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18 October 2016

Today I took a picture of a H-361.


Gravestone #2, Less Successful

This is done in charcoal pencil, and I am less than happy with this sketch, but I’m not sure why – is it the proportions? The shading? 65 more words


Spooky Gravestones for Halloween - Week 8

Although Halloween isn’t until next Monday, and Sunday is my new theme day, it makes much more sense to me to lead up to a holiday than to follow it after it’s over. 323 more words


The Grave Dancer

Paul shivered at the angels blank face, its white worn eyes seeming to drink him in.

“How long do we have to wait?” He asked, punching Ruben in the arm, “You said she’d come at dusk.” 342 more words

Sinister Countdown

Finally She Sleeps


If I were to be buried, I’d like those words on my headstone. Most nights sleep eludes me. I long to sleep for eight hours, but can’t remember when that last happened. 75 more words

I Wish

I wish I could go back.  I’m not even talking about going right back to better, pre cancer healthy times.  That would be lovely, but I feel as though I’d be wishing for too much if I wished for that.  1,742 more words