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Some Much Needed Truth

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That is how this whole thing started, really. They kept telling me over and over, “ 582 more words

Wicca, Hecate, and Healing

It’s amazing how messages keep affirming, reaffirming, and building upon themselves.

I’m currently working out of a book called “Hands of light; a guide to healing through the human energy field.” One of the messages it talked about what receiving messages for healing, and the only way for that to happen is to connect with our inner child. 300 more words


Breaking a Stone Heart

I was speaking with a friend today about someone important to her that had a near-death experience.  It brought to mind an event that I hadn’t thought of in years. 725 more words

Surga (Juga) Ada di Rumah

Beberapa saat yang lalu saya sempat kebingungan. Selama enam tahun belakangan kehidupan saya dipenuhi dengan kesibukan. Ya, sibuk menjadi seorang aktivis kampus. Kerjaannya tiap hari bolak-balik kampus. 671 more words

No More Stepmonsters

Last week Z said to me

I have two mamas

I couldn’t believe she said that and I said so

Then I did a lot of thinking through the week… 207 more words


Day 818

The Tale of the Reed Flute by Rumi

Listen to the reed flute and its tale.

Complaining of separation:

Since they cut me off from the bed of reeds… 81 more words

Soul Retrieval Certification!

This past weekend (Jan 13-16), Glasreo and I attended a Soul Retrieval Certification workshop, taught by Monika Healing Coyote, in the neoshamanic healing tradition of Sandra Ingerman and Gryphon’s Grove. 1,878 more words