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A Simple Calculator

Today we are going to show you how to make a simple calculator using c++ . We would discuss complex calculator in the next edition. 623 more words


Lets Learn To ADD Two Numbers

In this Blog we will learn about how to Add two Numbers.

Firstly I will Show you the Program

Look Carefully 507 more words


Hello world Without Semi Colon(;)

In the last blog we have seen that a Semi Colon (;) is used to end a command line in C++.

So can we RUN a program which never uses a semi colon? 374 more words


Lets See a Sample C++ Program

When I studied C++ ,all the first chapters were too much boring since they contain only THEORY

to help you understand what a Program is and the basic GRAMMAR (Syntax) to be followed while writing these. 540 more words


C++ Templates Demo

Templates in C++ are kind of advanced topic, some might see them as complex to understand or maybe because their use isn’t clear that causes confusion. 565 more words


C++ Header Files Tutorial

This is a brief tutorial/overview on header files used in C++. In C++, you can declare a method or class using forward prototype before int main() or you can declare them using a header. 466 more words


Get MetaWare framework to work

Once you have miniCode running on your iPhone and you’re able to build a Navigation-Based app, it’s time to start building for MetaWear.

See here… 653 more words