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Thunderstorm + White Scrubs + Coffee = Chaos? No, Gratefulness

The weather report stated that today would reach above 90 degrees, and feel more like 102 with  the lingering humidity from last night’s storm and the severe weather rolling into the Midwest today.   541 more words


Supported Headstand- Chakra Balancing + Intentions Challenge (Day 9)

Resetting your chakras starts with having your intentions in the right place. No worries if you have no place to start, I have you covered. For this challenge we will cover a different chakra each day starting from the top of the body and working our way down. 165 more words


10 Minute Home Workout

Today, I decided to share with you a simple yet powerful workout. Since I can not lunge, squat or be much on my foot, I decided to do a few hip extensions, hip adductions and glute kick-backs. 133 more words


On Being Upside Down

I am always filled with gratitude for the opportunity of being upside down, both literally and figuratively. We live in a world that praises seriousness and success, and we rarely take time to think of the importance of playing around and being silly. 28 more words


200 YTT - Day 9 - "Everything is Temporary"

Tonight, Tasha, our teacher trainer, offered the mantra of “everything is temporary.” No matter how much you try to fight this one, you know it’s true. 154 more words


How to do a #headstand number 2, this time in 7 steps....

  1. Hike up into the mountain

2. Try to do a handstand

3. Try to do a handstand again

4. Give up on handstand and thank yourself for trying… 10 more words

You Can't Think About Killing Yourself When You're Doing Cool Yoga Shit

I’m pretty sure I already have a blog with this title, but I don’t care.

Here’s where I am tonight: practicing headstands and handstands.

Because you can’t think about killing yourself when you’re doing cool yoga shit. 89 more words