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Chronic Pain Is Wearing Me Down But I Am A Warrior!

I like this quote.  As a person who suffers with chronic pain every day it feels real to me, I can really relate.

Every day I go to work and put a smile on my face when inside I am crying in pain.  284 more words


Good or Bad? I Don't Know.

I have some kind of headache. I think I’m starting to catch what everyone else has. I’m probably going to Nat’s this weekend to watch amine on Netflix. 29 more words


Hurricanes, Homeowners and Headaches

This week started so easy and I had no problem with my plans for the coming days…school homework and christmas shopping. Then Wednesday we got a weather alert that there was a hurricane coming into our area…hey no biggie…I’ve lived on the east coast my entire life…hurricanes are nothing to me. 240 more words


My Gerson Therapy Journey

Blessings! I am so thankful to be here. The desire of my heart is to share my healing journey with you.

Throughout my entire life I have struggled with sickness. 264 more words

The Gerson Therapy

Door Stoppers As A Potential Headache Relief

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 30, 2015 ) Monterrey, Nuevo León — Everyday, millions of people around the world use different objects to stop doors, which can range from blocks, chairs, rocks to other extravagant artifacts that can be dangerous, obstructive or very time-consuming in the placing. 8 more words

Cervicogenic Headaches

Your Headache: A Real Pain in the Neck

Your head hurts — the consistent ache, the vice-like pressure around your forehead, the boring pain behind your eyes, or the spreading pain from the back of your skull across the temple — what gives? 730 more words