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Clarity like beauty, ignites a passion

in my heart.

A new obsession has begun- to start

lighting a fire in my soul,

from whence come the origins… 169 more words

The Nature of the Beast

I feel the nature of the beast coming to cleave

the least of me, my human body.

Therein I dwell until my spirit ascends from its portal… 80 more words

The Light Remains

The cold wind blows

my soul to the other side

of life…

I reach for the meaning

and long for the connection of old.

My life, my loves, my world… 92 more words


Here on earth

we sit and think

not to see the many possibilities that lie

beyond our consciousness…

Where in other realms time passes in just the blink… 84 more words

How healing a rift can open your heart

I love the quote, “Where fear has blocked me, let love release me”. I don’t think anything blocks a person more than having a rift or broken friendship with another person. 402 more words

Attitude & Outlook

And Featured for this week is...


A manual for the life within….it’s always been there, just waiting for you!

Sorry I have been one day late to post the New Featured for this week. 179 more words


For the Wild Ones

To find that overrun road
right by the blossoming pear trees
shoes will be of no use to you, my lovely one.
I’m afraid anything you might carry with you… 157 more words