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Malta One

Yesterday evening I arrived at an AirBnB from hell.

It started with kind of a dirty room in a shared apartment. Sticky cabinets. Blood spatters of squashed mosquitos scattered all over the walls. 461 more words

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Alcabean release a post punk dazzler 'Running'.

“Running’ by Alcabean stood out to me because of its build up and catchy chorus. The melodies are amazing! Favourite part? Bass line around 1.20 min mark. 45 more words


A place to train

It has been a while since my last post. But don’t fear, I have not been sitting still!

Before the last deep diving day in Germany one of our group members bought all of us some lead grain to make our own neck-weights. 619 more words

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Writers Horoscope September 8: Be sure to celebrate your successes.

Even if it’s that chapter you finally finished yesterday, despite concerted efforts from a family member. If you finished it, that’s success.

Just don’t overdo it. 62 more words


Writers Horoscope August 17: Solid advice exists elsewhere.

Age-old wisdom from golfing instructors: “Keep your head down.”

It works with first drafts too.

Head down. Or at least away from the screen.

The misspelled ‘their’…the extra space at the end of a sentence…the ‘angle’ instead of ‘angel’? 44 more words


Quick Tip of the Day: Keep Your Head Down

When the going gets tough, keep your head down and kick.


Head Down

Originally posted on S. K. Nicholas: ? A cigarette here and there. A fuck to lance away the cobwebs caused by too much indifference brought on by years of keeping it all locked within.

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