game:

Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Master System!

Wow, I feel ancient thinking back to those days. 676 more words


Episode 080 - The Shadow of Skeletor

In which King Randor does some moonlighting as a scientist.

The episode opens with Ram-Man again proving his “moron” credentials: he walks into the Palace theatre, sees Man-e-Faces with his monster face on, and decides that he must be a monster. 1,121 more words


Kid's Stuff

Back in March of this year it occurred to me just how much children’s television programming I was actually absorbing on a daily basis.  I don’t have the accurate numbers – unless my iPhone’s Health app has begun monitoring my sedentary behaviour with more detailed analytics – but the approximate amount is ‘a lot’. 2,119 more words


Episode 079 - Disappearing Dragons

In which heroes and villains alike unite to hurl insults at a mute robot.

Responding to an invitation from Granamyr, He-Man and Orko make their way to Darksmoke, where Orko proceeds to wind Granamyr up a right treat. 1,174 more words


He-Man Comic Strips: Vengeance Of The Viper King

Chris Weber took over starting this storyline, and he would remain the writer for the rest of the strip’s run. One change that I noted in this issue is that it feels even less like it’s trying to match the show, and just sticks with things that Filmation, Marvel’s Star Comics, and the minicomics have made into multiversal canon, like the Sorceress’s bird motif and transformation, plus Man-At-Arms having a mustache. 1,174 more words


Episode 078 - Betrayal of Stratos

In which Skeletor demonstrates an unexpected desire to learn how to fly.

I’m very much hoping that this will be an episode about Stratos betraying He-Man and turning evil, so He-Man can finally punch his stupid goggled face. 1,024 more words