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Old Debts

Dust and dirt always collect in the corners of our homes – in the hard to reach places. This can happen internally as well, where we cover over an issue and leave it in the darkness. 683 more words

Awakening To A Spiritual Life

Out of Position

Subtlety, generally, is not the domain of the brain. Yet it is at very subtle levels that we connect to the flow of life, and then become able to sense when we stray from it. 753 more words

Inner / Outer

The Other Way Around

Life happens from the inside out. To look around us, it may not seem that way because so many people are obsessed with what possessions they can surround themselves with, thinking: if I have that thing, I’ll be cool. 814 more words

Inner / Outer

Inner Turbulence

We all have some inner trauma – sometimes we understand what it is, other times it lurks in the background and we’re never sure when it’s at play. 1,369 more words

Audio Posts

A Team Effort

Humans are not single-natured. We have the mind, the emotions, the natural instincts, the senses, intuition, memories and more all playing a role in our moment by moment journey. 948 more words

Inner / Outer

Tarnishing the Message

It’s not uncommon to find ourselves in a situation where another person simply cannot hear what we are saying because their personal view, or their emotions, prevent them from the perception. 1,901 more words

Inner / Outer

A Domain of Light

When we think about the Big Bang, the idea is often an explosion of light, after which the realms of matter – stars, suns, planets, moons – began to form. 1,209 more words

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