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Therapy Ends; Now What?

There was a time before I was diagnosed with PTSD that I didn’t need a therapist. I didn’t need support and a bevy of distress tolerance tools to help me get through endless hours of crisis. 576 more words


Why being assertive is so hard for the sexually abused

It’s hard to say ‘No’, in fact I can say ‘No’ but only a weak ‘No’ with a smile and a noticeable smallness that colours the tone of my voice. 893 more words


Quote 159 - Be Careful of your words

Be careful with your words. once they’re said, they can be only forgiven, not forgotten.

Psychological Abuse

A Metamorphosis of a Healing Journey

The topic of transformation, metamorphosis, growth, change, (insert whatever word works for your personal journey) has been front and center for me lately. I like to bring up the things that are hard to talk about. 446 more words


Breathe In, Breathe Out

Bitterness and rage boil

Underneath this layer we call:

Skin, a tangled web

Of emotions,

Mechanical pieces of a

Nuclear weapon ready for take off. 61 more words


The Big Picture

Once you really start to look into NPD you realize things are much deeper than you ever imagined. I joined a group that has really helped me see things more clearly.   719 more words