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The Guilt of moving on after domestic violence

Funny how halfway through a new year motivates you to look at what you managed to do the year before.  I knew that I had not given this blog much attention over the last few years, but when I got the year in review and it show that I had posted 2 times, one of those being a poem that I posted yearly, I was a bit surprised.  996 more words

Domestic Violence

The Journey From Victim to Liver After Abuse

This is a guest post from Brittany Petersheim. She works with men and women to help them move past the survival stage after sexual abuse and start living again. 1,069 more words


The Empath and the Narcissist

I am going to post a copy and paste from another blog and I will put my remarks and comments IN CAPITAL LETTERS IN PURPLE  so you can differentiate between their writing and mine. 2,842 more words


How do you recognise emotional abuse?

One of the hardest things to recognise and understand as an untrained person is: what is emotional abuse?

Some similarities here to bullying, which has slowly come to be highlighted through public awareness campaigns over the last twenty years; emotional abuse is perceived as a relatively recent issue to be discussed. 2,142 more words

Emotional Abuse

When You Know Something is Wrong but You Don't Know What It is.

In my previous two posts that I wrote on the topic of toxic relationships I started off writing it in a chronological order on a series of events that that will eventually lead me up to where I am today and how I came to to the conclusion that our childhood experiences with our parents (particularly our Mother)  can influence who we choose and how we respond to our chosen mate.   1,199 more words


Is forgiveness necessary?

Many of us will remember as a child being told to say sorry, and mouthing the words with little understanding of what they meant. It is one of the first sets of rules we teach toddlers to help them navigate the world. 750 more words