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MPLS: Router Roles

Customer Edge or CE router – this device has no knowledge of MPLS protocol and does not send any labeld packets but is directly connected to an LSR (PE) on the MPLS VPN. 199 more words


PCB Headers mating to Crimp Connectors

Crimp connectors for FFC Jumper Cables, FPC, and Printed Ink materials are traditionally available in 1.27mm & 2.54mm pitch as standards. However, did you know that you can also order a wide range of mating-half solutions directly from the same suppliers that will save you time & ensure perfect matability. 77 more words

Setting Some Important Response Headers to protect your business website

There are several types of HTTP headers (Request, Response, Entity etc..) but to avoid some of the most common malicious attacks I am going to cover few response headers here. 589 more words

IT Security

MPLS: Header and Label

The MPLS header is 4 bytes long, and located immediately before the IP header.  The label is a 20 bit field within the MPLS header. 43 more words



I can design headers for Twitter, YouTube and Facebook! I can also design logos. I made all of these for my blog, channel and social media accounts. 10 more words


Touch Warm-up

At my son’s U12 skills clinic and I like the warm up they just did:

  • In a circle, everyone holding a ball.
  • Feet are moving in a jogging-in-place way (i.e.
  • 117 more words