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NPQH Diary Entry 2

So since my last residential back in October, I have been concentrating on three main tasks as part of NPQH: Establishing my school based project (Focused around improving homework practices across…

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Unrequited Love- Dear OPH

Unrequited love hurts. It is the thorn with which we hold on to our sense of bruised ego, hands numb and bloodied. I remember asking my wife (quite early in our relationship) to be my fiancé and getting a confused and flat refusal… I like to think I eventually won her over (though this is often up for debate). 871 more words

"The Head Bones is Connected to the Neck Bone...."

22 God has put all things under the authority of Christ and has made him head over all things for the benefit of the church. — Ephesians 1:22 NLT… 268 more words


Noise pollution, it’s real and serious. I am in a shopping mall. Noise noise and more noise. Children screaming, adults gossiping, etc. It seems like when people speak these people’s human spirits go out to others. 1,092 more words


A Little Bit of Kindness Can Change Everything....

This week, our whole school community learnt about kindness.  But, we really learnt..we learnt how we really can impact people’s lives with small acts of kindness, how kindness ripples, and the more we do for people, the more they will do for others. 772 more words

That Advert...

We are living in interesting times.

My wife has rolled her eyes at me more times this weekend than in our 30 year relationship (we met very young). 968 more words


Covered for what?

Who’s your covering?, who are you accountable to?, you need to be under a covering. What does this really mean? Does a man come between me and God. 146 more words