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Till Infinity

Headless is a way of life. Headless Flywear is physical proof that you chose that way of life. – Taelor, Founder of HF.

Headless Flywear one of London’s leading clothing brand, founded in 2009 by Taelor Headley.  97 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

Have you ever wondered where creepy monsters go to retire? For example, did Count Dracula decamp in a long forgotten castle? Has the Leviathan made its home in the deep unexplored trenches of the ocean while the Jabberwock sulks in the dark dense forests?  74 more words


Two Possible Pi Cases

I’ve contemplated making a different case for my Raspberry Pi Model B and I’ve come up with two different ideas. 343 more words


Pale Heads - Headless

Label: Poison City Records

Garage rock seems like it’s is the kind of genre that it’s hard to really go wrong with. Hard rocking, energetic riffs; vocals possessed of an urgency that says more than the lyrics every could; and plenty of distortion. 575 more words


Magic Mike!

You’ve probably heard the expression “running around like a chicken with its head cut off.” It’s a fairly popular idiom in American culture and it finds it origin from the fact that chickens are known to run around in a frenzied manner if let go once their heads are removed. 473 more words


Windows 7 direct connect (SSH) Raspberry Pi with Ethernet cable [using static IP's and gateways]

I’m no networking expert but I’ve figured this out after a few hours of on the Googles. I’m using an old VGA monitor and an RCA to VGA converter to get terminal access to the Raspberry Pi in order to change it’s network settings (yeah it’s pretty stupid). 566 more words

Sticky and Headless

I am a ghost behind the steering wheel
faces in the lane next to me
see only my hands

I am a ghost behind the steering wheel… 95 more words

Julia Horwitz