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I Fell Silent

So often I would fall completely silent in his rage. His rage that never made any sense to me i.e. I would want to talk about the fact that we had not had any date nights, and maybe we could try to have more. 736 more words

Emotional Abuse

Looking after those who hurt me

With my previous counsellor, we discussed the need that I have to look after those who are outwardly cruel to me. How in the aftermath of their cruelty, I put myself aside and feel sorry for them. 762 more words

Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse


Some days you just ask yourself why over and over. Why are things this way? Why didn’t I make better choices? Why me?

I can’t help but wonder what I did to deserve being treated this way. 769 more words

Emotional Abuse

Mother's Day - How to avoid and cope with it as a survivor of emotional abuse

Having decided on keeping a no contact policy with my mother in 2016: it meant that for 2017 there would be no Mothering Sunday expedition. I thought that would be quite easy. 764 more words

Emotional Abuse

Where to Begin

Over a year ago our marriage counselor gave me a few materials to read. She told me she believed I was experiencing narcissistic abuse from my husband who she has diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder.   777 more words

Emotional Abuse

Breathe out love

Breathe in peace. Breathe out love. A simple mantra, but one that has calmed me when anxiety sets in, when energies out of my control decent on me, and when sleep is disrupted by thoughts only my subconscious mind can begin to understand. 643 more words

Domestic Violence

Quote 153 - Adult trauma bonds

People who fall into adult trauma bonds seek to the rescued from their painful childhood.

They crave validation from others in an attempt to escape the shame that defines them.

Dysfunctional Family