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Lifestyle: Changes Your Body Undergoes When Heartbroken

Four weeks later, and I am still experiencing sadness over the early-passing of a beloved family pet. What sucks the most is that I wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, wondering if there was more any of us could have done to prevent it. 495 more words

Inspirational Women Over 40


A lifetime ago, I chose between two potentially good men.  Not only did I choose between two very different men, it was also a choice of where I was to live, what language would be predominate in my home (if the relationship evolved into marriage) and the trajectory my life would take in the future. 465 more words

Finding Happiness At 50

Shedding The Narcissist

When it comes to my brother and my Ex and his family, I’m stumped.  I’m an even keeled person for the most part.  When I say I love you, I mean I love you all the time.  959 more words

Finding Happiness At 50

You Can't Protect Yourself From Heartache

You can’t protect yourself from heartache.  It’s just not possible for most of us.  We can try to do everything right.  We can love with our whole hearts.  229 more words

Finding Happiness At 50