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Releasing slides before lectures – is it really a good idea?

I’ve recently been considering the risks and benefits of sharing presentational slides before lectures, and the effect it has on both attendance and performance. Some conclusions from my scoping are shared below. 1,049 more words



Love swirls around you like balmy air. The wind catches your hair and a few strands stick in the most crease of your lips. You reach to move it, but don’t have to because he gets there first and brushes it aside. 609 more words

Rantings & More...

Walk me again.

I remeber you used to,

And still youwill

I remember we were,

And still are,

So let me put it clearly

In words you can hear, 114 more words

Beneath The Stars

we, April love

We sit next to each other,

But we say none of our heart,

We swing to each other,

But we do nothing at all,

We stay with one another, 27 more words

Beneath The Stars


It was he who offered

He who took

He who was forsaken

He who cried

And he who lied

And he who was mistaken