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The Courage to Speak the Truth

About seven years ago I made a commitment to myself that I wanted to live not just survive. (my personal legend)  I knew the difference between the two, as I’m sure most people have their own meaning of what  surviving vs. 566 more words


Two Words That Change It All

I watched a documentary this week about the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse in the UK.  It was informative and sensitively handled and I am pleased that awareness was being raised.   818 more words


Pausing for Thanks and Self Compassion

Holidays can be a difficult time for many people. Not everyone is surrounded by the large wonderful families that are  superimposed on us in the media. 126 more words

Complex PTSD

Choices - One of the best and most frustrating lessons I keep learning!

I think one of the best and frustrating lessons that have unfolded from my journey of healing is that I learned I can make choices. Seems like a no-brainer, right?   572 more words

Complex PTSD

to all of my exes... | 30 day challenge

(lol remember the 30 day challenge? Me neither)

Things you’d say to an ex. And in my case, this would really apply to 95% of my exes. 614 more words

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My feelings on the word "Forgiveness"

My caveat: I understand that we all have our own histories and beliefs. These are my feelings towards the word forgiveness and not meant to sway anyone’s way of dealing with their abusers or their belief system. 488 more words

Complex PTSD

If I Could Paint a Picture

Six years ago my repressed past began erupting to the surface. My mind felt like a war zone. If I had painted a picture of it, the buildings would have been in rubble with broken rock everywhere, blocking the streets as if a bomb had gone off. 330 more words

Complex PTSD