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Protection for the Head

Soccer is one of the leading causes of concussions and is very dangerous for those athletes who love using his or her head (like myself). Between heading the ball and collisions with other players, head injuries can occur and can lead to concussions or other brain injuries. 116 more words

Things to consider when receiving advice for buying headphones.

If you dedicate enough time to this hobby you’ll sooner or later ask for advice about a headphone you never had the chance to hear. 542 more words


A Muslim Woman

In bazaars of civilization
A religion walks tall with the rest
Where a graceful gender becomes a pillar of her family
In love and the honesty of labor… 60 more words


You Call That a Crown? - Conversations with Stella

I, Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, supposedly Illustrious, supposedly Noble, have been humiliated.

Me:        I’m sorry, Stella. I truly am. I thought it was funny and you would like it. 341 more words

2016-17 Bowl Season: New Year's bowl picks! #BowlMania #RoseBowl

Here’s this morning’s picks for the New Year’s (or January 2nd) picks!

Lee Corso:
USC over Penn St (Headgear pick)

Kirk Herbstreit:
Iowa over Florida… 39 more words