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My Pony Boy

He had always enjoyed being a pony as he grew up and the feel of his sister’s girlfriend riding on his back was so erotic to him. 358 more words

Winter EssentialsĀ 

Winter Essentials are worthwhile pieces that everyone will need once in a while. If you live in places that averages near 60 degrees when Autumn hits then you know it’s time to add more layers to your wardrobe for extra warmth. 190 more words


Native Dancer

A young girl prepares to participate in a native dance routine in protest of Republican environmental policy at the RNC in Saint Paul, MN.

So Hip, So Trendy, So... Appropriating?

Summer is the season of music festivals which means it is also the season of fashion statements that are outrageous, shameless, creative, and of courseā€¦ questionable. 372 more words