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Called Me Higher

Every day, there are choices to be made. Today, I still choose God. 331 more words

Healing Process

Walking on Water

I consider myself a relatively happy, hopeful, and emotionally stable person who understands that God provides the strength and courage when I cannot. Hope was always keeping me together – it still does. 983 more words

Healing Process

The Blessing of Marriage

Originally written November 28, 2015…

Tomorrow, the 29th of November, would have been our 6th year wedding anniversary. To commemorate this special day, I want to share some thoughts on the union of marriage and what I have learned from my marriage to Kou. 876 more words

Healing Process

Getting Through This

Originally written October 7, 2015…

God created our bodies to have natural weapons of defense such as the immune system. It fights off anything foreign that may potentially harm us. 829 more words

Healing Process


Originally written October 1, 2015…

Having lost my husband recently, I have been comforted by many – family, friends, old friends, family I didn’t know I had, and even strangers. 842 more words

Healing Process

Flux and FLUOX

I’ve been feeling very urgent since the weekend. I’m so tired of coiling. I just wanted to stop. I forced myself to continue until today, when the Alfons Ven Lyme Package arrived. 851 more words


The Secret to Getting Better

I have been trying to figure out how to explain how I “got better” in multiple spheres of my life as I have been asked on multiple occasions.   1,283 more words