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Dragon's Head Dress

Dragon (my daughter) has also made a head dress for her costume this year. I helped with the horns but she did 99% of the work and I think her head dress is beautiful. 80 more words

Halloween 2017

Head Dress #4

Spent a total of 9.5 hours on the head dress. I’m happy with the end result. Next step is to make a wand to go with it. 396 more words

Halloween 2017


Every phase of the moon is magical.  Each has a beauty all of it’s own.  Like the moon, each and every phase of your life is glorious.   20 more words


Head Dress #3

Decided that I needed more blue in the head dress to enhance the ice feel to it. And I wanted it to be more dynamic. With just the white in it I felt it was looking rather flat. 82 more words

Halloween 2017

Head Dress 2

Last creative session, I spent 4 hours working on this. Today I spent 1.5 hours. I’m feeling like I got a lot done in 5.5 hours. 359 more words

Halloween 2017

Head Dress 1

To start out, here’s a video of the process I’m starting with. 259 more words

Halloween 2017