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Quick Can Be Good

…Utilize the fabulous fare that’s easily attainable and affordable !& available at your fingertips… This is how We do it…

…. #ChefKali is in da howze…. 68 more words

Blazing Kitchens

"South O'the Border Night" ~ by Chef Kali

   ..!!we’re gonna go eat #tasteTest …

~We’ll be back to describe what We ‘feel’ #taste… ~all veggie, refried and black beans… & cheeeeese… wrapped in corn and flour tortillas… ~!there will be lots of great progresse pics with instructional suggestion/ time & temps to post, so You can !build your own… ???  40 more words

Blazing Kitchens

We Make Sandwiches

… what We Do… #BestSandwich

…& yeah, We like a good pickle.. ?wanna fight about it??? ~;*p !b0n

Blazing Kitchens

"Country Comfort" >ROAST CHICKEN NOODLE BAKE ~by Chef "L'il' Julia"

…this one will make you smile & say aahhhhhhh… ~the #EMT is optional ~;*>

Topping: ..a magic mixture of fresh bread (-chunked), with #Panko Crumbs, Nutmeg > +/-1 Tbs.), *garlic, *ground black pepper corn, *coriander, *lemon balm, *ground mustard, *paprika, & * turbinado sugar…. 242 more words

Blazing Kitchens


…!!!SSSSo happy and blessed to be here, !and be at Your good service… this Blog is about presenting procedure for preparing Great Food; easy-‘peas’y ( #KitchenHumor..-You’ll get used to it..) quick-meal ideas, suggestive substitution foods  ~for Your #WellBeing #GoodDigestion #productendorsement … ~!annnd Everything… 32 more words

Blazing Kitchens

AromaTouch Technique Massage





Aromatouch Technique Our AromaTouch Technique uses 8 different essential oils by dōTERRA. This treatment is going to give you the most therapeutic benefits of the oils. 316 more words

Healing Hands

Happy 2B Nappy Alternative Way With Essentials Oils

Goddess Queen U-Ahk

 Independent Wellness Advocate


My name is Queen Goddess I am A Natural Hair Care Artist and Master Herbalist this is my story I started using doTerra Essential Oils in My Organic Hair Care Products Tooth Paste and Deodorant and I Saw Immediate Results on My Clients Hair & Scalp Even on My Self & not only do they work for Hair  Tooth Paste & Deodorant doTerra Essential oils Heal & Relieve You From Head Aches Aching Back Sore Muscles & Joints From A Sore Throat To Congestion on your Lungs All Was Healed Naturally With doTerra Essential Oils.  223 more words

Natural Hair Care