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Healing Process

Sudah sebulan berlalu pasca kecelakaan tunggal itu terjadi dan Abang pergi untuk selamanya. Sudah sebulan juga, blog ini kosong tanpa ada update cerita baru. 1,085 more words

Life Story

The Process


This process isn’t the easiest to do, but in order to progress, to move forward and be satisfied with one self, it’s kind of what needs to happen in order to live entirely. 409 more words

I noticed the gulp in my throat when I was around 8. I think I felt a lot of things you just shouldn’t when you’re in elementary school. 327 more words

Breathwork and Healing

It feels really weird, for lack of a better word, to write about trauma in such a personal way.  I prefer to write about it from the bird’s eye perspective.   759 more words


Character Deaths

A character death can be a very upsetting time for any member of the any fandom, and can be hard to cope with. Here are some easy steps to follow, which will hopefully help to ease your pain: 353 more words

Character Death

Inner conflicts.

Two words. Just two words. But it branches out into so much more. Careful dissection of these words is required to ensure each conflicts are compartmentalized for better understanding of the confusion within. 544 more words

EMDR in Real Time

With all this talk about EMDR, I have been asked, “Yeah, but what is it? What do you do exactly?”

That’s a question I would ask.   1,060 more words