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Turning Super Tankers- Can Ofsted Change Direction?

I have huge respect for @HartfordSean as one twitter frequenter to another – in the same way as I did for @mcladingbowl. I still remember the day, like dark wisps, that Ofsted materialised on to twitter. 783 more words


Identity Crisis! Part 3: Complementarianism - Was Jerry Maguire right when he said, "You complete me"?

You know the scene. Tom Cruise nervously stammers at an emotional Renee Zellweger.

You complete me. Several years back, every romantic idealist was touched by these words, followed by the equally endearing, … 1,680 more words

School Leadership - Career Progression or Career Termination?

This was my speech to NAHT National Conference 2015, Liverpool, 2nd May 2015.

  • A message to the headteacher considering taking on the headship of a school in challenging circumstances…
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Last Person to Leave the Staff Room - Please Turn Out the Lights...

This is not a mad Tory hating rant blog. Though a Labour supporter all my voting life (the opposite of my family) I do not see the point right now in ranting and blaming. 773 more words

They aren't talking about headship.

Spike writes:

Dalrock: It’s Sunday in Australia. I just got a sermon about “servant leadership”, plus how there is an obligation for men to be faithful and be “The husband of only one wife”, which is fine.

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New Series: Introduction

This topic has been in the pot stewing for about two years for me. When initially studying it, I wrote a basic thesis paper on the subject that was very rough and unpolished. 649 more words