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Ex-abortionist Neuhaus opens second “fund-me” appeal

Ex-Kansas abortionist Kris Neuhaus wants your pity (she sees herself as a martyr) and your money.

In a radio interview Thursday, she elaborated that she has lost her research job “without explanation” and has initiated a second online “fund-me“ campaign to raise $100,000. 388 more words

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Abortionist Neuhaus fighting second license revocation

Remember the Kansas abortionist who over a period of seven years “rubber-stamped” post-viability abortions at the Wichita abortion clinic of the late George Tiller?

Ann Kristin (Kris) Neuhaus is her name and the Kansas Board of Healing Arts is… 476 more words

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Kansas med board revokes abortionist Neuhaus again

Late Friday, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts issued a final order of license revocation for abortionist Kris Neuhaus, calling her “incapable of successful rehabilitation.” 365 more words

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KS Med Board will rehear revocation of abortionist Neuhaus

Next Thursday, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts will have a hearing on their 2012 license revocation of abortionist Ann Kristin (Kris) Neuhaus.

They were ordered to review this case (translation: undo the revocation and issue a slap-on-the-wrist penalty) by Shawnee District Court Judge Franklin Theis, ruling on the appeal filed by Neuhaus. 471 more words

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Kansas City abortion clinic closes without warning

As confirmed by the Associated Press today, the Aid for Women (AFW) abortion clinic has closed abruptly, citing the retirement of its abortionist, Ronald Yeomans (age 73), as the reason. 767 more words

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State court dodges KS Med Board appeal of Neuhaus matter

A rotten district court ruling is too hot to handle and the proper court of review doesn’t want to deal with it. Guess why? The revoked medical licensee is an abortionist. 507 more words

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KS med Board to appeal Neuhaus license ruling

The Kansas State Healing Arts Board voted unanimously Friday evening to appeal the March 7 district court ruling overturning its July 2012 license revocation of former abortionist Ann Kristin (Kris) Neuhaus. 485 more words

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