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Headship.....not a lonely place.....

Dame Alison Peacock said something at the last #LearningFirst event at Canterbury Christ Church University that struck a chord with me.  She said something along the lines of headship not being a lonely place because of the team that she worked with – in headship she was never alone.  753 more words

See To It!

… And let the wife see that she respects her husband.

Ephesians 5:33

Discovering Truth:

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase: see to it… 1,634 more words

Renewing Your Mind

Unpacking hierarchy in Tanzania

I’ve been trying to get my head around why Tanzanians might view some hierarchy as a good thing. Australians are deeply suspicious of hierarchy, often viewing it as inherently flawed, a system that inevitably leads to abuse of those at the bottom. 770 more words

Written By Tamie

Self inflicted reframe.

BillyS noted in response to Leading *is* serving that Christ only washed his disciples’ feet once:

…Jesus washed their feet once, not throughout His time on the earth!

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What It Means to Be a Man

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Many men define manhood in terms of their relationship with other men. They have fallen into the humanistic trap of… 485 more words


Leading *is* serving.

In my last post I pointed out the pattern of complementarians defining headship as service in practice, and leadership in theory.  Dr Raymond Force puts this into numbers as… 120 more words

Attacking Headship

99% servant, 1% leader.

In Exactly What Does it Mean for the Wife to Submit to Her Husband, pastor and Christian life coach Dr. Raymond Force explains that the reason women bristle at the New Testament verses on submission is that they mistakenly think the verses mean they are to submit to their husband, who is the head of the marriage.  642 more words

Turning A Blind Eye