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Healing Tip #35

In this video blog Bob discusses achy healing initiative: do what works best for you. When faced with stress and the crises of life, it is often best to remember that if it works for you then it heals for you. 8 more words



Trigger Warning

I don’t usually bother with a trigger warning on my blog posts, because, honestly, anything and and everything can be triggering to survivors for a myriad of reasons. 2,957 more words


Welcome to my bizarro world

So, for the last few weeks we have been in the process of moving everything out of our home office (huge task with two walls of bookcases) and moving my oldest son in, so that our middle kid can have his own room.   347 more words


Balancing Love and Trust

In a comment to my last post, “To Lay Me Down” my good friend Survived Narc brought up a good point about holding back just a little, until you can trust. 792 more words


The Sphere.

One of the issues I struggled with the most in my faith journey is why bad things happen in the world. If God supposedly loves us so much, why in the world did He create the possibility for murder, hatred, and all other sin? 1,249 more words


To Lay Me Down

I loved a man once,
Without guile,
Without pretense,
With purity, honesty.
Without limit.
I gave everything I had
Free, for the having.
I asked nothing. 583 more words


The Start of Something New

As I was sitting outside earlier, I noticed my rose bushes were budding with numerous blooms. We are so much like the flower that lays dormant for so long. 144 more words