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Weird-Ass Week (or Confused Seas)

It’s been kind of a weird-ass week, maybe 2. Just odd. One of those periods when the normal flow of the universe goes from being small, easy waves to a serious chop of a couple feet. 1,498 more words


Letting Go: An Adventure in Acupuncture and Beyond

A few weeks ago, I went to see my acupuncturist for for abdominal cramps that had been irritating me for a few days. My stomach felt constricted, tied in little knots. 440 more words


Psychology vs Counselling

A psychologist’s daughter once told me that therapists were just people who failed psychology at university. (There’s that word ‘just’ again). There might have been some truth to this damning statement at the time; twenty years ago, the world of counselling was not as regulated as it is today. 863 more words


The Center of the Cyclone

I am frequently exploring levels of insanity. For the most, it comes in the night waking me up, some inner part is frantic with fear. I go to the Inner Garden where I meet my inner child/children, for now there is a 15-year old who seems to carry the most of it. 401 more words


Question of the Day: Which Do You Prefer?

Question of the day.

Which would you prefer, steamed lobster with drawn butter only, or the best mashed potatoes ever with butter?

Ok, this is one of the absurd questions that lurks in my head at the moment. 304 more words


Water Station

Dream: it is night. The sky is enormous. There are new star constellations:  they are now red – like a miniature milky way. I point them out to a fellow traveler: Look! 378 more words