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Connections: September 6.17

I went to the dentist’s yesterday

and as soon as I walked in

I started sneezing my head off

it made an awful din.

WachOOOwachOOOwachOOOwachOOO!! 103 more words


Rambling On 11

Holy crap, how is it Friday?  And…I am so glad it’s Friday.  😛

I thought I was prepared for July.  So far July’s been a like a steamroller.   147 more words


Missed Daily Writing Challenge

And so I missed my daily writing yesterday :-(  I did two Sozo counselling sessions yesterday and I was just flat-out exhausted afterwards!

And now today I feel a head cold coming on … and tomorrow is my birthday so I am going to focus on rest and sleep and dosing myself so that I can wake up tomorrow morning, on my 48th birthday, and feel whole and healed!

Bless you guys xx

Journeying With God

Head colds are not fun.

I was teaching my class, Papaya, about bathroom, so I had brought soap, shampoo, and toilet paper as props for class. The toilet paper was a convenient prop. 928 more words



Threw you away once,
now to do it again.

My hand reaches for the furthest clean fiber edge,
lifting the weightless, ridden with a trace… 26 more words


Summer Break

Day one of summer break, as
rain descends on artist fair
and head cold wrapped around me,
together we are paired.
We rest, enchanted in distraction.


I hab a liddle toad

I woke up Friday morning in Hood River with a sore throat, the kind you get from post nasal drip. I was a little congested all weekend and felt worst Sunday morning, though I had a bad sleep last night.I medicated myself with decongestants and Emergen-C. 71 more words

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