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Benefits From Using An Inversion Table

Has the wow factor.  

It’s a fantastic experience.  You are floating on air.  No stress at all in your body.  You’ll feel amazing during and after.   592 more words

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Be Playful

I have a three year old nephew. He’s the bestest little guy ever. He’s crazy smart (I was once telling him about Pokemon- because his Aunt Sam is a little nerdy- and when I told him that Pikachu shot electricity, he pointed to an outlet and said “Like in the wall?” He was only two during conversation.), he’s got a great sense of humor (like the time he turned around with two binkies in his mouth- giggling like crazy), and he’s handsome… you should see the pictures of him from my wedding! 720 more words



When I was about four years old my gymnastics teacher told me I would never be strong or flexible enough to be a gymnast. That comment became my ‘truth’; that I’d always struggle to touch my toes, and that getting into splits would be a dream that would never come true.

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10/2: The Headstand Journey

Blogtober Day 2

The Headstand Journey

What is cooler than seeing those glorious pictures of skilled yogis balancing on their head? Or on their hands? In my opinion, not much! 368 more words