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My Writing Journey ....

I began with reading like everyone else. But since grade 1, I was the kid that had to come home and immediately do her homework, read the books assigned etc.

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Healing From Abuse

Guilt Trips

Do you have someone in your life who frequently manages to cause you to feel guilty? When with this person, is he/she constantly implying that you are uncaring, thoughtless, and selfish?  763 more words

Healing my relationship with men - Part One

Looking back, my interactions with men have all been shaped by two founding relationships; firstly, being sexually abused for many years of my childhood (age 4-12) and secondly, not being connected to my father. 546 more words

Emergence of a new me

A few months ago I underwent a deep healing that had a profound effect on me. Since then I have been blooming and blossoming into a new healed, whole, and balanced version of me. 1,349 more words

It's ok to feel good

I used to feel that when good things happened to me, it was by some universal accident and that the happiness would be snatched away just as quickly. 370 more words

Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Mama Bear

The thing with writing about my most personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences, is that people read them. And when those thoughts, feelings, and experiences involve other people- who read them- things can get interesting. 1,244 more words

Feeding the Hunger

After my therapy session yesterday, I took my son to see ‘Moana’ at the cinema. It was visually beautiful and emotionally moving in a very empowering way. 373 more words

Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse