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The lottery walk of desperation

I’ve mentioned that I play the lottery. Despite the ridiculousness of it, hope springs eternal.

The near frigid temperatures did not dissuade me from walking to the gas station to get a new ticket. 394 more words

Prayer works, y'all.

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since my last update, and wow, what a crazy, emotional, roller coaster the last few weeks have been. I’ll try to catch you all up best that I can. 1,154 more words


Freshmen Head Shaving Comes to an End

Andrew Carrere ‘19

Decades ago, senior Strake Jesuit brethren all gathered to shave their heads in support of the football team. Starting primarily as a football team event, many seniors began to participate. 624 more words


Well, THIS happened...

So… I apologize for my diversion from fashion and plus-size life posts, but this is what’s in the forefront of my life, time, head and heart these days. 750 more words


Gender? I Don't Know A Gender!

Hello there! It's been a while since I've done a diary post. I figured I might as well update all of you!

Since I shaved my head, I've gotten called young man on the sidewalk a few times; I've been asked if I want different pronouns; I've been asked if I'm transitioning; I've been asked "are you a boy now?" or "what are you?" 615 more words

Hair for Care Fund Raiser 2017

Hair  For  Care  Fund  Raiser

by Ming Cassim

On the evening of 9th June 2017, with the full moon slowly appearing,  courageous Chandrika watched with joy and equanimity as Ayya Seri began to cut off her long, beautiful locks of hair . 486 more words


Why'd I Shave My Head? Diary

Why did I shave my head? It’s becoming more common these days to see a girl on the street or the runway rocking an almost-bald head. 1,317 more words

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