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Scars of Love

“In a daring attempt, Dr. J.Mark Pool left his very important dinner in order to save his daugther’s life.” This account by my son –  perhaps a bit exaggerated – was about one of three trips to the hospital this week with our children. 610 more words

Life Lessons

Is there something wrong with me??

So two weeks ago, I did something that I do not encourage any single female to do…I looked up my ex’s. And to be honest, what I found did nothing but make me feel a little crap. 852 more words


[Video] "Thinking Makes Me Tired!" - Cognitive Fatigue

Yup, this is a REAL THING… Getting physically tired without even moving a muscle! Just from thinking! Let’s talk about Cognitive Fatigue!

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Brain Injury

Thankful for Cancer, Teaching Me to Take Life Slower

Instead of asking WHY me, this woman found another, more positive way, of dealing with her diagnosis, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The wife of the mayor of the city of Taipei, also a well-known pediatrician at Taipei United Hospital, Chen, with the nickname of “Hard-Ass Wife”.   715 more words


The Healing Properties of Reading, Between a Husband & a Wife


Since I was growing up, I’d disliked reading, but, I’d married a husband who loved it.  He’d often told me, “Read more, through books, you can, increase your knowledge on the inside.”  Even so, I’d still treated his words of advice as wind through my ears. 336 more words


Interview with a Juicer: "Fresh From the Farm Juice" Explains How Juicing Can Connect a Community.

Juicing has gained a lot of popularity over the last five or so years.  Cafes featuring freshly squeezed or pressed juice, however, this is not a new thing.  4,090 more words

Healthy Meals

This Stillborn Child I'd Carried, for So Long

This stillborn child, I’d carried, for so long, I’m thinkin’, that maybe, it’s time, that I’d, let her go, but, how can I?  When I keep thinkin’ ‘bout how old she should be right now, versus how DEAD she actually is! 253 more words