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Always stuffed up? Lingering head cold could signal serious problem

CALGARY – For more than 20 years, Chris Dyson has felt like he had a cold.

“It was like really severe allergies,” he said.

“My sense of smell and taste was going down, and I felt like I was sick all the time.”

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Stuffy headed

I had a flu shot around 6 weeks ago.

I’m not convinced it worked.

Have you had the flu shot this season? Have you already succumbed to the dreaded lurgy already?


Currently - the June 2015 edition

Big boy bed…say what?

Reading Resistance is Futile by Jenny T Colgan – sci-fi, romance; the Big Bang Theory on steroids? I’m really struggling to come up with the right description for this novel but it’s a delightful novel and I’ve never read anything quite like it – it gets the two thumbs up from me. 652 more words


The one where the nits came back

Do I really need to explain any further? Well, if I didn’t it would make for a pretty average post wouldn’t it!!! So read on dear reader, read on. 375 more words



Yes I’ve been laid up with a cold and a chesty cough so put myself in quarantine folks but seriously guys I’ve caught a cold its not because I’ve taken up veganism so FFS the answer is not to eat red meat. 22 more words


Curveballs 'n' all....

I thought I should post some sort of update, even if there is not much to tell really. Life has thrown me a curveball or maybe I got too ambitious with my training. 847 more words


SNOT is not what this post is all about

…but it has played a major factor in my life recently.

I. Hate. Being. Sick.

On to important stuff.

I will be running two contests for the remainder of this month until the last weekend of June. 337 more words