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People - Bird-Jaguar

Back again, this time to focus on the wonderkind that was BIRD-JAGUAR-MAN. Or just Bird-Jaguar, whose actual untranslated name was Yaxuun Bahlam IV. Bird-Jaguar (though I like to think of him as ‘Yaxuun’, it sounds cooler and is technically better to call him by his real name. 1,055 more words

Vintage Indian Head Patch

Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.

(BYRNE) Eternal Outfit EXCLUSIVE for The Instruments-September

(BYRNE) Eternal Outfit
One shoulder mini-dress with ruffle down the side
is patterned with a batik print with Eternal Knot design.
Co-ordinating semi-precious stone and diamond headdress and wing… 36 more words

Elegant Headdress'

Headdress’ are absolutely perfect accessories for the summer! I’d advise everyone to get one, they’re really indie and great for anyone looking for a different style, or just if you’re bored of your hair. 189 more words