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Self-Care is Essential and Surprisingly Encouraging

Since I’ve made the decision to renew a more conscious, deliberate, focused endeavor to address and prioritize my own healing process, particularly healing from sexual abuse, I have found that I also have more hope, interest, and motivation to take steps towards tending my physical health as well.   165 more words

Healing Process

When You Find It, Again.

When you find it
It’ll sound very similar,
But look completely unrecognizable.

You’ll feel what you’ve felt
But the feelings will land
In a place they’ve never landed before… 25 more words


Give as much commitment to healing as you did to surviving for the last ten or fifteen years.

~ Survivor Quote from The Courage To Heal by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, page 7

Healing Process

You're silent for a reason!

God says, “I kept you silent for a reason, to help those with hurting hearts convey their pain and suffering.” There will be times when you just don’t know what to say to someone that’s going through the valley. 29 more words

God Says

I am a Survivor

I was a victim of abuse, but I have survived.  I am now a survivor, and I am working to thrive.  In The Courage To Heal Workbook Introduction (page 3), Laura Davis writes about the importance of language and what we call ourselves.  676 more words

Healing Process

Gentle Grace: Finding Focus

I’m doing two things to directly help myself progress in healing:

  1. I’ve found a pal to companion each other while we work through The Courage to Heal…
  2. 367 more words
Healing Process

I can't be silent any longer.

There is so much in the news these days about sexual abuse against children and youth.  Every time I see or hear one of these stories my body goes into excruciating tension and my stomach hurts violently.  1,091 more words

Healing Process