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Round Two

Very few people know all of the details behind the exact motives for my move to Alaska. However, regardless of the reasons behind the first move, I’m ecstatic to be able to tell you all that I’ll be extending my trip and heading towards Colorado once this first season is over! 125 more words

Energy Healing Treatments

Reiki is “Universal Life Force Energy”.  Similar to physical massage, it is important to have regular treatments.  You are fully clothed when undergoing Reiki treatments which are provided by the practitioner gently placing their hands on certain parts of your body and channelling the “Universal Life Force Energy” into your body at this points. 66 more words

Believe in Your Power

No one chooses to be abused. No one chooses to be bullied or harmed. No one chooses to be present for—or part of—a traumatic event. Many of us experience things in our lives that are beyond our power to prevent or change. 247 more words

River Flow Healing

The Power of Music 

The Power of Beyoncé. No words required.


Blog Post: Spirit's Promise

I believe God speaks to us in the spaces.  In the moments of stillness. In the moments of connection.  I find all too often people are not comfortable enough,  trusting enough, or perhaps present enough, to listen to the guidance that comes to us in these moments.  1,682 more words


Stop Fooling Yourself!

Foolishly I await, for the coming of the Queen,
Dressed in silken garbs, she will bequeath to me,
The symbols of royalty the remain hidden under my dusty cloak, 164 more words