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Extreme Blog Makeover

I’ve changed the style of my blog from ‘Suits’ to ‘Hemingway Rewritten’. Suits was getting a bit dreary.

The header image is a photo taken by Jorge Royan in 2008, and it is licensed under the third Creative Commons license. 59 more words


Themes & Widgets

What I Did…

I chose to use the theme Pachyderm by Caroline Moore. I also customized the theme by adding widgets and a header image. I created a static welcome page with an about me section and a photograph of myself. 230 more words

Project 2: Web Portal

The "header" effect !!

Introducing a new “Header Image” for the blog!!
Do let me know, what you think..
Your suggestions would mean a lot to me !! :) 34 more words


Poll: I Can't Decide!

I’ve been trolling Istockphoto all evening trying to find a header image for my blog. I’m having some trouble choosing so I thought I’d share a few and see what you all thought: 14 more words


Road to Olympia

Since I used this image for the header image I figured it would be a good idea to make it the first post as well. ¬†This is called “Road to Olympia” because…well…it’s the road to Olympia (get used to those obvious titles BTW). ¬† 118 more words