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Episode 051 - City Beneath the Sea

In which our heroes meet some walking fish.

A shipping merchant arrives at Eternia’s Palace to inform King Randor and Man-at-Arms of the disappearance of six ships over the course of the last month. 930 more words


Today's Comic> He-Man/Thundercats #2

Even at two weeks old I don’t like to spoil a Today’s Comic (even though I’ve only done one since I lost my job) but I can’t properly review it if I don’t, so consider this a spoiler warning. 675 more words

Television Spotlight

"Yesterday's" Comic> Masters Of The Universe v2 #5 (2000)

Masters Of The Universe vol. 2 #5

Image Comics/MV Creations (July, 2003)

WRITER: Val Staples

ARTISTS: Emiliano Santalucia & Enza Fontana

COLORIST: Kevin Senft (assisted by Shaynne Corbett) 342 more words

Yesterday's Comics

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 46

Issue 46 of the UK Master of the Universe comic features a He-man, She-ra, Orko, Extendar, Sorceress and Sy-Clone celebrating Christmas with Skeletor held captive as a bizarre Christmas present.

Saturday Night Showcase: He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special

I’ve used this one before but I think it was the Hulu posting and that’s not available anymore. Besides, I have a bonus commentary video from James Eatock, someone who knows Filmation’s He-Man and She-Ra cartoons very well. 28 more words

Television Spotlight

PLASTIC PROTECTION: The Shields of the Masters of the Universe Vintage Toy Line

As a kid, I loved vintage Motu for the integration of many themes (science fiction, medieval, sorcery etc.).  I loved the knights theme the toy line would pick up. 865 more words

Masters Of The Universe

Episode 050 - Temple of the Sun

In which I begin to suspect that Man-at-Arms has recently suffered head trauma.

Our story opens with a ragged man called Nepthu crawling through the desert towards the Temple of the Sun. 980 more words