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Moon Update

Good morning Starshines! Today the moon is #waxing (moon is getting bigger) #Virgo, which is a nurturing sign. Virgo is an Earth sign, so today focus on healing from the root up…don’t treat the symptoms, look for getting to the true problem and #healthyself. 39 more words

Daily Goddess Message

Daily Goddess Message
As we are coming up on the full moon, the card the world comes to see us. We’ve been talking a lot about change, a lot about new-ness, a lot about shifts happening. 248 more words

Ostara's Enchantment

Here we sit on the wheel at Ostara once more. Years it seem go by faster and faster, and my what changes that short year brought. 283 more words

Celtic Witch

Slow Down Sunday

// Slow Down Sunday //

We must listen to our body + spirit when it is giving us signs to slow down. It is not possible to do EVERYTHING at once. 125 more words