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Actually Starting the Yoga Challenge This Time

The first pose of the challenge is the headstand, one of my least favorites. According to yoga108.org, the steps to a successful handstand are as follows: 242 more words


*Saturday Yoga*

It’s Sunday!! Here’s my Travel Yoga photo of the week coming from Natalia, Tx


Mission "Upside Down" is on!!!

I decided to start my mission to conquer my handstand fear this year! Day first was ok I started with a 20 minute warm up to get me going, some pelvic lifts some abs and back exercises, shoulders of course… And then I thought that at first I should try to get my balance right, try to feel safe. 177 more words

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A Young Woman's Quest For The Prefect Yoga-Bum: Day 28 - Conquer Headstand and Be Strong

My arms seriously aren’t moving… I’ll be laying on the floor like a seal for the rest of the night!

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Should you go upside-down if you have glaucoma?

Inverted poses are important in Iyengar yoga. Senior practitioners often cite an inversion as their most essential pose. (Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) seems to be a favorite.) Can anyone do inversions? 685 more words


You Can't Think About Killing Yourself When You're Doing Cool Yoga Shit

Have you ever felt so emotionally dysregulated that you thought the best way out was to kill yourself? I have. What about when you want to die because you don’t think you’re worthy of living? 352 more words