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How we Keep Head Lice Away the Natural Way.

You’ll be very lucky if you manage to escape the school years without at least one case of head lice.  We were lucky until this year when the whole of kindergarten were infested.  413 more words


Treating Head Lice

NO parent want to deal with their child having head lice.

Even though it occurs all year, head lice cases seem to increase significantly during the fall when kids return to school and again in January after the Christmas Break. 403 more words

Healthcare Docs & Tips

Head Lice

Head lice, at the sound of it we all shiver. Contrary to popular belief head lice has nothing to do with poor hygiene, it’s just a fact of life and can happen to anyone at any age. 349 more words


Creepy Crawlies on your head

Once again I found myself spending hours and hours searching children’s heads for nits. It was the third time in half a year that one of the kids brought head lice home. 621 more words


So, your child has head lice.

So, your child has head lice. Now what? First things, first, don’t panic!

Fortunately, even though lice can spread, they carry no diseases which means that you and your child are not in danger, health-wise. 709 more words


Oils & Lice

My son and I have a mild case of head lice, hopefully soon to be over.  Likely caught at the Woodford folk festival (as established Woodford 2015 – nice to start new traditions… 416 more words