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My future epitaph

“I laid myself down to retire

Awoke to find I had expired.”


Help! I Can't See Previous Comments

I know I have at least one comment asking me if I plan any more posts.  The answer is yes.

I apologize for the long hiatus. 327 more words


City urging Brookside Cemetery visitors to leave damaged headstones alone

WINNIPEG — The city of Winnipeg is asking any visitors and monument owners at Brookside Cemetery to not attempt to repair damaged headstones themselves.

Officials said the city is processing the damage to the dozens of headstones at the cemetery and contacting owners who have been affected. 167 more words


Dozens of headstones destroyed at Brookside Cemetery

WINNIPEG — A weekly walk through Brookside Cemetery turned into a shocking discovery for a Winnipeg man this weekend.

West End resident John LaPorte said he was walking through the cemetery when he noticed dozens of headstones vandalized and destroyed. 148 more words


A Kind Gesture Goes A Long Way - Bryan Stralow

We should all remember the power that giving has. In a time where disparity is growing in all cities across the planet, derived from an overt sense of commercialisation, even ‘generosity’ and ‘charity’ has been flawed by greed and inequality. 25 more words

Stone Carver

Mountain Sunset in the Cemetery

Another reflection photo…

I was exploring a cemetery near my house at sunset, and saw this headstone with a beautiful mountain scene engraved on it. The sun was setting behind me, … 79 more words

Cemetery Strolling

Have you ever strolled through a cemetery?  I do it occasionally.

Sometimes I walk around old cemeteries and think about the people buried there.  I wonder about their lives, their ambitions, and their fears. 35 more words