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18 November 2015

I greet the day with love, hope and gratitude.

– Jodi Reeves Life

There is so much uncertainty in the world right now. People are angry, sad, grieving and hurt. 222 more words

We are all victims.

But in someone else’s eyes, we are the murderers.

Please. Just stop.

We blame each other for the mess that is the human race right now when in reality, we are all at fault. 348 more words



I’ve been anticipating for days now to write about how happy I am that Aung San Suu Kyi has prevailed in Burma/Myanmar, but, dear reader, my heart is bursting with emotion because Paris is wearing the shroud of darkness after the inhumane killings of Friday night. 1,086 more words


The irony is.
Everyone is talking about world peace. Everyone wants to support and promote peace and harmony in the world.
But the saddest part is, there is already so much of hatred and disapproval, Hatred is omnipresent now. 971 more words


Briefing: On 13th November 2015 there were several horrific ‘incidents’ took place around the world:

Bombings in Baghdad & Beirut

Attacks in 7 different places in Paris… 385 more words

13th Nov

Bible Study for All Ages on Wednesdays

Have you ever wondered about the story of King Solomon? Do you know how the Temple was built? What else did King Solomon do? Do you want to learn more? 25 more words

Heal The World

Sandwich Board is October 29th

Help us love, respect and care for all persons by volunteering at our next turn serving lunch at Sandwich Board. It is Thursday October 29… 15 more words

Heal The World