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Rainey understands his target audience.

When Dennis Rainey wants men to watch his man up videos, he turns to the complementarian head of the household, the wife.  It is true that unlike their rivals (egalitarians), complementarians practice headship and submission;  they have merely… 175 more words


Mr funny face

So many faces to put names to. So many names to remember the face they belong to. A smile on my face that is now starting to look a little strange. 437 more words


Considering Women Serving in the Church chapter 1

While I was in a Presbytery meeting our denomination “dropped” the study report on Women Serving in the Ministry of the Church that is going to be presented at General Assembly this June. 747 more words

What is it to be a Girl?

I was watching a movie the other night where a character remarked: “I enjoy being a girl.” Not long ago, I wouldn’t have given that line a second thought. 1,099 more words


R.C. Sproul on The Role of Man and Woman

I often say that we need to listen to others who are not like us, and in that spirit, I read complementarian articles and I tune in to complementarian sermons on marriage and gender roles.   4,235 more words

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Spit 16's - Fakers will fake.

Yeah yeah yeah…

I know, I am OPH. Grey, tired and quite possibly past my ticket to the great headteacher scrap-heap in the clouds. It is only a matter of time. 596 more words