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SCJ: Parents beware: New OTC-resistant lice detected in hair

SIOUX CITY | Tiny white specks that don’t fall from the scalp like pieces of lint or dandruff could be head lice. 21 more words


Getting rid of lice naturally

Honestly, I’ve never had head lice before ( or my children), let alone have I ever  seen head lice before. That is until my daughter came home from school with it on a Tuesday, so as you can imagine I had no idea how to treat it, or my house, or even handle it in general. 1,243 more words

Medical Reporting: Head Lice and Parental Judgment

The Scotch know something that most Americans don’t.  Americans tend to assume that statements are true or false, good or bad, black or white.  The Scottish judicial system recognizes a third option: “not proven.”  A lot of times, we need to recognize “not proven” as the true state of things, and act carefully and with awareness. 366 more words



I really don’t want to post in light of learning of Blah’s death. But since the tears have temporarily stopped (I’m hormonal and crying uncontrollably over TV shows even)…I think Blah recognized the importance of venting and getting this garbage out of our heads. 545 more words


Be Nice, Don't Give Me Head Lice

Mention the word head lice and you will hear the parents in the room groan. Talk a little longer and someone is bound to start scratching their head. 1,826 more words

Insect Pests

Color Me Healthy

By Ginny A. Roth

More than just a tool to keep children occupied, coloring books provide an entertaining, friendly, and interactive medium that can simplify otherwise complicated health-related subjects. 820 more words


Nix Ultra Tackles Super Lice Epidemic

This week, OTCs In Action are targeting the not so nit-picking issue of super lice. For the past few months, the head-scratching solution to the problem of how to defy new bionic strains of lice has plagued traditional OTC pesticide marketers. 171 more words

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