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Book Review: Headwinds, by Lindsay Pope

Available in selected bookstores nationwide.

Headwinds, Lindsay Pope’s first collection of poetry, straddles the Beaufort Scale, shifting between gentle breeze and storm. There is clowning-around and domesticity, hymeneal prayer and gardening. 294 more words

New Zealand Poetry

Road Trip V, Days 18-20, Durham, N.C.: Community Lessons For a New Author

One year ago this week I proudly debuted my first novel at the bookstore in my hometown. Yes, Durham is 3,500 miles away from where I live now, so The Regulator didn’t figure to loom large in my new author “career.” But this week, as The Regulator hosted an event for my second book, I realized it had taught me a lesson. 369 more words

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What do you mean "Pedalling in circles"?

She asked “What do you mean pedalling in circles? I have no choice but to pedal in circles”.

She is right, of course. Unfortunately, some of us take cycling lingo for granted. 382 more words


Just a regular update while the winds are calm


This morning I managed to get my daughter and myself out the door in time for my 9:00 am meeting, with no tears, nothing forgotten, and without the iPad. 312 more words


Tasmania: a miscellany

Much like our recent Victorian rock climbing trip was prompted by a teaching commitment, I’m now ‘home alone’ after some time in Tasmania.

Sarah and Bryn are still there – with (maybe) a tale to tell of their own.   284 more words


That was then…this is now

In 2011 Joe Hockey said “No qualifications, all the excuses that Wayne Swan talks about – falling commodity prices, a high Australian dollar, nominal growth not being up to standard. 1,052 more words


YA Lit Revisited: What About Old Young Adults? OYA Lit, Anyone?

It’s been almost a year and a half since I first addressed this question: “What is YA, Anyway?”

Here’s what I had to say in July of 2013: 518 more words

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