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The girl that I was

The girl that I was had so much to say. My school reports had “talkative” and “disrupts other children in class” written on them. I had keen listening skills too and was nicknamed “Big Ears” for listening in on adult conversations. 185 more words

Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

I have learned and I am learning

  • I have learned that I am the source of my own happiness. People can be there; to listen and hold my hand through the hardest times, but really I am the creator of my own happiness.
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Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Bullied Animals: Meet "Dude" a Survivor of Dogfighting

Looking into the eyes of “Dude” as he rested his head in my lap Friday night I wondered how a dog who’s experienced horrible abuse have the ability to gaze lovingly and calmly at a human. 186 more words

Cara Zara

Time to Let Go

The rope is fraying;

One you have held onto for years,

That keeps you tied to the past

Therefore regretting everything

That happened to you from that point on. 330 more words


Day 1 Closing the Grave

Today marks the end of my mourning and I feel ready for it. At the start of this purposeful mourning period, I carried around the dead body of the marriage I once thought I had. 177 more words

Recovery And Healing

Self-Care for Survivors...

I’m honored to share these insightful and healing words, shared today at Truest Voice – a blog devoted to helping survivors of abuse share their sacred stories. 831 more words

Healing From Abuse

I am no less than you

The last few days have been good. I feel more fully present in the place that I am and things at work have settled. On Monday and Tuesday all our staff attended professional development sessions in another city and I noticed how much more confident I feel around the other staff members from different campuses. 185 more words

Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse