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These Webpages will Blow Your Mind!

“End Concussions with a Bang” is the title to an awareness program designed to reveal what needs to be addressed regarding concussions. It is designed to protect athletes involved in sports where concussions are prevalent and inform parents, coaches, and nearly everyone involved in the athlete’s life about concussions. 308 more words


How to Cope with Chronic Pain

As my followers know it well, I used to suffer from many years of non-stop chronic headaches. I also dealt with chronic hip pains, back pain, fibro-like symptoms, muscle pains, not to mention depression, EDs, low self-esteem and self-hate.. 118 more words

Holistic Health

Project 35 | Day 102

We all have those lazy days, mine came with a mahoosive headache, so I spent most of the day curled up in bed.

News wise it was quite a day. 86 more words


Brain fog

Needed to say something. Can’t seem to remember what. Don’t know what I lost.

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Hula baby!

An osteopath that I saw in 2013 suggested that, when I get shoulder / neck / back aches and pains, I should try hula-hooping.

That look on your face right now – that’s what I did, too. 146 more words



Stress has caused me to clench my jaw in my sleep. My left side of my face has hurts since Wednesday evening sometime. Thursday I saw my doctor and totally forgot to mention it to him. 112 more words



(I typed the title with my eyes closed).

If you could live anyone else’s life, whose would it be?

Would you?

Most likely not.

Why would anyone want to live anyone else’s life, without any control over the next decision, whether it be what to wear or what to drive? 376 more words