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Inversions - The Back Story

As you may have already noticed by my Instagram, as well as the above photo, inversions are kind of my thing in yoga (for now, at least).  1,025 more words


Forgetting Yoga

Before I began teaching yoga, for years, I would roll out my mat with all the intentions of practicing for 45 minutes or more. Inevitably, the moment I began all my accumulated practice would disappear somewhere. 391 more words


The Blooper "Real"

So you are thinking about coming to a yoga class and to be prepared you Pinterest or Google the word “yoga”. What you would probably find is lots of tall, slender people bending in ways that seem unimaginable or doing something crazy like standing on their hands.  279 more words

The Most Common Yoga Injuries and How You Can Avoid Them. Part V: Neck by Neill Garrett

Welcome to the final installment of our Yoga Injuries series! Quick recap:  it’s been quite a journey thus far. I’ve covered all major areas and gone over some of the biomechanics of how they may get injured during our yoga asana practices. 2,987 more words

Flip Your Perspective By Getting Upside Down.

Literally, flip your perspective as you allow the head to go below the heart. Defy gravity and overcome fear, while receiving the many benefits inversions have to offer. 665 more words



Today I did it even when I wasn’t intending to work on a headstand. I usually do regular headstands assisted by a wall. Today I took a shot at a tripod headstand and nailed it on my first try. 112 more words

Inner Soul