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Removing the Headliner from an Aston Martin DB9 or DBS

My DB9 developed a sagging headliner one hot summer California day.   The glue holding the beautiful Alcantara fabric to the Headliner form below let go, and the whole thing hangs sitting on your head.  1,040 more words


Removing the A Pillar Interior Trim Cover (Cant Rail) from an Aston Martin DB9 or DBS

What the heck is an “A Pillar Interior Trim Cover”?   Aston Martin actually calls it the “Cant Rail”.  It’s that long sweeping Alcantara covered trim piece that stretches up from the dash panel along the side of the windshield (the A pillar) and runs along above the door opening all the way to the rear window.  954 more words


How to Remove and Reinstall the Rear View Mirror in an Aston martin DB9, DBS, or Vantage

Whatsa behind me is Not Important!

A great line proclaimed by ‘Franco’ (played by Raul Julia) from one of my favorite campy car movies or all time…

1,044 more words

Pretty in Pink

I’ve always loved to travel, always have, always will. If I could live in hotel room sipping on cool coffee shop coffee every day. I definitely would be happy.  625 more words

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G30 TCB failure

 I have a new G30 and the TCB has a programming fault and the SOS emergency malfunction light come on the instrument cluster,,,,so you have to remove the rear cover for the 3rd brake light and you must lower the headliner. 103 more words

I Resolute to not Resolute

First of all, whenever I say the word “Resolute” I feel like I’m in National Treasure. I mean I know there is this whole thing with Nicholas Cage and how he is horrible, but a thrilling movie about stealing the Declaration of Independence? 722 more words

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