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Mother's Day - Why I hate and avoid it as an emotional abuse survivor

I started to notice over the last month just how much society, especially via social media, gives out an extremely pressurizing message on mother and child relationships and how they are supposed to work. 588 more words

Emotional Abuse

The first step

It was just five days ago that, after over forty years, I finally felt in a position to acknowledge that I had been on the receiving end of emotional abuse from my mother. 382 more words

Emotional Abuse

Guest Post: Helene Leuschel on healing from abuse

How do you mend a broken heart? How do you recover after bad treatment, emotional neglect, the feeling of having wasted years of your precious life; hence, how do you start again after abuse? 1,549 more words



Resilience is that wonderful quality that allows us to continually bounce back after each rub, bump or fall. It’s that ability to be ok after going through something that hurts or disturbs our natural balance or order of things. 839 more words

Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Buried Treasure

Once upon a time in a hot, dry land lived a young girl with beautiful braids in her hair. These braids were neat, tight and straight.  940 more words

Acceptance & True Love

Today was a good day. I spent the day with my future in laws and then with friends at a baby shower.

Today after a very long time, I found myself reconnected with my true authentic self. 506 more words


My Writing Journey ....

I began with reading like everyone else. But since grade 1, I was the kid that had to come home and immediately do her homework, read the books assigned etc.

397 more words