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I Want to Improve My Health. Who Should I Go See?

We all want to start out the year with our health being top priorities. The purpose of this article is to introduce different types of healthcare out there to give better understanding and know the options you have when you do need help. 513 more words

Health And Wellness Education

wide open

wide open
this skeletal frame
indecently bare
no smog
just rain
no sheets
you see this migraine
naked skin
temples throbbing


Arid as the Kalahari

Dry January is going well. Not a drop has passed my lips since Christmas, so I have a few bonus days in too. So why is it that I woke up this morning with a monster headache? 52 more words


So tired, yet no sleep...

I have been late for work almost everyday this past week…i can’t get to leep until well after 3am and then I’m awake again around 4-4:30am and then 5 and again between 530 and 545 and so on until I have to get up for work and I just DON’T want to…and so I don’t…and then I am late. 182 more words


There and back again...

Well, it turns out I forgot I had a blog, which would explain the months of no posting.

The point of this blog was to document my journey back to normal, or finding my new normal, and for a while I thought I found it. 344 more words

Day 18: Friday Headache

Exercise: CrossFit
Food: Fried Eggs with Sweet Potatoes and Spinach, Green Salad with Veggies and Tuna Fish, Pork Chops with Roasted Veggies and Spinach

Less than two weeks to go and it’s feeling like smooth sailing at this point. 571 more words


Improve Your Sleep

By Dr. Mark Hyman

First, you have to prioritize sleep! I used to think that “MD” stood for “medical deity” and meant I didn’t have to follow the same sleep rules as every other human being. 800 more words