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Pt 1: Dry Bones

Happy Day of Pentecost!

I can imagine this occasion to have had beautiful skies just like this picture from NYC! The day of Pentecost is the time from Acts 2 which as promised by Jesus, the disciples received the outpouring of the Spirit of God – where they started speaking in different tongues and fulfilled an age old prophecy from the Scripture below: 1,846 more words


He Changed Your Name!

Sweetheart, honey, darlin’, love. That man is not your husband, he’s not sent from God above. I know he’s looking good, and his cologne, it smells good too; but if he gets you pregnant, you won’t know what you’re gonna do. 156 more words


Over the past few months, I’ve been itchy to stop taking antibiotics. The itch was both literal and figurative. One can take antibiotics for only so long before the gut microbiome gets out of whack and itching in the diaper zone begins. 1,743 more words

Healing Process

Iridology and nutrition, Iridology analysis as an indicator of a successful healing process


The holistic model of medicine can not be imagined without iridology and nutrition. In fact, iridology and nutrition are closely related and complementary.

When the iridological analysis reveals an inherent weakness in the digestive system or a toxicity in the organs of elimination, it means precisely that the nutrition of the body suffers. 394 more words

Healing Process

Judging Judgement

Fear of being judged.  This is a fear I am out-growing.  In fact, I’ve almost completely out-grown it, but I still remember the pain of some early experiences of being (what felt to me) condemned, and the anxiety of pending critiques by others. 875 more words

Healing Process

Women are Horny..

Conventional wisdom says that women hit their sexual peak in their 30s, and there are several studies that state that. Whether this is true or not is beyond me. 254 more words


Thee Scripture Leads the Way

As I exited Central Park- February 8th, I couldn’t help but ponder what was the significance of the vision 🤔. How did I know this vision was a revelation is due to its symbolism and the tranquil feeling it brought to me. 872 more words