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There Are Issues In Your Tissues

I want to share an article with everyone. It is FANTASTIC! I experience this “somatoemotional release” regularly and this article does an amazing job explaining what’s going on. 222 more words

Here's What Crystal You Need, Based On What You Want To Manifest In Your Life This Year

Crystals have been used in traditional healing practices for centuries. Though they are no substitute for actual medicine, a lot of people swear by them…
925 more words

Leaving the girl behind

I have been craving silence for a few days. I needed both the time and space to get through a process of reliving childhood memories and to look at family patterns in an absolutely honest way. 739 more words


Don't Let Me Down.

It is funny how opposites attract. Really. They do. Often my  friends that I get along with most are the opposite of who I am. That was who Sean was. 308 more words


Hurry up and look cute…

Hurry up and heal…

Hurry up and post cute pics

Hurry up and show the world that I look good and am okay… (Shannon Evette) 52 more words

Dealing With Your Issues

Yang Terjadi di Tahun Ini dan Yang Akan Dikejar di Tahun Depan

Tahun ini merupakan tahun yang paling berat bagi saya. Di tahun ini juga saya belajar banyak hal. Termasuk belajar beradaptasi dengan cepat terhadap berbagai perubahan yang terjadi di hidup saya selama setahun terakhir. 1,349 more words

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