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What does it mean for a woman to respect a man?

Matt Walsh writes a popular blog where he sometimes talks about male-female relationships. I got the impression that he was writing too much about how to blame men, and not enough about the policies and practices that provide incentives for men to underperform, e.g. 1,876 more words


A Bible Based Statement About The Titles: Miss-Mrs-Ms, And Why A Woman Must Not Dress Like A Man

Hey America:Isn’t it funny how fads get started? It appears to me that many of us just fall into them with little or no thought as to the wisdom (or lack there of) behind them. 4,369 more words

Guarding her equality.

As I’ve demonstrated (here and here), an underpinning belief of complementarianism is that the source of feminist resentment is sinful men, men who are not sufficiently nice and accommodating.  280 more words


Who is she teaching?

A few days ago CBMW Women’s Studies professor Mary Kassian published a new post titled Does a Husband have the Authority?*  The post follows the Duluth model framing headship as abuse, and the… 1,340 more words


CBMW's evolving position on spiritual headship.

From the beginning complementarianism has been an effort to split the difference with Christian feminists (egalitarians).  This comes naturally from their belief that feminism isn’t a manifestation of the same discontent that caused Eve to want to be like God in the garden of Eden.  980 more words


Blogging the Bible 328 - Ephesians 5-6 - Making the most of the time

A while ago I wrote a post which touches on the wonderful ‘Armour of God’ section in chapter 6, thinking about how that passage can help us to pray more deeply. 564 more words

Blogging The Bible

Emotional Honesty in the Soap Opera of School Leadership: Part 1

The further you are away from something the harder it is to understand what you are observing. That dark spec on the horizon could be many things and as it gets closer you may still find yourself squinting with a perplexed frown. 1,039 more words