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3 Bugs That Do Nothing But Decapitate Ants

Having a rough day? No matter how bad it is, there are ants having way worse days. Ants are one of the most widespread creatures on the planet, able to find a niche anywhere they go. 685 more words


Desecration #2

Continuing on from yesterday, “Desecration #2″ shows the second vandalized statue I photographed at Riverside Cemetery in Asheville. This one strikes me as more obscene than the first, I suppose because it’s a little girl. 39 more words


Desecration #1

I’ve decided that it’s high time I started posting more of my photography to my blog, so this week I’m traveling back in time to last January. 136 more words


'Desparadoe's Part-One.


From time to time many of us will find that we are in some really bad situation for one reason or another and we will start to fall into despair, i am hear more addressing Christian believers who run around like headless chickens! 40 more words

Installing Dropbox From The Command Line On Linux

After gutting my desktop and making it headless I realized it would be nice if I could still use Dropbox on it to sync any code I write there to the cloud and access elsewhere. 476 more words


Gutting An Ubuntu Desktop

So I have an old desktop that I haven’t touched for months. It’s literally been powered off and sitting unplugged in a closet. I figured that if nothing else I’d set it up for some SSH access and just leave it running at the corner of my desk; it keeps my living room nice and bright at night since it has giant, white lights all around the front and top. 447 more words


Head or Headless

On a scale of 1 to 20 feet, how tall is the head or the headless?

WPC – “Scale.”

Weekly Photo Challenge