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Setbacks can be circumstantial, or a part of a recovery process. When we experience setbacks in our circumstances we can become frustrated. As an example we may be traveling well in our finances satisfied that our savings are on the increase as opposed to decreasing. 987 more words


Where-ever you are in your healing process, “you need a framework of physical and emotional safety in order to progress in your recovery, because child abuse — at its core — is about being and feeling unsafe.

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Healing Process


Kasia and I are having hard times missing our Zush.

Above is a shot of Zushie’s bed. I would always give Kasia hell, telling her it’s her sister’s bed, she doesn’t feel well, and she has her own bed she should use. 137 more words


When Worlds Collide

I cannot count the years I fought.

To get away from you.

And, as I reach for that always distant pen…

I cannot bring myself to describe the where, the when. 41 more words


The Pearl: The Healing Process-Managing the Emotions

The purpose of the healing process is to heal and move on to a happy life and not to get stuck. As you go through the healing process there are healthy ways to ensure to cope properly.  769 more words

The Healing Process

I Am He who Comforts You

The first time I was molested, was at the age of five. The second time, I was six years old. Both incidents were extremely traumatizing and frightening and each involved a different perpetrator. 633 more words

If you are working on your recovery/ healing from abuse/ trauma, you are:

  1. Courageous
  2. Brave
  3. Honest
  4. Kind
  5. Aware
  6. Imaginative
  7. Free in Spirit
  8. Unique
  9. Patient
  10. Empathetic…
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Healing Process