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Bully Bully! Why you hate your SLT

Of Bullies and Accomplices:

Over the years it has become clear to me that the word bully is a very powerful one. It’s origins from the 1500’s come from the word “sweetheart” ( 1,226 more words

Head Covering: What it is and Why I Do It

I would like to begin this discussion with 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 so that we all know which passage of the Bible this topic is coming from. 1,051 more words


Guest Post by Matthew Boyle

Where are the righteous-optimists?

What is “teacher leadership”? This is a really interesting and important question for any of us who want to develop school leadership beyond our automatic default of headship. 1,571 more words

Distributed Leadership

Blinded by the times.

New commenter Punditius* proposes that biblical submission is an artifact of the times in which the New Testament was written:

As a man in a marriage to a woman (sigh, that has to be said these days), both much better than I deserve, I have to say that I have trouble following this notion that a woman must be submissive to her husband.

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Making Better Schools through Partnership - An Apology to Local Authorities

This is a little bit of a ramble… but I think I say something – even if its confused at least it is not jaded. 1,039 more words

How would you respond if your husband lead/loved you like Christ?

In the discussion of Effortless the conversation turned to how wives should expect to be lead, and how they would naturally react if their husband lead them as the Bible teaches.   1,349 more words