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A Healing Story: Food Addiction

Back in February of 2014 I did a handful hypnotherapy sessions, working with a local soul directed hypnotherapist. She beautifully combines her years as a therapist with her hypnosis training and spiritual background and has created a style of hypnosis that really works for me. 836 more words

Energy Healing

Remembering My Divinity

Three years ago, my parents had both died, the family house was emptied and sold, and my older brother was in the throes of executing both of our parents’ wills. 661 more words

The Voyage

Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?”

That is a cry that must be familiar to anyone who has been on a long journey with small children.  I remember my brother once asking that question fifteen minutes into a seven hour trip! 1,007 more words


Deactivating Life's Triggers

Over the course of about 3 years, I’ve been doing some very intense healing from a painful childhood. When you are holding on to old wounds, you will have triggers. 1,790 more words

Energy Healing

I Became The Walking Dead

Healing from abuse is a journey. Everyone who escapes abuse looks back on the road they traveled and, unless they have the support of a compassionate other to help them keep perspective, they often criticize themselves heavily for where they have been. 516 more words

Tamara Bess LMFT

Day of Reckoning Part 2 of an Incest Survivor’s Journey to Healing

*This is a revisiting of the journey I took to ‘put the final nail’ in my abuser’s coffin…*


I figured today I would blog as I could, give you the range of my emotions.   373 more words


(Revisited) – The Final Nail in the Coffin (Part I of an Incest Survivor’s Journey)

Because we have finished REDEEMED and I left off with the discovery of the memories with my grandfather, I felt some you might be interested in reading about the journey I took to his memorial service and have my ‘voice’. 984 more words