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Headliner trim replacement

Sometimes those little things to do just don’t get done. It took me ages to replace the old trims who broke off when I tried to remove them. 269 more words


Tearing Out The Headliner

Because the car sat for around 14 years in the weather the headliner had black mold spots that weren’t coming out with cleaning. It’s damp here in the Pacific Northwest, so mold and rust are something we constantly fight, unlike places like the Dakotas and even Eastern Washington. 162 more words


Dorman 74361 Headliner Retainer, Pack of 18

Give new life to those saggy and ripped headliners with these headliner retainers by Help. There are 18 per package to get he job done. These retainer work great auto, boat, or even RV applications.
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Not Bad for an Old Girl

My faithful and hardworking Saturn SL, Europa, has had a sagging headliner for some time. Dad had stapled it up with moderate success, but there has been a growing hole in it which was easy to catch — and make worse — when loading bags into the car. 60 more words

DJ Mystique at Hercules Trophy Belgium

The next name for the after-party is a definite guarantee to blow the roof straight off: DJ Mystique!

DJ Mystique has been at the top of the scene for a long period of time. 271 more words

Hercules Trophy

Employers to hire highest number of new grads since 2007

Dive Brief:
•College graduation season is just around the corner – and the future looks bright. A new survey from CareerBuilder reveals that 67% of employers are planning to hire recent grads this year, the “highest outlook” since 2007. 214 more words


A résumé expert reveals what a perfect résumé looks like

A résumé expert reveals what a perfect résumé looks like. Applying for a job is all about making good impressions, and making them fast. Before you worry about nailing that interview, you need to focus on what kind of impression your résumé is giving. 19 more words