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7 University Story Telling Trends To Watch In 2016

The pressure is on. Universities need to stand out. They need to share successful student outcomes, powerful research achievements, and both local and global impact. Many are looking at how storytelling can help them. 1,642 more words

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Hacking Higher Ed

Future Index and Smile are combining for 24 hours to offer a truly innovative insight into just how the best digital marketing ideas can be sparked and developed instantly. 208 more words

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Five digital sparks to inspire global thinking HE Marketers

Recently we were lucky enough to deliver the opening keynote at the DHENIM conference in Utrecht, Netherlands. DHENIM is mainly made up of talented international marketers from across the Dutch university world and many of them took part in our unique voting system (yes stickers!) to determine some of the most inspiring examples of marketing for them to learn from. 1,306 more words


10 Digital & Social Trends for Higher Education Marketing in 2015

We’ve been immersed in all of the latest marketing communication trends recently as we pull together content for our brand new Future Index Academy sessions. With so much knowledge at our fingertips, we thought it would be useful to share with you ten of the biggest trends from the wider world that we think could be crucial to Higher Education marketers in 2015. 2,221 more words

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10 Marketing Halloween Treats

It’s creaky and it’s kooky, mysterious and spooky. But there’s no denying it – Halloween is now a major event in the marketing calendar. Especially in America where the big brands and universities go into overdrive. 850 more words

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Future Student 2024: Big Trends To Watch

In 2004 the class of 2024 was born. And so was ‘The Facebook’ that finished the year with one million users. Smartphones and iPhones hadn’t been invented. 803 more words

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6 HE Marketing Trends Clearing Up on Results Day

It seems a long time ago since the national newspapers dominated Results Day, and the subsequent clearing frenzy, in the UK. This year we had an explosion of content – infographics, vines, animations and much more – pulsating through a huge range of channels. 1,597 more words

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