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Of Cousins, Culture, Colds and My Cat

Crumbs, Friday already, just the weekend and then I fly home. Mind, I should be back in five weeks to enjoy a weekend of culture at the Heaney Homeplace with Cousin’s friend Ann. 473 more words


This is the Day

A blistery arctic blast was set to invaded my part of Michigan. So, as to get some exercise in before it hit, for two days, I let me feet take me to the beach, stopping every so often to take a picture with my phone, and allow the chill of winter to crawl up my jacket. 488 more words


To Post, Or Not To Post

To post or not to post….

It’s New Year’s Eve….
We have friends coming over….
I have food to help prepare….
I’m fighting a nasty head cold…. 75 more words


Safety Tidbit for Tuesday, 12/20/2016

This morning I’m home sick with a head cold.  Ever since I had transplant surgery three years ago, and since I’m immunosuppressed, I get sick more easily than before.  187 more words


I Went Shopping...

And all I got was this lousy cold!

It wasn’t in the…

And I did NOT see it on…

I most certainly did not put it in my… 46 more words

Being poorly

This week I’ve been extra poorly with (I assume) a viral head cold that began with a ridiculously sore throat!

It’s now transformed into something from the middle ages… No, I’m exaggerating! 196 more words


Not My Best = (

I struggle with being patient. I hate to wait. I try to keep my inner rage a secret. Sometimes though it bubbles to the surface, a meltdown starts and I have a mini explosion before I can fully regain my composure.  443 more words