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Being poorly

This week I’ve been extra poorly with (I assume) a viral head cold that began with a ridiculously sore throat!

It’s now transformed into something from the middle ages… No, I’m exaggerating! 196 more words


Not My Best = (

I struggle with being patient. I hate to wait. I try to keep my inner rage a secret. Sometimes though it bubbles to the surface, a meltdown starts and I have a mini explosion before I can fully regain my composure.  443 more words


Side Effects

I’d been struggling with a bad head cold. Probably the worst I’d had in a few years. Either that, or I’m now just more panicky about losing my hearing than in the past. 354 more words

Daily Ramblings


Somehow caught a cold

Wishing i could let it go

Such a waste of time
Such a waste of time

I lie in bed feeling low… 18 more words


It's a Slow down 

I had a busy day yesterday and thought the cough was due to allergies! I was wrong. I have a full fledged head cold. So many plans and now I’m sidelined for a few days, but it’s okay. 19 more words

Day 11 of 16 with the Grands *The Savages are Restless*

A touch of tension in the ranks today. Youngsters appear to be growing bored and are pushing the limits Pappy has set for using the computers and the iPads. 113 more words


Well, That's Certainly Human

Last night, late in the evening while hanging out with my traveling partner, I caught myself sniffling a bit. I shrugged it off and really thought nothing of it. 586 more words