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A bit of truth

I spent the morning working on my shoulder. After a hard workout followed by a deep-tissue session with the massage therapist followed by a great “counseling” session, I considered going home, getting on comfy clothes, curling up in front of a roaring fire and reading the rest of Les Mis. 105 more words


Life After A Manipulator

While I am working on my major article, I’ll be sharing some relevant information.  Reviewing this information now will help you to understand everything I will be revealing in the next day or two.  916 more words



Yesterday was her first surgery, and hopefully her last. These past few days were extremely trying and difficult. I remember walking through the recovery room after the nurse called my name… it was a slow moving walk where I couldn’t hear a thing, … 505 more words



The hunger pangs of loss. I sat munching on a dense multi-grain bagel in an tiny cafe, sipping on a cold coffee and he made it over twice, sigh feeling terrible grief.  378 more words


Secondhand Sighs

I’ve been doing a lot of heavy sighing lately. I don’t mean to. Pathetic sounds just sort of escape my lips before I realize it. But I think they are a sound indicator of the state of my heart: burdened. 979 more words


The Sun is the center

Sharing with Kit

“It seems that humans want to hold on to things that solidifies…when we make rules and hold on to concepts, we solidify things that really are alive – and that creates problems. 257 more words