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Remove select/de-select checkmark column, column headers, edit/new options, and border in SharePoint list view web parts

In a recent post, I discussed hyperlinking URL title text and adding tooltips. I used the above screenshot which also illustrates what we’ll accomplish in this post which is to remove the select/deselect checkmark column, column headers, toolbar edit/new options and chrome border. 456 more words


Bullet Journal 101: Free Printables

If you remember from the first post in this series, I promised some FREE PRINTABLES!

So here are the free printables for today’s FREE PRINTABLE FRIDAY, which I used during this class! 152 more words

Bullet Journal

Update Headers!

Note to self: Every once in a blue moon, update headers!

I always forget to do this. I just created this for Twitter, and the Colorado wildflowers are from Pixabay. 117 more words

Estructura matriz

Aquí se define la estructura matriz.


Operaciones: suma, resta, multiplicación (matricial y escalar).

Propiedades: obtención de transpuesta, prueba para ver si la diagonal principal está conformada sólo del elemento “1”, prueba de simetría de la matriz, prueba de si la matriz es cuadrada o no. 777 more words


Estructura figura geométrica

Aquí se define la estructura de figura geométrica, que cuenta con un área.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

struct FiguraGeom{
float area;

virtual void muestra()=0;