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C++ Templates Demo

Templates in C++ are kind of advanced topic, some might see them as complex to understand or maybe because their use isn’t clear that causes confusion. 565 more words


C++ Header Files Tutorial

This is a brief tutorial/overview on header files used in C++. In C++, you can declare a method or class using forward prototype before int main() or you can declare them using a header. 466 more words


Get MetaWare framework to work

Once you have miniCode running on your iPhone and you’re able to build a Navigation-Based app, it’s time to start building for MetaWear.

See here… 653 more words


Data Types

So now we have an idea on how to make the first C program. Time to take it a step ahead. What if you want to make a code that adds two values? 356 more words

C Tutorials


In this section we are going to learn about some basics terms that we are going to use all the time ahead.

1. Header Files… 294 more words

C Tutorials

Getting Started

Before we begin doing all the coding stuff, first we must get familiar with it. There are some basic key points that every programmer should keep in mind and these are: 193 more words

C Tutorials

Viewing preprocessed files

How many lines of code is the following minimal C program?

#include <stdio.h>

int main (void)
	puts ("Hello world!");
	return 0;

That’s easy; seven. 355 more words

Header Files