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Top 6 Home Remedies For Dandruff And Lice

How to treat dandruff can be a standout amongst the most irritating things to manage, for the individual influenced, as well as for the general population around. 301 more words

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How to Quickly Get Head Lice Treatment in Los Angeles

What are lice? Is it any disease? These types of question are very common from them who have never got infested by head lice yet. One of my friend’s 5 year old kids got infested with these lice from a play school, he was very tensed and ashamed of it, but there is nothing to feel ashamed of it, right? 477 more words

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Do the lice infection treatment really works?

After reading the title, what comes up on your mind first? What are lice? What about the treatment is? Well, let me tell you that lice are an infection which we get from people who we closely socialize with. 468 more words

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Wonder Review -Leeloops - The Head lice preventing hair band!

**for the purpose of this review a hair band means… hair bobbin, go-go, etc!

These hair bands are a really great alternative to regular head lice repellent sprays.  642 more words

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Learn quick methods for preventing the eruption of head lice

Los Angeles is a very beautiful city that is rapidly developing into one of the influential cities in the country. There are so many school-going children here who have a common complain to discuss with their mom’s. 459 more words

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Learn the procedures of head lice treatment in Home

Achieving a beautiful hair is the prime desire of the people. But it is seen that many people suffer from hair loss, itchy scalp etc. According to the researches, head lice are the prime reason of hair damage and itchy scalp. 460 more words

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Having a child at Primary School - expectations vs reality!

When your little angel starts school there’s SO many emotions running wild on your part. You worry that they will need help, no-one will help them, they won’t have friends, they will be lonely, they will piss their pants, or worse, shit themselves. 1,152 more words