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A man sits on the side of the street. He’s sat there every day for as long as anyone can remember. It’s become his spot, his territory. 980 more words


Let The Hunts Begin

Today, I hit a huge milestone as a WHM in Heavensward. :D

I have reached all i170 gear and have finally made it to i171!!!! 397 more words


The INFP (Healer & Idealist) in Relationships | @phettehollins

It’s July 5th y’all.
Did y’all eat a lotta grub?
Not me.
I had a business meeting then ate some regular ol food. #IntrovertedProblems

Meanwhile, I posted a vid about how my personality type affects my relationships. 21 more words

YouTube Channel

Sacred Feminine

She is the wind that blows

The soft touch to your nose

She bridges the heaven and earth

She is Divine

She is Sacred

She is the Feminine – Mother of All, Healer of the times & Bearer of Life… 104 more words

Healing Messages

Healer...Hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

So here I am looking for a new drama..new story that will blow my head off and sweep me off my feet with it’s Events and cast and OST’s… 89 more words
Asian Dramas And Me


So about a week ago, our FC finished building our first airship and we’ve been sending it out on ventures all week :D. We call it S.S. 168 more words


An Interesting and Exciting Offer

So over the weekend, I was approached by one of the core members of our FC’s static about raiding. He told mehe had talked to the boys and was interested in me joining on my WHM. 160 more words