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The art of procrastination.

It is so easy to sneer at the word procrastination- the wasting of one’s time when there is little or no motivation to finish the task(s) at hand and meet deadlines. 385 more words


A Guide to Tripod Headstand

Awhhh, Tripod Headstand. One of the very first headstand variations I learnt. After seriously getting into yoga I really wanted to do all these cool poses I kept seeing on the internet. 450 more words


That headstand is doing my head in

Sirsasana, or headstand, my nemesis, that and every arm balance, to be honest. Flipping my head upside down or putting my weight anywhere else than my feet have never come easy to me. 666 more words


#003: Called the Doctor (and failed at a headstand)


Maybe because I know we have an AWESOME challenge tomorrow, today is a slightly less scary challenge. However, that is only because it sounds like it isn’t scary to most people. 403 more words

Up-Side-Down Christmas Tree

Christmas spirit is still here! Let’s do inversion in red and green to celebrate!

Single Leg Headstand /Parshvaikapada Shirshasana

Tripod Headstand / Shirshasana II

There are a lot of benefits of doing inversion poses : 97 more words


[Video] Headstand practice - Beginnings

I discovered yoga 6 months ago. I learned that a regular practice is KEY to improve one’s flexibility, balance and strength. While this headstand is far from being perfect, this is incredible to be able to reach this stage after only 6 months of practice!


New Year's Resolutions

I know a string of New Year’s Resolutions posts will be published soon, and this is no different, but I’m happy to say that I’ve already started on them. 1,166 more words