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10 thoughts that go through your mind while at Glastonbury

1. Showers are overrated – surely this jumbo pack of baby wipes is pretty much doing the same job?

2. Glitter solves all problems. Boring outfit? 148 more words


Going on a Summer Hiatus

Hey, hi, hello!

Lately I haven’t had much time to dedicate to Catch-all, nor have I been all that excited about working on it. I’ve been blogging for the past five years, and up until recently it never felt like a chore. 128 more words


I'm Headlining at Testify Chester

Testify is a pretty new open mic night that happens on the 1st Tuesday of every month.

It’s at Hanky Panky Pancakes which I will absolutely be getting food from as soon as possible. 30 more words


WordSpring Writers Festival Recap and Book Launch

May 22nd, 2018

Hey everyone!

So, I am a little late with this recap. WordSpring Festival was a couple of weekends ago but I still want to share my experience. 834 more words

Miss Universe 2018 is in Hangzhou, China!

Hangzhou, China (TPP News) -Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province, is the southern terminus of the ancient Grand Canal waterway, which originates in Beijing. Its West Lake, celebrated by poets and artists since the 9th century, encompasses islands (reachable by boat), temples, pavilions, gardens and arched bridges. 564 more words




“If you had told us nearly 10 years ago that one day we would be welcoming the mighty DECAPITATED to our stage i think we would have laughed in ore but it is one of our proudest moments to confirm we have them!” 8 more words


Miss Venezuela Organization to probe contestants amid social media feud

CARACAS (TPPNews) – The Miss Venezuela Organization said on Wednesday it will investigate their candidates’ ethics following a vitriolic social media feud among former participants accusing each other of inappropriate behavior. 561 more words