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Imposter Syndrome in Trauma Survivors

Here’s a story.  I’m sharing it because it might elucidate something for you.  I’ll open with a question.

Have you ever felt something like a fear of discovery? 1,413 more words


Love, unabridged.

Tonight, there is a place in my heart that is grieved sore with the pangs of anticipated emptiness that has come to full fruition. Love left it some years ago, and healing and restoration settled in where life left a void. 422 more words

More Than a Decision

Patience is not one of my virtues! There were many days when I wondered why I wasn’t over it, yet. Why couldn’t I get over my husband’s betrayal and just move on?   811 more words

The Healing Journey

I recently came across this blog post that I wrote three years ago. It was before I started working through my childhood trauma and now my family’s current traumatic event. 867 more words


Writing is no stranger to therapy as stated by American Psychological Association . In the world of technology evolving, human highly exposed to stress condition. One of very effective way to release our stress is by writing what we think, read what we say.

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As long as it takes..

If you are on the path of personal growth and spiritual awakening you may be feeling frustrated to find that with all the work you have done, you find yourself still stuck in one way or another, and unravelling more stuff that you thought you have cleared many times over.. 416 more words