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Should you go upside-down if you have glaucoma?

Inverted poses are important in Iyengar yoga. Senior practitioners often cite an inversion as their most essential pose. (Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) seems to be a favorite.) Can anyone do inversions? 685 more words


You Can't Think About Killing Yourself When You're Doing Cool Yoga Shit

Have you ever felt so emotionally dysregulated that you thought the best way out was to kill yourself? I have. What about when you want to die because you don’t think you’re worthy of living? 352 more words

Light of (Dr.) Day: A unique perspective on patient relationships

A deal’s a deal. Even if it’s fulfillment requires an Olympian effort.

At least according to Scott R. Day, DDS.

“One of my young patients agreed to cooperate better if I promised to do a headstand for him when we were done,” explained the dentist whose practice is located in the lowlands of New York’s Adirondack region, along the banks of the Oswegatchie River. 778 more words


It's a Good Week in Yoga

I’m so glad to be having a good week in yoga.  Due to the holidays (and well, summer and cravings and such), I’ve been eating poorly and gaining a little weight.   269 more words

Yoga for Perspective

Inversions literally change our perspective. Instead of looking out at the world standing upright, we flip it and turn it all around. Up becomes down, right becomes left. 286 more words


Headstand and Backflips at the Griffith Observatory

This week I told myself I’m going to give myself a little break from creating content. I wanted to not be in front of the camera and just focus on my yoga trainings with Manouso Manos and Maty Ezraty. 100 more words


5 Things to Do Before You Move Into Tripod Headstand

Tripod Headstand is a perfect beginners inversion.  It allows you to cover more surface area using both hands and your head as stabilizers.

To get the most out of this headstand you’ll need to do the following: 352 more words