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Changing the Rules

In the real world, obedience was pounded into our butts; discipline nailed each to the cross of his own days. I fought so hard to shut up and buckle under, but couldn’t confine myself to this tiny, hurting world that everyone else lived in. 259 more words

Jesus Showed Up

Recently, I was able to spend a weekend at the beach for my daughter’s soccer tournament. It was great to just get away and spend time with my kids. 625 more words

Are Family "Peacekeepers" doomed?

I was reading a couple of my posts from last year, the ones that go into detail about the separations in my family. In one post, I explained how I used to be the peacekeeper in my family. 509 more words


Don't want to scratch? Meditate...

Don’t want to eat?  Meditate…

Don’t want to drink?  Meditate…

Don’t want to stress out?  Meditate…

Want to align your chakras?  Mediate…

It’s my absolute favorite thing to do now!  61 more words


Jesus is greater than BPD.

I am 6 months free from self-harm. Yep. 6. Whole. Months. Half a year. Half way to being a whole year clean.

Never ever did I think that it would be possible for me to actually quit and stay clean from self-harm for this length of time – indeed, now I’m at this point, it is a miracle, especially after my long struggle (ten years) with addiction. 621 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder


That day in 1942 was different for me.  At least different in the way I remember myself.  I did not play outdoors often.  I wouldn’t remember this outdoor activity except that it is sealed in my memory by my scar.   235 more words