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RMAF 2016: Sony and the Gentlemen from Japan

It’s always fun to see Naotaka Tsunado from Sony at Rocky Mountain.  I first met Nao at a Chesky recording session in Brooklyn and he has always shown great enthusiasm for portable audio.   708 more words


Fiil Diva Pro Headphones Review

I love that the headphone market is starting to get the attention it deserves. I see new companies that get into the game quite often in the last period. 1,438 more words


Elephone ELE Whisper In Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones - Review

Ok, I must admit that the Ele Whisper took me by surprise and while I don’t like to judge a product by the price, well… I must admit that my initial expectations of these headphones weren’t so big. 1,253 more words


AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon & NightOwl Carbon

Just got the word that AudioQuest is refreshing their headphone line.

NightHawk isn’t all that long-in-the-tooth, but advances and refinements wait for no … something something something. 1,005 more words


AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones - Review

These headphones managed to get my attention since Canjam 2015 in Essen. While I didn’t quite managed to get how it sounded at the show, due to insufficient time, these headphones had something that impressed me. 2,095 more words


Newport 2016: King Sound whispers in my ear, then rocks my brain

I’m an electrostatic guy. I own three pairs of floorstanding panel speakers (that could increase to four soon but don’t mention it to my wife just yet). 645 more words

Newport Beach 2016

High End 2016: The fantastic Pioneer XDP - 100R - K Hi Res DAP

What a clumsy name, the XDP 100R K, but what a fantastic device this Pioneer DAP truly is.

Under one slick aluminum machined body with removable bumpers lies a powerhouse of a portable audio player capable of everything. 237 more words

Munich 2016