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My journey of healing, has truly been a journey of healing my heart. It’s been a journey of finding things within that have caused me to reject love; ultimately, to reject myself. 1,516 more words


Healing Can Get Complicated

Inspired by a fellow blogger who was also sexually abused as a child, it was only recently that I realized a part of me longed for my older brother’s approval and acceptance, despite the fact he abused me. 1,296 more words

Energy Healing

Meditation: Jesus Holds All Things Together

As Kai’s one year birthday approached, overwhelming anxiety enveloped me. Well-meaning people had already severely damaged my soul in grief, so we decided to take a vacation away from everyone to remember Kai on his birthday. 567 more words

Boundaries and Respect

Today we talk about boundaries.

What are boundaries really?

People think they are one thing, but people as a whole really have no clue what they are. 534 more words

Healing From Abuse

So what's the message I'm trying to convey...

I’m preparing to give a presentation next week. I was hired to talk about living with PTSD. When I asked for what specific talking points they wanted me to cover they gave me three: How I became aware that I had PTSD, How I decided to write books about it, and How I’ve moved forward in my life with the PTSD. 447 more words


Letter to a Younger Self

My wish for you is that you soften with age.

You who wears your dark eyeliner and black clothing and chunky silver jewelry as armor, allowing it to be your protection against the world. 713 more words

Narcissistic Recovery

My Slow Path To Freedom

My freedom happened in stages.

  1. Emotionally. When I realized my marriage was over, we’d been together for 8 years. Our daughter was 5. By this time, he and I had what seemed like a gazillion “serious discussions” in which he never heard a word I said.
  2. 1,130 more words
Starting Over, Part I