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It’s All Good

I first heard the expression “It’s All Good” about ten years ago. I had just been seduced by a younger lover, who wanted to blame me for a delightfully fun sexual adventure. 1,238 more words

Family Patterns

Questions to consider when approaching healing of male sexual abuse

Often times when coaching male survivors of sexual abuse, I find it necessary to ask some simple awareness questions to encourage a dialogue that begins to open the heart and mind. 249 more words

What's wrong with expressing my feelings?

Repressed feelings can make us sick, emotionally and physically. Expressing our feelings in creative ways can transform the process and lead us from dis-ease to balance. 1,288 more words

Family Patterns

Breaking Out of the Closet: Healing Childhood Abuse

New Perspectives
Little did I know when I wrote the last post, “Living Beyond Old Perspectives,” what was in store for me as I tried to elaborate on the question, “Can you allow yourself to be well?” Unbeknownst to me I was describing small side dishes when the whole smorgasbord of my wellness was awaiting my discovery. 1,904 more words

Human Rescue

Fragmentation After Parental Abuse - Healing the Infant That Was Abused

One of the problems children, infants, and teens go through when abused by a parent is a fragmentation of personality or the creation of various “alters” or alternative personalities. 310 more words

Understanding The Dynamics Of Abuse

The Sexual Healing Journey

Recently I have been reading a great book called The Sexual Healing Journey by Wendy Maltz. Recently, and also in the past, I have gotten these waves of people reaching out to me with the desire to clear and cleanse alot of sexual abuse or inability to really enjoy themselves sexually. 713 more words