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The Voice Inside My Head (and Yours!)

How strong is that little voice inside your head?

You know, that little voice that always tells you, “You’re not ____ enough.”

Fill in the blank with pretty, smart, strong, thin, wealthy…..the list is extensive. 913 more words

Finishing that thought

Yesterday, I had to stop using the computer because it was making a migraine worse. By some magic (and a head massage from my husband) I woke up this morning with no pain in my head. 1,288 more words


Behind The Sign: "We Can Do It!" - Denise's Story

Brain Injury Survivor Denise shares her story of learning how to live as the “new Denise” after being bit by a mosquito carrying the Eastern equine encephalitis virus (AKA Triple E), which causes swelling to the brain. 50 more words

Brain Injury

Behind The Sign: "Love The New You" - Monica's Story

TBI Survivor Monica explains the story behind her sign, “Love The New You”. She was in a car accident in 2008 and suffered a mild traumatic brain injury – everything in her life changed and she had to start over. 56 more words

Brain Injury

Up & Down & Up & Down & Up Again

The past two weeks have been full. We had a fumigator come to tent our house and kill termites. This required us to move our food (at a minimum) and a lot of other stuff (because I am so sensitive to chemical irritants) out of the house. 1,417 more words

Healing Process

You Can Give Up if You Want to...

You can give up if you want to, baby, I know it’s been hard, you’re a fighter, I know, but, I don’t want to see you fight anymore, because we’re fighting a war, with absolutely NO chance of us, winning it! 218 more words


Last Night I Railed At God.

Have you ever thrown the f-bomb at God? I have. Fueled by sleep deprivation and PMS, I unleashed some seriously foul word-vomit and spewed it in His general direction last night. 483 more words