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Lethbridge mom frustrated with school policy that doesn't notify parents of lice outbreaks

In an attempt to remove head lice, Lethbridge mom Jenna Smith has combed, washed, and oiled her kids’ heads three times since school began.

“I was pretty grossed out at first” she says, about the first time she noticed the bugs, “but my pharmacist told me it was a common problem.” 376 more words


The Role of School Nurses in Integrated Pest Management for Public Health

By Meredith Swett Walker

School nurses do more than just apply bandages to scraped knees and administer asthma inhalers. They are also health educators, they help control communicable diseases, and they even do some pest management. 830 more words

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About 2 weeks ago I noticed an increase in my head itching. I have Seboriac Dermatitis and figured that it was that. Washed my hair with my Paul Mitchell Tea Tree oil Shampoo/Conditioner… 1,046 more words

I performed an exorcism this morning and still got to work on time!

Catastrophe in my house this week! Little lady came home from school with lice!! Again (insert sad face here) and OMG those little fuckers just won’t budge. 298 more words

My Little Lady And Fierce Knight

Have a Stubborn and Unruly Child? Check Her For Head Lice

Received another notice from your child’s school-teacher about behavioral issues? This was what, for the fifth time in this month alone? You have an unruly child on your hands! 412 more words

Lice Prevention

Let's get down to the Nitty Gritty

October has arrived – the month we celebrate Halloween by scaring the living daylights out of each other…cos it’s fun! Well, I guess it’s a good time to admit my worst phobia…the fear that has me waking up in a cold sweat. 498 more words

Head lice could be lurking in your child's Halloween costume

TOLEDO, Ohio — Forget the ghosts and goblins. The biggest scare you encounter this Halloween could be a case of head lice for your children. 181 more words