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Sometimes, especially when I don’t feel strong, I feel like I’m falling. Falling into nothingness. I feel like I’m falling and hoping that someone, perhaps a knight in shining armor on a big steed, will catch me and carry me away to safety. 740 more words

Energy Healing


As I’ve been on a spiritual healing path for the past five years, my primary goal has always been to feel better, physically and emotionally. That’s it in a nutshell. 1,028 more words

Energy Healing

Deactivating Life's Triggers

Over the course of about 3 years, I’ve been doing some very intense healing from a painful childhood. When you are holding on to old wounds, you will have triggers. 1,790 more words

Energy Healing

Metamorphosis: Early Stages

After soooo many, many years of hiding, deep, of functioning but not living.  And then after soooo many, many months of hibernation, attending only to the rattling within.  627 more words


Mother Wound

The mother wound is such a primal wound.  It severely affects how we see ourselves, how we allow others to treat us and fundamentally who we believe we are and can be. 

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You are Important, As Is

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My thoughts have been percolating since I wrote my previous post and some things have come to light, which is usually the way things go.  849 more words