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What was it? King Hiss’ camouflage? Snake Face’s snakes-pop-out- of-his-face? Kobra Khan’s spray mechanism?  What was your favourite action feature of the famous Snake men? 28 more words

Masters Of The Universe

How to Master(s)... a He-Man WEAPON RACK display (Video Post)

This is a “Build-your-own”! Any thought of creating a nice little diorama for your vintage Masters of the Universe figure’s weapons? Then here is how you it be done with little effort. 21 more words

Masters Of The Universe

Episode 121 - The Magic Falls

In which Orko loses his magic, and we’re all expected to give a toss.

Today’s episode opens on Eternia Day, a day of special celebration on which King Randor invites the needy amongst his people into the Palace and does whatever he can do to help them. 891 more words


Jubilee Kumar as the hero & He-man as the villain ?

During the fifties, a youth with an ordinary personality started his career in Hindi movies and during the sixties, he went on become one of the most popular heroes of Bollywood with several jubilee hits to his credit. 952 more words

Movie Review

My fan art illustration of Skeletor from Masters of the Universe. #Skeletor #He-Man #MastersoftheUniverse

My fan art illustration of Skeletor from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe franchise. Skeletor is the archenemy of He-Man and is a muscular blue humanoid with a hood over his bare-bone skull.  48 more words

David Jernigan

Top 5 Classic Masters of the Universe Figures

You know what I’m a big fan of? Masters of the Universe.

Of all the toys of my childhood, these are the ones that I look back on with the fondest memories and the ones I treasure even now in adulthood. 1,303 more words