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Accomplished a ton today! Cleaned and studied for my yoga teacher registry! 💙💚💙💚💙 almost certified!!!

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Ps. The moon is getting full!!! 15 more words

The Posture of the Month in the studio in May is Headstand and I am super excited about it!

My background is Ashtanga Yoga and this Asana is such an important part of the tradition. From a teaching perspective there is so much material to draw from. 563 more words

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Headstand / Sirshasana

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We are working in our Yoga classes on  Headstand Postures / Sirshasana (sanskrit name). They are incredible as you stay in an inverted pose, build up lots of muscle strength and help you concentrate and clear your mind. 717 more words


Jah-Lo The artist. The Bboy

Bboying and Illustrator are my favorite past times…. Why not combine them.

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Learning to do a proper handstand.

Many of you probably had the chance to read my post on “handstands” and how they have advantages and their benefits. I told you in that same post I would write another post in the later weeks discussing how to train for a proper handstand – and although there is a million different ways to do so and everyone has their own technique, I believe the best way is to practice and build up to it, like any other movement. 785 more words


Clowning around

Hubby came in and interrupted my practice this morning. He’s usually really careful not to do this, but it turned out he thought everything had gone quiet and assumed I’d finished. 383 more words


Headstand tips and tricks

In the article Controversy in the kingdom of asana, I briefly describe how headstands are being phased out of standard vinyasa routines.  In a nutshell, I believe that the approach of modifying these postures is better than pretending  593 more words