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He, Him, His. (revisited part 6)

Light lit on the tops of the mountains to the East. Cold, spilling into the open door, running across the tiled floor, he tried to pull his blanket over himself but there was no blanket. 118 more words

Thien ha de nhat ma vuong_NT2

Phiên ngoại: Tên của ma vương

Edit- Beta: Hye Mi
Nguồn: Hye Mi sweet home

Ma vương là chức vị, không phải tên họ! 1,907 more words



She suddenly made ‘insane’ yet romantic promises to Him last night.

Actually He don’t really care of what She is saying, but He is very Grateful of that. 7 more words


Beaumont Park - Huddersfield.

I must start by apologizing for not posting in such a long while. I have had so much to do recently that I honestly don’t feel like I have stopped. 637 more words

Nam than phong ben_Chap 101

Chương 101: Cùng đi công chứng

Edit- Beta: Hye Mi
Nguồn: Hye Mi sweet home – Bảo bình thiên thủy  4,049 more words

Hop cuu tat hon_Chap 9

Chương 9

Edit- Beta: Hye Mi
Nguồn: Hye Mi sweet home 4,192 more words

He, Him, His. (revisited part 4)

The ground was covered in black and white, bright sun and dark shadow, odd angles, lines crossing and re-crossing, he stood with his arms around her thin waist, his hands clasped behind her back. 292 more words