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Writers Horoscope August 17: Solid advice exists elsewhere.

Age-old wisdom from golfing instructors: “Keep your head down.”

It works with first drafts too.

Head down. Or at least away from the screen.

The misspelled ‘their’…the extra space at the end of a sentence…the ‘angle’ instead of ‘angel’? 44 more words


Quick Tip of the Day: Keep Your Head Down

When the going gets tough, keep your head down and kick.


Head Down

Originally posted on S. K. Nicholas: ? A cigarette here and there. A fuck to lance away the cobwebs caused by too much indifference brought on by years of keeping it all locked within.

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Keep Your Head Up

Earlier this week someone had made the statement that if you always keep your head down, you’re going to miss a lot of things around you. 616 more words