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Headless Bookmarks

We had some bookmarks printed to promote Headless. They look pretty great, I think. All thanks to that amazing mask illustration by Michelle Tolo… 131 more words


[matplotlib] create figures on a remote server

On a remote server of mine I wanted to create some nice figures with matplotlib. It worked well on localhost but it failed on the server. 154 more words


More Google Maps Images of Headless Locations

I’ve been working on the final edits of Headless: clarifying the confusing, smoothing the rough bits, and changing some minor descriptive elements. I have some side stories in the works and will have those out soon on the… 129 more words


Scary movies for a wide variety of children...

It’s that time of year, when one of your kiddos comes to you and says, “Id like to watch a scary movie.” ¬†Or, if they are anything like me, they’d just stay up until 2AM to watch The Exorcist without you. 293 more words


Error : Can't connect to X11 window server using 'localhost:10.0'

On Pentaho BI Server CE , my experience was 6.1 CE I had this error on a UNIX OS.

I had to add this flag to JAVA on star_pentaho.sh script: 29 more words


Your head will remain secured

to the all the memories you’ve held dear.

Swiggity swish splash and splish

the blood pools around your head I squished;

49 more words

Off With My Head! Those Crazy Repressed Victorians...

Anyone who has even the most basic education about the Victorian era knows that societal mores encouraged and expected serious repression of ones thoughts, words, dress and actions. 173 more words