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Laughing While Holding Up My Shield

I got a good laugh this morning and just wanted to write it down here, since it wiped out the anger I felt yesterday evening! Who knew that I would have this much fun protecting myself! 621 more words


Wie die anderen-like the others

A documentary film by Constatin Wulff
Austria 2015.
Showing the daily routine of an Austrian children and youth psychiatric clinic.
“I have the impression that psychological illnesses stigmatise because there is a lack of impressions of the others.”says the Austrian film maker Constatin Wuff who had spent a year an a half in a psychiatric clinic in Tulin sharing the lives of patients and doctors just as an observer. 1,303 more words


Seek beauty

It’s snowing. Wet heavy watery snow. The oracle said ‘seek beauty’… so that’s what I did. Beauty in watercolors blendig and flowing on the pages. I feel at peace with the world. All is good…

Mixed Media

The gifts of the Spirit: healing and other miracles

When people talk about spiritual gifts, these are the ones we immediately think of – even though they are not the commonest nor even necessarily the most important. 341 more words

In Depth

Turn Away; Move On

hear me


heed my


listen well:

the time

has come

for farewells

to everything

to everyone


hear me


i am

breaking… 73 more words


Rage and Constructive Destruction

Every now and then I fantasize about a certain superpower. These fantasies start whenever I hit a certain level of righteous fury, usually after I’ve read several articles and had conversations about politics, violence, misogyny, oppression, manipulation, wealth inequality, rape culture, environmental and human rights atrocities, etc. 845 more words

Personal Growth

February 13, 2016

by: Katrina Hood


As we begin I invite you to close your eyes. Take a moment to relax and ask the Holy Spirit to come into your heart. 565 more words