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Insufficient Grace

I woke to
the why me,
the have not,
the should be;
A migraine’s dream.
so I decided again
to start over
and as a precaution
have more coffee.


Cold and Cough – Part 2

My son has had cold for the last one day. He is most uncomfortable when he his lying down to sleep. This is the time our collective emotional energy is spent most. 296 more words

Cold And Cough

It's back in the face area

Yesterday I started getting a congested/full feeling in my left jaw again. I could hear a squishy noise in my left ear every-time I moved my jaw or chewed something. 68 more words

Name Brand Lame

Is it Lame Post Friday or a Blogger’s Sick Day?  I feel really bad, too, because I had some good topics to write about.  Only I can’t seem to write today.  535 more words


Eat On Time - "My-graine" Action Plan Step 2

Missing meals and/or taking too long to eat between meals is one of my migraine triggers? Do you have this problem? If you do this is why: 487 more words


Pushing your limits is sometimes worth it! 

Today I really, really didn’t want to be left at home AGAIN whilst my boys (including Joel) went out to meet up with a group of friends from the boys school. 1,101 more words


I am pretty sure that I have been asleep more than than I have been awake over the last few days. A bit of a cold has settled on my head. 177 more words