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Rhys [On Doing Extreme Things,Impulsively]

I shaved my head today.

Yes, completely.

Yes, buzzed it.

My hair went from middle to bottom of my back to fuzzy bald.

Unfortunately, my depression did terrible things to my drive this winter (I’ve mentioned in passing that getting into a beauty routine was one of the best things I’ve done for my sanity in a long time, and I’ve meant it) and the weather did the rest-the back of my head essentially dreaded to itself. 319 more words

Off Topic

true colours

Last night, as I was sitting on the couch with saran wrap on my head, I started wondering about my natural hair colour. I mean, I know that at one point in time, my hair was black – I’m Asian. 364 more words

This Stepford Life

So Proud

Words literally cannot describe how proud I am of my friends.

Yesterday was an amazing day, a charity event held at a local pub to raise money for MS, for those who don’t know that’s Multiple Sclerosis. 324 more words

Things are getting Hairy!

Put your ranty-panties on because this week I am going off on a real rant.

I know a beautiful, intelligent, awesome, generous, thoughtful, creative girl who is about to graduate high school and set off onto the adventure of University and the beginnings of an adult life for the first time. 454 more words

Mood Management

I am shaving to cure childhood cancers. Would you do the same?

St. Baldrick’s website link: http://www.stbaldricks.org

My first experience with head shaving for cancer was at high school in New Zealand. A few selected male teachers, and even a female student were having their heads shaved. 246 more words


What It's Like When A Woman Shaves Her Head. Reflections On These Last Six Months.

Six months ago I walked in to a salon in Cleveland, Ohio to have all of my hair cut off and my head shaved. I’ve done a lot of scary or intimidating things in my life, but I don’t know if I’ve ever been more scared than I was that morning. 896 more words

Daily Celebration

Powerful statement

Sunday was wonderful. Sad, happy, moving, chaotic, upbeat, serious, silly. Wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who helped the day run smoothly, so smoothly, in fact, that we finished shaving 170 heads in just over three hours. 808 more words