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The Why

Half-lotus in cold dark
Flute bursts from still black mountains
Like divine breath
Namo Ratna Travaya…
Homage to the Three Jewels
My song, it comes from within… 137 more words



I some times wonder why there are those who teach their children to look upon someone, whom they’ve never met with such hateful judgement.

I recently had to travel to my brother’s wedding, about 5 hours away from where I live. 525 more words



I sympathize with my fellow human beings. Those who can’t achieve┬áthat “American dream”. I walk down the street and observe the homeless and wonder how did they end up this way. 326 more words


Once it was LGBT. That worked. It was pronounceable. It was quickly recognized. The current version – with K added for kink – is not recognizable nor pronounceable. 264 more words

Heal The World

Trading With Countries With Human Rights Violations

Trade is essential for human rights. Isolating any country, just like isolating any person, makes them insular not repentant.

Opening trade with them and enforcing the same trading rules as the rest of us follow breaks down barriers and reluctance to join in the same types of behaviors that the rest of us have agreed upon. 100 more words

Heal The World

Violence - What Can Anyone Do?

Recently I read the most brilliant statement regarding violence and crime. it is from a Readers Digest article about a teacher who figured out a simple formula for keeping kids involved. 48 more words

Heal The World