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Day of Reckoning Part 2 of an Incest Survivor’s Journey to Healing

*This is a revisiting of the journey I took to ‘put the final nail’ in my abuser’s coffin…*


I figured today I would blog as I could, give you the range of my emotions.   373 more words


(Revisited) – The Final Nail in the Coffin (Part I of an Incest Survivor’s Journey)

Because we have finished REDEEMED and I left off with the discovery of the memories with my grandfather, I felt some you might be interested in reading about the journey I took to his memorial service and have my ‘voice’. 984 more words



I had a good meeting with my father and my boyfriend after one whole year. It felt amazing to be able to be myself and really enjoy his company and connect like we did when I still felt like his special daughter. 642 more words



I learnt today that being vulnerable and alone triggers old feelings of badness, that I have done something wrong, that I am small and helpless. That being alone means I am defective and strange. 212 more words

Adult Survivor Of Sexual Abuse

Abusive Relationships - Substandard Living Conditions

. Many cases of narcissistic abuse end up in the financial devastation of the victim. But long before the end of the relationship, some victims are living far below what is humane and healthy. 272 more words
Mental Illness

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones

The brain is a magical thing. It helps keep us alive. It helps animate this very body that I live in. And a swirl of chemicals within it controls a bazillion functions and feelings. 709 more words

The Voyage

Surrendering Self-Protection

As a child I took part in a lot of theatre and I absolutely loved it.  Surprisingly for someone who was generally pretty quiet, I was always a bit of a performer, as long as it involved music. 921 more words