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Visit me at my new blog!

Hi all. I have taken a considerable break from blogging, but am starting up again. This blog – Not Over It – is up for a short time as a chronicle of the phase of my life that I call “The Devastation.” I am not over it – lol – but I do need to make a commitment to moving forward and away from dwelling daily in the darkness of The Devastation. 123 more words


I'm home

Greetings, everyone! My best to you all. I have been cheered and touched by the comments you’ve written while I was gone. I had a few moments here and there where I could get online and I read everyone’s comments. 677 more words


Out sick... again?

I’ve brought back one of my favorite pictures – this sweet little Asian girl – to tell you that I’m sick… AGAIN. This time it’s a doozie. 132 more words

My Journey

Again, thank you.

I said a big thank you on this blog’s second anniversary, and now I thank you again.  It gives me added strength to stand taller and think more clearly when I have such a wonderful bunch of people surrounding me with a positive force — a force so powerful that I can feel it through all your words. 200 more words


Vday afterthoughts

Paula and Flacamama posted comments on my Valentine’s Day post, and I was going to answer them there, but it’s so long I decided to turn it into a post.  641 more words


Valentine's Day is not just for romantic love

Valentine’s Day is not just for romantic love. This idea today is largely media and marketing hype. I send greetings and little gifts to many friends and family, and to all my students, too… that’s the whole school. 598 more words


Starting into another round of counseling

Teresa and I are both more than two years out from the discovery of our husbands’ affairs. We are both starting into new counseling. I am about to start and Teresa has gone through two sessions. 783 more words