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Will there be a basket of souvenir fascinators at the royal wedding?

When we came home from a wedding, we added another kippah to our collection. As we stuffed the pale blue satin one into the drawer, it made us think: They won’t be wearing kippot at the royal wedding? 863 more words

Current Events

Canada: Anne of Green Gables

General description: Doll representing the heroine, Anne Shirley, of the book Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.

Dimensions 9.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 cm… 198 more words


Scotland: Scottish woman

General description: Handmade doll showing a Scots housemaid or lady in her day-to-day dress.

Dimensions 16.5 x 8 x 8 cm

Date when acquired 1975… 241 more words


Scotland: Skier

General description: Handmade doll representing a skier in rather old-fashioned clothing.

Dimensions 18 x 7 x 7.5 cm

Date when acquired 1967

Original Date 1967… 177 more words


Europe: Unknown (France?)

General description: Doll with a beautiful bonnet, but I do not know where she comes from.

Dimensions 18.5 x 13 x 10 cm

Date when acquired… 232 more words


South America: Campesino

General description: Male doll made to play with as his clothes are removal and he is robustly built. He seems to represent a South American farmer as his clothes look like those worn by farmers in Nicaragua. 246 more words