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How I Know I am Healing

It’s been 15 months since I started this journey and things are slowly starting to shift.

Subtle but noticeable changes in my thought processes and actions are beginning to show themselves. 367 more words


Loving the Little One...

I have a confession.

Although I’ve loved sharing my journey of learning to discern God’s voice, and my passion for reaching my new friend Jeffrey with the truth of the gospel, I have also been avoiding. 1,129 more words


My Inner Tantrum: Secrets

As much as I’ve done a butt ton of healing around being controlled and molested by an older brother when we were young, there are still days when the Little Me inside is kicking and screaming and throwing a tantrum. 1,080 more words


Day of Reckoning (Part 2 of an Incest Survivor’s Journey to Healing)

*This is an revisiting of the journey I took to ‘put the final nail’ in my abuser’s coffin*

I figured today I would blog as I could, give you the range of my emotions.   373 more words


The Final Nail in the Coffin (Part I of an Incest Survivor’s Journey)

*As promised, the next few days I will revisit the journey I took to find some sort of healing in the wake of acknowledging what I’d been through with my grandfather and the abuse.* 979 more words


You'll "get over it". Really?

Some people may not realise that attachments endure and that some losses are so big and so painful that one can never get to a place where grief has ended. 

878 more words


Pre-Occupied: verb. A matter or subject dominate or engross the mind of someone to the exclusion of other thoughts. – google dictionary.

Attachment: theory. A deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another across time and space – simplypsychology.org… 964 more words

Healing From Abuse