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I Still Have Plans for you

The last three months have been challenging in our household. 

It is my sincerest hope that clincher is also the greatest understatement of my lifetime! And yet, God’s Will be Done unto me. 1,815 more words


When Truth Arrives

My childhood wasn’t all bad there were good times mixed in.  Like when my dad would take my brother, sister and I for a walk to the park.  927 more words

Day Zero

How many of us abuse this mantra? Tomorrow.

We tell ourselves repeatedly, over and over again, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” or, “Tomorrow will be different,” or, “There’s always tomorrow,” or, “Tomorrow I’ll start.” You get the idea. 337 more words


Follow-Up Appointment #3

Thursday, October 18th, 2018: a day I had been looking forward to since my last appointment 3 weeks ago. THEE DAY. I was hoping I would be able to start phase 2 of my meal plan which includes some fruits, legumes, brown rice, and a few other items that are off limits in phase 1…most importantly RED WINE :P kidding. 477 more words


Baby Steps: He Protects Me

The Basement

In my next session, I went into the basement where the worst memories and deepest hurts were hidden.

I sat for a moment and opened that file. 585 more words

Rebuilding Connections with Ourselves and Others

Pushing and pulling, we move through life. Resisting and stopping, we stagnate and can die inside. We are human beings, yet all of this action means we are constantly doing and disconnecting. 191 more words


Graduation day

After 6 weeks of hard work and dedication, the girl and her dog graduated from obedience school. This dog has been the best thing my girl could have in her life these last few months.