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Episode 015 - A Beastly Sideshow

In which Skeletor sneezes his way to defeat.

It’s carnival day in Eternia! A gentleman with a distinctly evil face wheels a vast array of monsters in cages into the the Palace. 858 more words


Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Hordak

The battle for evil supremacy was in full swing in Eternia when Hordak showed up in the vintage line. He brought with him his own posse and they were hell bent on conquering both He-Man and Skeletor, as well as their supporters, for full control of Eternia. 698 more words


Throwback Thursday is Everyday: Sunday Edition

My mom lent me a stack of old TV Guides from the 80s. It is weird what she wants back v. what she gives away. I will be going through them for later entries but this one I found fit to highlight. 404 more words

Episode 014 - Colossor Awakes

In which the Sorceress is even less helpful than usual.

We are treated to a brief introductory scene at Snake Mountain, where Skeletor reveals his new invention, the Energiser, and crows that this will help him to rule Eternia. 1,006 more words


Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Zodac

The lead in to this figure’s quick review is very similar to the one I wrote about Stratos. Zodac was another one of the vintage original Masters of the Universe figures I never had as a kid, and probably for the same reason: from a parent’s perspective buying their child a toy, he’s just a boring dude wearing a helmet with a little blaster. 568 more words


Masters of the Universe Classics Serpentine King Hssss...and the Fiasco

Oh, Serpertine King Hssss…where to start with you? You’re probably one of the most controversial figures released in the realm of Masters of the Universe Classics. 1,309 more words


Masters of the Universe Classics Anti Eternia He-Man

The chase figure of 2016 from Mattycollector.com for Masters of the Universe collectors popped up in Early Access on April 14. The window of opportunity to get him was insanely brief as the allotment they put up only lasted three minutes, even with a three per customer limit. 790 more words