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The Year Ahead - Keeping focussed when times are tough

I have given myself a STRONG talking to recently (In the privacy of my own home and alone – would hate anyone to think I am unstable). 818 more words


Why Should I Care?

                (Part 2)  

Why should I care about homosexuality? To answer this question I feel it is important to go back to the issue of order, particularly headship. 1,968 more words


What does it mean for a woman to respect a man?

Matt Walsh writes a popular blog where he sometimes talks about male-female relationships. I got the impression that he was writing too much about how to blame men, and not enough about the policies and practices that provide incentives for men to underperform, e.g. 1,853 more words


Holiday! Celebrate!

“There is more to life than making a living. Do not work more than you live.” Mokokoma Mokhonoana

What is it about taking term time holiday that gets so many people hot under the collar? 871 more words



I’ve been the Head of an independent day school –The Grange in Hartford, Cheshire– for more than ten years.

Some would, no doubt, consider me to be ‘an experienced Head’, someone who has seen and addressed most of what Headship of a highly achieving independent school has to throw…and seemingly survived it without the loss of life, limb, too much dignity and -most importantly perhaps- the trust of the people I work for, both governors and parents. 339 more words

Ancient Bible Scholars Weigh in on the Meaning of the Word "Head"

Hierarchical complementarianism rests on two pillars, which they hammer relentlessly. The first pillar is that the gender hierarchy they espouse is part of God’s good design and His original intent in creation. 1,910 more words

Why I Don't Believe Denying Male Headship Is Denying Scripture

This week in our small group at church we had a discussion about gender roles. Unsurprisingly, my view (that there should be no hierarchy on the basis of gender within a marriage) was not shared by the group. 5,112 more words