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Erasing Him

I was just going through my pictures in my phone, and found about 10 of S that I hadn’t erased. Now deleted permanently.

I did the same with his texting thread and all the pics associated with it. 117 more words


To the Broken-Hearted...

People tell me, all the time, that I ought to protect my heart more. That I ought not just leave the door so completely wide open. 643 more words

The Narcissists Wife

Well On My Way

Saturday morning. I slept almost 8 hours. I have not done that in weeks, probably before Betty Boop first showed on the scene a month ago. 730 more words


Who Will Walk Through The Fire With Me?

I went to a friends house for dinner and a bottle of wine.  We were gonna go out but changed our minds.  It was really nice to just sit with two people who love each other, and love me, as a close close friend.  729 more words


Can I Cry Now?

When I searched for my birth mother I was all alone, with no support or guidance.

There was no help.

Can I cry now?

My adoptive mom told me my birth mother loved me “So Much. 808 more words



Have you ever been in a place where you wanted something so bad that it consumed you? That your entire focus was fixated on that one thing? 319 more words