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Snap Summary - Week 19

No posts for a long time because plain and simply I’ve been busy. My foot is usable enough that I’m able to go on work trips and have a proper social life again. 103 more words


Be a Batman

Batman Quotes

1. Harvey Dent: You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

2. Bruce Wayne: People are dying, Alfred. 169 more words


Go Where the Love Is

You know how phrases get caught up in your mind.  You could call in an affirmation, a mantra, or simply something that is stuck in your head.   696 more words


Resilience and Story

Last evening I went for a walk along the lake. It was chilly and there had been snow earlier in the higher elevations. Still, a few people were out, some with their dogs. 699 more words


The Self-Forgiveness Prayer

Oh Creator,
Give me the desire and the ability

to forgive myself

for times of being unaware
and not seeing things as clearly as I do now… 86 more words

Self Worth

Love yourself, love your life, appreciate your growth and don't stop growing

Love yourself because you have made it through the the storm that ended with a rainbow, love the life you live because it is a never ending book full of experiences and growth, and don’t stop learning because the more you know the more you grow and growth is a non stop and beautiful process.


Gifts from Destruction

This post was inspired by Curious Evelyn Seeks blog this morning, “Passionately Curious”.  She made me remember how I only found my passions when I was able to be free of an abusIive dysfunctional marriage.  294 more words