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Changing Perspectives - From Blame to Reclaim

Let’s talk about Blame…

“Something or someone else is responsible for my illness.”
“I’ve been bad and now I’m being punished for it – by my illness.” 353 more words


Make Believe?

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Have you ever had a glum day and couldn’t get into it? Sure, we all have. One of mine popped up a few days ago and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t put on that happy face and smile at the world. 322 more words

Just A Thought...

Life path number 5 - the revolutionary visionary.

The life path of the number 5 is an absolutely INCREDIBLE life path number, and actually, I feel pretty honoured to pay homage in this way, and honestly? 307 more words


Confessions of the New Special Needs Nanny

I just started the most important job I’ve taken so far.

It’s cliché, but if you had told me a year ago that I would be lying awake at night with a sleeping baby on my chest, I wouldn’t have believed you. 468 more words


the weird door

i’ve slacked on this post because i’ve been trying to figure out how to best honor the themes of fate, faith and forgiveness.  i’m having a very difficult time with focus and concentration.   1,365 more words

‘Triple A’ Supplements For Your Health~Dr. Greg Stilwell, DPM

Among the many supplements of herbs, vitamins, and drinks that are available to us now in your friendly health foods markets, there are three that stick in my mind.  573 more words


The Light Workers

Perhaps you have never heard of an HSP.  You may know them as other descriptions such as too sensitive,  anxious, depressed, only has a few friends, doesn’t like school, often sensitive to overhead lighting, loud noise, overstimulation, too many people, often the brunt of bullying, cry baby.  550 more words

Herbal Remedies