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The Road to Sirsasana (Headstand)

A few days ago, my world literally turned upside down as I finally did a pose I almost thought I’d never get to do: a headstand. 669 more words


23 Days to 30th Birthday - Doing Headstand

Can you do Headstand all by yourself?

Going to Fitness World has inspired me to try Headstand. Something that I have never ever done in my life. 63 more words

Daily Prompt

5 Steps to Successful Headstand

Headstand, or sirsasana, is one of the easiest of the inversions in yoga. If you ever attended a gymnastics or tumbling class as a child, you probably practiced this pose. 879 more words


The Health Benefits of Doing Headstands

The headstand, also known as Shirshasana, is a stimulating, energizing, and invigorating pose in yoga in which you are literally standing on your head. As easy as it sounds, doing a headstand the proper way takes practice, and holding the pose for a period of time takes a lot of core strength. 1,286 more words

Alternative Medicine

Headstand Pose & it's Benefits

Want to Stand on Your Head? Headstand is there for you!

For many people, the simple thought of standing on their head bring subconscious fear. They just look down to the floor, imagining an upside down and then they give up before trying to practice this sequence.

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I’ve been conscious of how long it’s been since my last blog post.   Sorry it’s been a while.  The reason is mainly down to travelling and not having my laptop with me for over a month. 525 more words

Turn That Frown Upside Down

I had a rough week this week, guys.  Between work just being work, and having obligations every night (which I’m not used to), and feeling generally smothered by requests for my time – I couldn’t handle it.  797 more words