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Astanga Yoga pre teacher training - week 2

The routine

At the end of the first weekend we got homework, it is simple but complicated. We need to practice 4 times during the week. 347 more words




Back in 2009, when I was studying for an undergraduate degree in Biology at Barry University in Miami, I enrolled myself into a yoga class that the school offered in exchange for credit that counted toward graduation requirements. 861 more words


It's a Setup

I was watching a match the other week where, whilst working through some mat wrestling the two wrestlers ended up in a leg lock, on their backs, they turned the hold over until they were both on their fronts and then pushed up into a double headstand. 197 more words


Nuggets From My Personal Yoga Practice: Headstand

Sometimes my yoga practice teaches me important life lessons

Today, as I was practicing yoga, working on my headstand, I stumbled across a nugget of knowledge that helped me piece together a concept I’ve been struggling with in my life lately. 531 more words


Head, shoulders, knees and toes!

Often people are surprised when I tell them I injured my knee in India doing too much yoga. “But I thought yoga was supposed to be good for you!” they exclaim. 812 more words



This was a huge accomplishment for me. I’ve been trying so long to successfully bring headstands into my practice. It happened unexpectedly, like most things you really want do. 54 more words


13 Headstand Benefits Turn Yoga Controversy Upside Down

Some see the yoga headstand as beautiful ― others see it as a disaster waiting to happen. Where do you stand in the controversy? Better yet, have you tried putting the headstand in your own practice? 21 more words