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Taking Your Power Back by Debra Sutton

The traits-the honesty, the faithfulness, the true, as in one with morals. These traits were my own being mirrored back to me. It was all an illusion, a facade, a lie. 433 more words

Getting Rid of Spiritual & Religious Tyrants

We live in a wonderful time in history.  When we look at the news all seems bleak, those who are behind the news media like it that way, fear porn, carnage and misfortune to entice, a feeling of lack, hopelessness, warring political factions, low level corruption exposed, chaos, all peppered with tantalising ads and the occasional feel good story to have you believe they are good guys, touchy feely and they care … it just keeps coming from all directions… misinformation and nothing short of subliminal mind control. 1,501 more words


Stay Focused on the Dream - steps to rebuild your Self-Esteem after abuse, you are worth it!

I wrote this poem years ago and still read it daily to stay inspired and focused:

Dream Focused

Look at nothing else… 311 more words

Domestic Violence


If a person holds a grudge, how will they feel when they find a grudge is being held against them?

To be forgiving doesn’t mean that you forget.   100 more words

Abuse: As Close To Peace As I’ll Ever Be — Moments Of Healing Provided Through The Care Of Birds

I started to notice that when I visited home, many of my photographs had been removed. My family was so cold towards me. I started to ask why.

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War Against Abuse Begins with Awareness

Why did I write The Song of the Willow?

When I was five years old, living in Chicago’s Southside, a mother and her two children moved into a 2-room apartment near us. 566 more words


Me Too. Take Two.

I had a note from someone who read my Me Too post on Wednesday. She wrote to tell me that what I had written had brought her to her knees. 669 more words

Essential Journey