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See the old folks....

One of the joys(?) of not feeling too well whilst going around an art gallery is that you can just sit and people watch.  This happened to me on Wednesday at Tate Liverpool.    184 more words


The Lurgy Has Struck

I’m very bad at physical illness.  I’m like Frasier when he has a cold, very sorry for myself, and demanding food and drink at all hours. 201 more words

Friends And Family

Wrap Rings and Chainmaille

Creativity is a weird thing. A very weird thing. It doesn’t care if you’re happy, sad, sick, well, hungry, or full. 

I came home from work Friday struggling with a serious head cold. 70 more words


Blessed & Afflicted

Last Friday, the third day of this recent bout with sickness, I went over to the clinic to be tested for the flu virus. In retrospect, I must have been running a pretty good fever: according to witnesses, I showed up wearing plaid flannel lounging pants, a bright red and yellow Chiefs shirt, and a pair of camo-colored “mules.” … 418 more words

Spiritual Contemplation

A run will do you good...

January 27, 2018

(I admit I’m post-dating this… hindsight…)

So, normally, in most circumstances I’ve found ‘a run will do me good.’ Whether I’m pounding the pavement over stress or in deep thought, or just enjoying a morning run with good conversation, I always benefit from a good run. 307 more words

I Deed Bore Kleedex

It’s usually a terrible idea to blog whed sick. But, sobetibes it’s decessary. I bean, thigs would certaidly be a lot worse if I could’t add a little bit of hubor idto by crappy week. 56 more words

My Life

Sickness Slump

I very rarely get sick.  If I do it tends to be a stomach bug that lasts less than a day.  Once in a blue moon I’ll develop some very mild seasonal allergies for a few days.  1,032 more words

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