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To heal a wound you need to stop touching it

Recover isn’t a day of rest in bed and it isn’t three days off work. Recovery isn’t learning to smile and it isn’t interacting with other human beings. 191 more words

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Vken Healing Series

The beautiful part of MXB products … They target the foundation of body’s well being.

Socks and other wearables target the health of our blood. With healthy blood, distribution of oxygen , nutrients are properly spread in our body. 118 more words

Blood Circulation

A matter of choice - BPD and self-worth

People come to therapy with a variety of issues, and with their own individual goals. But whatever the particular difficulty, at the heart of therapy there are often twin tasks: to reveal the ways in which we really think about ourselves; and to ‘make up for’ what has been missing. 1,364 more words


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I am posting another "Reblog" from the same blog, "Life in a Bind - BPD and Me", as this post really gets at one of the fundamental aspects of therapy: self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is not simple, as it involves accepting the part or parts of yourself that refuse to accept you. In other words, in order to learn to love yourself, you may need to love the parts of you that hate you and berate you, that try to convince you that you are worthless...

The Tribute

I had the most wonderful experience this morning – one that made me feel both lucky and privileged. I met with a new client – a very recent widower. 743 more words


After the second package

The night before last, I took the last dose (#28) of my second package of the Alfons Ven CHIM remedy. Yet again, I feel like this treatment is a wild ride. 1,148 more words

Healing Process

Getting Over It

Realizing that “getting over it” does not equate to suppressing your emotions. Truly letting go of what you cannot change requires allowing yourself to feel those emotions, letting them flow, uninhibitedly, in order to be at be peace and accept what is. 10 more words


Women & Love: Reconciling the heart & mind after a heartbreak

As children, we are taught that when something hurts you, to not do it again ~ touch a hot stove, you’ll burn, right? Could that lesson be following us into our adult lives in a very negative manner? 343 more words