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Take My Bloods

No illness would be complete without numerous tests and bloodwork is some of the most routine. I went to the wrong place at first because in a medical district, there are so many places looking to steal your platelets. 239 more words


I’m already dreading tomorrow’s 4am alarm, we need to be out of the house by 5.15am to embark on my last trip to Addenbrooke’s hospital of the year. 475 more words


For having had minimal invasive surgery, I am disappointed at the amount of pain I’m still dealing with. My headache isn’t showing any mercy either. Because of the amount of time I’m sitting/laying in the couch now, my back is aching outrageously as well. 120 more words

One of those days

Have you ever had a day when it will be better get back in bed and sleep through? Well, today is the day for me. Went to the bank , got the cashier’s check so it will be faster to deposit into another bank. 125 more words


Migraines are the WORST

I’ve been out of action for a little while now, suffering from yet another migraine – this has to be at least the fourth this year. 781 more words

ΠΑΥΣΙΠΟΝΟ της ΦΥΣΗΣ! Ποιος ξηρός καρπός διώχνει τον πονοκέφαλο πιο γρήγορα κι από την ασπιρίνη!

Και όμως υπάρχει ένας ξηρός καρπός που μπορεί να θεραπεύσει τον πονοκέφαλο σε χρόνο ρεκόρ. Και αν μέχρι στιγμής, καταναλώνατε την πασίγνωστη ασπιρίνη, τότε δεν έχετε παρά να διαβάσετε την παρακάτω επιστημονική έρευνα, η οποία γεννάει νέα δεδομένα. Δίνοντας λύση σε ένα πρόβλημα που ταλαιπωρεί μεγάλη μερίδα ανθρώπων. Οι σύγχρονοι ρυθμοί της ζωής, σε συνδυασμό με το άγχος της καθημερινότητας. Θέτουν τον πονοκέφαλο, τον νούμερο έναν πόνο….


Why some foods can trigger migraines in certain people

ROCHESTER, Minn. – If you’re one of the 38 million Americans who suffer from migraines, new research may explain why some people are more sensitive to a certain type of trigger than others. 193 more words

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