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Last Practice Before My 1st Game

Tonight was the last full team practice before I play my first game in goal. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m going to have someone shoot on me tomorrow for a while because I’m honestly freaking about this weekend, but this was our last practice. 505 more words

“It was totally worth it…sick shot”…..says the guy who didn’t almost get decapitated.


Why You Need A Great Headshot

It seems obvious but you do need to have a good think about why you need a professional headshot long before you have your professional headshot taken. 326 more words

Street Photography

Put your best foot forward, starting with your face...

Ask yourself these questions about your headshot: Is it out of date? Is it a cell phone snapshot? Grainy or out of focus? A group photo that you cropped yourself but you still see parts of other people? 551 more words

Do You Have Look Ability

Does you profile image shout professional? Do you have look ability, are you showing confidence with approachability.

These are all the characteristics in a great headshot, social media today is the 1st place you need a professional looking headshot.

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Friday Update - Into the Studio, Knitting and Painting

Today was a day to tidy up some things on the “to do” list. It is back to being cold outside (-20C with windchill….the wind is “not nice”), so it was easy to make the decision to stay in and get things done. 356 more words