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Day 21 - 9 To Go

Another day, another headache. One day I think it’s stress and the next day I think it’s my sinuses. I woke up with this one today so I took Excedrin early. 220 more words

Wedding Stress...It's Got Me

At some point of being engaged and planning a wedding brides will develop a pain.

And no it’s not your husband to be playing games constantly, nodding to every wedding related question. 231 more words


When you feel like sh*t but have to carry on because you have a baby!

Hiyyah Everyone

So not only am I mentally wrecked at the moment I am now physically unwell too.

I’m so stressed out and so run down that not only have I been a bitch to my partner without even realising until he mentioned it this morning. 356 more words

Day 20 - 10 To Go

We had a very busy and social day today and I resisted all temptations. We had a chili cookoff during lunch and I took my own chili and a Kombuchi and then a bunch of friends came over tonight and we grilled and sat by the fire pit. 254 more words

FDA Approves New Formulation Of Migraine Headache Treatment

Think of that it is 5 a.m. as well as you wake with a migraine frustration. Or exactly what if your migraine headache makes you upset or triggers throwing up? 44 more words

Day Twenty -Squishy, Thumpity, bonce ache

Usual apologies for being a day late.  I have the most amazing headache. You will know our house has been the house of sickness for the last week, and it still continues.   210 more words