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OTCs in Action Episode 63: Surrender, Super Lice

It’s an election year in the US, and there’s no end of conversation about the controversial candidates, and the Red states (more Republican voters) and Blue states (Democrat); but which are the Pink and Green states? 211 more words


The facts of lice

Like everywhere else, there are head lice in Simcoe County. The truth is people have been dealing with head lice for hundreds of years.  We know that it can be upsetting when you find out your child or a student in their class has head lice. 565 more words


Head lice... a right of passage

Lice. Just the thought of it makes me start to itch. I can recall hearing parens withchildren in elementary school talk about it and thinking that would literally be myworst nightmare. 813 more words

Hair Fairies

Why You Need To Remove Your Child's Kuto

Though seen in adults, too, schoolchildren are usually, commonly, the ones infested by head lice. Remove them, you must! Here’s why:

They feed on your child’s blood… which, in the long (long) run, may lead to… 152 more words

Head Lice

Chapter 49...life moved on

“It is wrong from beginning to end,” said the Caterpillar decidedly, and there was silence for some minutes.                                                                                                                                                                                     Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


                                                                                    * 9,466 more words

Navy Wife

Road To Hell, Good Intentions, Etc

I had not planned on a second post this day but…Yeah, family.

I waited til nearly 4 p.m. to go fetch my kid from my mom’s…where upon my arrival I am informed my kid has head lice and is upstairs getting treated by my sister, after they had dad and his gf go buy the very chemicals I absolutely told them I did NOT want used on her. 716 more words


Bugs! Bugs in my Hair

It was inevitable that it would happen. The dreaded head lice have returned and this time, they are taking no prisoners. My 5 year old daughter has long hair, past her shoulders. 780 more words