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obligatory headstand pic in India

This is my one obligatory headstand photo in India while wearing The Elephant Pants. Just this one photo,  no more like this, I promise.

Just try

Today, I got up in headstand for the first time at yoga.

Headstand is an inversion that I’ve been working on for a while, and last night (over dinner with an old friend,) I decided that I would just try. 131 more words

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Headstand Hype

If you’ve seen people headstand, the first thought might be, ‘Why on earth would someone want to put all their body weight on their head?’  The benefits of Sirasana (headstand in yoga talk) will most likely outweigh your fears of rolling out of this pose. 299 more words


Saturday To Do List

Go outside.

Take off your shoes.

Drink iced tea.

Listen to music.

Do yoga.

Lay in the sun.

Turn your perspective upside down.



It originally started from my Ashtanga days – creating a daily habit of practicing inversions, mainly śīrsāsana, sarvāngāsana and halāsana.

Over time, the more I researched inverted asanas the more my attitude and practice of inversions changed – I realised their importance. 447 more words

When in "Rome"

There was a women doing yoga in the garden, so ya know… might as well.

The Words.