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Head colds are not fun.

I was teaching my class, Papaya, about bathroom, so I had brought soap, shampoo, and toilet paper as props for class. The toilet paper was a convenient prop. 928 more words



Threw you away once,
now to do it again.

My hand reaches for the furthest clean fiber edge,
lifting the weightless, ridden with a trace… 26 more words


Summer Break

Day one of summer break, as
rain descends on artist fair
and head cold wrapped around me,
together we are paired.
We rest, enchanted in distraction.


I hab a liddle toad

I woke up Friday morning in Hood River with a sore throat, the kind you get from post nasal drip. I was a little congested all weekend and felt worst Sunday morning, though I had a bad sleep last night.I medicated myself with decongestants and Emergen-C. 71 more words

Picture Book

Common Cold

I have managed to get myself a head cold. Oh boy is it messing with my head. Its has my anxiety take the passenger seat and oh boy is it a backseat driver. 106 more words

My Lights


Your lips are moving, a question perhaps, but all is silent in my ears. Lending my other ear, you speak again, still no sound.

You motion what you need, hesitate and wait until the seatbelt sign has turned off. 63 more words



deep in bed

dreams come

revealing internal worlds


consciousness endures momentarily

body rebels

underlying illness

calls for rest, more rest

up for the day… 6 more words

Poetic Words