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11-24-15 How can you be thankful for pain?

Today’s message from God asks us to be thankful even during our times of trials.  God says by opening ourselves up to always having a thankful attitude his presence will give us joy no matter what our circumstances.   104 more words

No Mo Merry Monkey

During this time of year I am usually very busy.  This year I am sitting at home (or at my sister’s house) reading about my friends doing all of the things I want to do. 367 more words


Another migraine

I noticed that whenever I’m upset or stressed the next following morning I suffer the worse kind of headaches. And I say headaches mildly because they aren’t headaches, they’re migraines, strong migraines that effect the left side of my brain, almost making me bed ridden. 211 more words


Side effects of reducing carbs

Going low-carb is very beneficial, but not the easiest thing to do in the first few days. Once you have passed that first week however it is much easier sailing. 151 more words


Headaches ....

When I see clients and we do an assessment of their health almost everyone tells me that they experience headaches. Sometime it’s an  occasional thing but for many people it is a regular part of their life. 405 more words


November 23rd, 2015

Dear whomever,

fatigue on a Monday is nothing unsual, I suppose. Nonetheless today in school after the lesson in which I again had my notorious ‘cheep whimper beep headache ringing’, my teacher asked whether everything was alright with me. 290 more words

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