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Tipping Point

As I’ve battled each of the chronic infections with the coil machine, I’ve reached a point when the herxes start to diminish. Usually, at that point, I coil more per session or more frequently (from once per week to once each three days, or from once per day to twice or thrice per day). 2,070 more words


Trying to Erase What You Did

On your part, and mine too!

Trying to erase what you did, because you couldn’t, live with the fact, that you’d, caused so much damages, to someone you were supposed to love, and so, your mind created this “safe place”, where the tricks of your mind took place. 180 more words


When Someone You Love Dies

A part of you died with them too, didn’t it???  When someone you love dies, especially, all of a sudden, and, you were, unprepared for that loved one’s demise, you start to question: why! 277 more words


[Video] "You Look Fine!" Pt. 2 - What's Next?

Survivors & Caregivers: examples of responses to “You Look Fine”
Friends & Families: examples of what to say instead of “You Look Fine”

What are your ideas? 8 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

What NOT To Say To Someone With A Brain Injury...and how to respond.

I have heard nearly every single one of these in the last 7 years since my TBI, and each one of them does the same thing: on the surface, the remark seems harmless, and sometimes even like a compliment! 400 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

[Video] "You Look Fine!" - The Real-Life Struggle of an Invisible Injury - TBI Awareness

The real-life experience of a brain injured person explained in simple terms. They may “Look Fine”, but don’t feel, act, or think “fine”!

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month! 10 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury


I have fallen
Was I pushed or did I jump?
Losing control in the dramatic plummet
Flailing about from the momentum
Such great force controlling my every move… 215 more words


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Tripping and Falling, and, Acknowleging it...the very first step to starting to heal...