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the dying leaves - Dear, Alcadio.

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Alcadio Estrada Barron – SanAngeloLIVE.com

You would have never known it but the greatest gift you gave was the gift of inspiration. The gift to charge a persons inner ambition and fill them with the fuel to say to themselves, ‘Yes, I can.’ Those three words alone are the greatest fist shaking words a person can ever think, hear, say, repeat and know. 100 more words

My Life With AVM

Bits and Pieces.

I stepped out of the car into the cold night air. “Oooh, it’s chilly tonight!” I shivered, rubbing my arms.

“I know! I love the cold, though.” 589 more words



There are times in  life when healing happens somewhere within tears. Cry enough and you can find truth.

Nothing like a good song and a box of Kleenex to find healing. 197 more words


Under the Radar

There are some instances where flying under the radar is necessary. Whether you’re settling into a new job, tending to family, or regrouping after a season of overload, for the most part, being MIA is justified. 476 more words


Embracing my Light and my Dark 

My disclaimer before the seasoned bloggers attack, I stumbled (if you’re following me, you know I stumble into some gems, a lot lol!) across this today but not sure who to give up the Credit to for the quote, if you do know, let me know

Narcissism 101

Borrowing Cheerup and Calmdown

Pep Up or Calm Down? Which is the Best Way to Live?

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