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Go and Tell Them(Goodnews) Mark 16:7, John 4:28-30.

The most simple statement become the most famous and powerful word in the world and this statement was made by a local woman who will be termed as ignorant,sinner and irrelevant but was able to identify and sense who Jesus was and didn’t keep it to herself but went out to share her experience with others. 425 more words


Your Electrifying Essence 

Parting my thighs apart 

Craving for your thrust inwards 

Teasing you my fingers down my lips 

And my soft curves staring at your nakedness 

I flooded myself with your electrifying essence

and voluptuous presence 



that girl with wavy hairs!

I haven’t even touched her, even when she allowed me to…

I fell in love with her soul…

Hệ thống đang báo hỏng – Chương 57


Nhất Thế Hoa Thường

Trans: Cá Mèo – Beta: CHƯA BETA

ψ 57 – Đế quốc thú nhân 1 7,161 more words

đam Mỹ

Thoughts in a Nutshell #18

Somewhere between the lines of quibbling, talking, laughing, joking she fell for him.


I became his soulmate

Weeping all night, my eyes were red

all I could think of was to die

yet something stopped me from it

I knew I had a purpose to fulfill… 114 more words

[Cựu Mộng] _ 04.

Cựu Mộng

Khốn Ỷ Nguy Lâu

Thể loại: phúc hắc ích kỷ công x bệnh thần kinh tiêu sái thụ, hiện đại, cường cường, thanh mai trúc mã, ngụy chú cháu, ngược xen ngọt, gương vỡ lại lành, 1×1, HE. 6,527 more words