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My old "Normal"

I guess in order for you to see how my “normal” disintegrated, you need to know what my normal was.

10-12 years ago…. I was the baby of the family (youngest of four). 186 more words

Green Beans and Tomatoes

I have very fond childhood memories of being sent to the garden by my nonna to collect up the beans and tomatoes for this dish on warm summer days. 312 more words

Migraine Trigger Free

The Start of a Journey

If you had asked me 10 years ago to describe myself I would have used words like amazing, aspiring musician, aspiring teacher, outgoing, creative, energetic, happy, loving and words similar to those. 272 more words

Cakes and dogs and toads oh my!

Wednesday was more of the same old nothingness. I lay on the sofa eating everything I could find and watching films that made me cry. The clonazepam has been helping a bit I think so I’m going to carry on with that for a few more days. 776 more words





Each tablet contains:
Paracetamol 500 mg
Caffeine 30 mg


Paracetamol is a non narcotic analgesic antipyretic with therapeutic efficacy equivalent to aspirin (the standard drug for the non narcotic analgesic-antipyretic class). 219 more words