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Goodbye, Topamax

After a few weeks of dealing with increasing side effects, I am now saying goodbye to my Topamax. I didn’t actually realize how many side effects I was truly dealing with until I had my neurology appointment yesterday, and the appointment ended up freaking me out a little bit. 1,586 more words

Chronic Conditions

My Chiropractic Experience

A year ago if you would have said to me, “You know what you should try, Chiropractic care, it might help..” I would have laughed. I have suffered from chronic back pain for so many years that it is just easier to tell you I can’t remember when I didn’t suffer from it. 335 more words

oTension Headaches– The Most Common Headache

Frustration is an extremely usual health and wellness issue. There are several kinds of migraines, which are categorized according to the place of the discomfort and also the signs it brings. 40 more words

How To Make Virtual Doctor Visits Instead Of Going To The Office!

Are you aware that now you can do that? Here’s a great, new service which is sweeping America:

You and your family no longer need to visit a doctor’s office for those little, annoying, non-emergency situations that pop up, from time to time, because now you can simply speak to a doctor by phone, or by video through your computer… a… 375 more words



It’s been over a week on this new medicine, and for over a week my headache has been significantly worse and I don’t know if it’s supposed to get worse before it gets better… 13 more words