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Philippine Trip - Filipino Voodoo

On about the 7th night of our trip, while unpacking at a hotel, I found the following item safety pinned to my son’s clothing:

I noticed him fiddling with his t-shirt and he asked, frustrated, “Why do I have to wear this?”  I looked at it and asked Marizza, “What the hell is this?” 1,206 more words


Catholics here warned against itinerant healer

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

The Catholic community here has been warned not to support or participate in the “charismatic healing ministry” activities of an unauthorised itinerant healer. 277 more words

Current Affairs

Something New and Good: Asa

On July 20 our family grew by one! He beat his induction by a day, and has kept us on our toes for the last five days and rewarded us with no shortage of snuggles, and pro-level eating and sleeping. 457 more words


The Healer's Daughter - Part 4

As they made their way through the village, Launi quickly noticed that the man who had met her outside the forest was not the only one to give her distrusting looks. 1,010 more words


One vs many

The voice of many is always more powerful.

That’s why someone assaulted or victimised by many people like myself struggle. I wasn’t believed by the people around me, and the police made it pretty clear that I was unreliable – it’s one woman against a bunch of (albeit scummy) people. 71 more words



🎶 We sing Hallelujah… We sing Hallelujah…the Lamb has overcome…we sing Hallelujah… We sing Hallelujah…🎶

Do you know that whenever we sing praises to the Lord we invite Him to where we are at?

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Be Yourself Tonight

Strange day today so you get a bonus post.  I’ve got a member of my team who has been struggling with confidence.  I’ve been stretching her because there is a part of what I do that I need to take a less active part in and I need to get people positioned so that I’m not the only expert.  1,041 more words