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Lord, I Need You

This is day 27 of 31 Days of Songs and Stories.  For an index of all the posts in the series, click here

Today I’m pleased to feature a guest post from… 708 more words

Small Reminders #2

‘Distraught’ is a good descriptor for how I occasionally feel around my niece.  She turned three recently and is an amazing little creature; intelligent, feisty, and adorable. 210 more words


5 Reasons why you should take care of your feet

Do you give your feet enough attention? Or do you just think of them when you buy new shoes or when they hurt? There are many reasons why you should take good care of your feet. 740 more words

Workout and Word of the Day: #74

Today was a decent day, but by the later evening I started to feel down…  Maybe it was the rain…  Or maybe it was the fact that I knew that I faltered on my clean eating…  Oh well, I know that I can always try again tomorrow :). 135 more words

Big Heroes (in little bodies)

Thanks Mary Jane and Herb for bringing the following video to my attention. I find the boy in this story an incredible inspiration. This is what I mean by real love – a selfless act from one heart to another. 46 more words

Food and Thoughts: 10.27.2016

I went to the doctor for my yearly physical this week. Last year I went to my annual physical, and I asked to speak to a nutritionist or someone that I could talk to me about going on a diet or changing the way I eat. 347 more words


Very Human Podcast(19) - Sensory Deprivation, Do It!

I am sharing this with everyone because it’s something I plan on trying some time soon. I really feel It will add to my meditation and be a form of not only deep stress release, but a way to re-charge my batteries so to speak. 45 more words

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