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Planning surgery

So today I went back the the orthopedic surgeon and we’ve decided to get the ball rolling and schedule the first surgery to reconstruct my right knee. 282 more words

Plan B

I did something brave yesterday… I saw a GP who I’m not familiar with! It may not sound like much but I have major trust issues with doctors since when I saw a GP at 18 and wasn’t taken seriously. 512 more words


So getting things done is only going so-so.

Headaches, early mornings. Let’s not forget the psychotic cockroach crawling around my room this morning.

Not what I needed. 137 more words

: prayer for the headache afflicted :

I awoke this morning to a headache in full, splendiferous bloom. Of course, waking by itself — minus the bayonet through an eye — is never a picnic, what with consciousness and reality and all. 165 more words



The unanswered questions keep coming back.

Coming back like your 4 year old cousin,

Banging his wooden block on the coffee table.

Bang Bang Bang Bang. 24 more words