Tags » Healing Your Heart

Light of Day

I see the light,

the light of day,

morning tendrils seeking,

waking up the grass.

Birds are singing,

giving us a pass,

to begin this way. 85 more words


The North winds blows my soul

across the milky way,

gently escorting my dreams…

Time before,

and time now,

where does it go,

how can I know? 143 more words

Keep the Faith

Heal my heart,

cleanse my soul,

return me to the days of old.

Being, caring, running free,

joy as┬ápart of our history…

gazing on the ink black sea, 107 more words


Raindrops falling

through the night,

gently as my soul

takes flight,

towards the moon

held by Venus on high,

where does this dream lead,

into the sky? 54 more words


Under a canopy of velvet green,

floating sweetly sight unseen,

as within and between,

the realms…

of existence.

Calmly, briefly, peacefully…

here with blessings,

showered with love, 83 more words

Soul Song

Intense emotion cutting through

like a knife in my heart,

missing the synergy of

an ageless art,

knowing the loss

yet moving apart,

lifetimes gone. 35 more words


I heard the North wind,

whistling my name,

calling calling,

until I came,

to help the bear the burden

of those in pain.

Onward to the flow, 111 more words