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The Two little boys

Two little boys listlessly walked into my company today. They couldn’t be more than ten. One was tall and slim, the other was sturdy and not tall with a fat oblong face. 1,089 more words

Growing Up (Childhood Memories)


It was all over the news. Tabloids knew everything, but kept everything. Neighbors all barricaded the streets and flocked into the scene. Every inch of space was covered on social media sites, news channels, and radio stations. 1,046 more words

CNDay14-Compassion for Humanity

COMPASSION and HUMANITY… What? That’s like, everybody right? Yes. EVERYBODY! Do people get on your nerves sometimes? Wooo, I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I have to take several steps back from some people. 434 more words


To Heal the World

There will not be healing in a world that cannot even agree upon what is right and wrong.

I stare at the app first, hesitating. My spine recoils, my head begins to pound against its fleshly walls, and my finger hovers – knowing, without doubt, that there will be some tragedy, heartache, or terror I will read that I can never unread, no matter how much I desire it afterwards. 666 more words

To Live

The desire to be right is to blatantly induce suffering.

The desire to love, to serve, to give is to live courageously in the midst of suffering.

Path To Being

Light your soul on fire

I was 10 years old when the boy I had a crush on told me that he would not be lighting firecrackers for Diwali because his mom had said that it ’causes harm to mother Nature’. 741 more words