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Swiss Army Moms: Summer Illnesses That You Need To Be Ready For

The word mom is synonymous with the word superhero, and for good reason too. Moms are like Swiss Army knives in the sense that they have to be ready for everything; they have to constantly adapt to meet their kid’s different needs and know exactly how to be there for them no matter what the reasons. 574 more words


My Story: Overcoming Head lice.

Hello there wonderful people, yes i will indeed be talking about head lice in this post. It is disgusting but i would like someone to find this post useful. 466 more words

How I Got Rid of Head Lice with Aromatherapy.

Head lice… just hearing those words can make your head itch. Head lice seems to be more of a problem today than it was when I was a child but I have had an experience with those little ‘buggers’ after coming home from a rented cottage; I was horrified! 386 more words


Head Lice Comb Set for Fast, Safe Premium Quality Removal of Lice Eggs and Nits. Best Results for Head Lice Treatment on all Different Types of Hair exclusively from OwnHealer ! 236 more words

How we Keep Head Lice Away the Natural Way.

You’ll be very lucky if you manage to escape the school years without at least one case of head lice.  We were lucky until this year when the whole of kindergarten were infested.  413 more words


Treating Head Lice

NO parent want to deal with their child having head lice.

Even though it occurs all year, head lice cases seem to increase significantly during the fall when kids return to school and again in January after the Christmas Break. 403 more words

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