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Eternal Love

You don’t have to walk,

A thousand more miles,

Chase a thousand more mirages,

Break a thousand more hearts,

Lose a thousand more dreams,

Write a thousand more sonnets, 72 more words


Strangers on a Plane

There are really two types of people when it comes to airplanes: there are the talkers, and then those who would rather get a root canal than socialize with the person seated next to them. 890 more words


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Your story is worth the pain experienced when Jesus is at the center of your healing. Each missed opportunity to tell someone of it redoubles my sensitivity to the next willing ear He affords me. A beautiful example from Caralyn over at beautybeyondbones dot com.

OCD Almost Destroyed My Creativity!

From Artist To OCD Spartan

One of things that helped soothe my mind as a child was art. I had a special affinity for drawing people. 642 more words

Magnets in Affirmation

embrace yourself dazzling
boys born pink and girls
steel blue…celebrate the magic
that is you, for only
heartless fools can’t see
your brilliance…always
remember it is they, not you
who are broken.



Community Is Key

When I rolled up my sleeves and began to pull myself out of  a bout of manic depression earlier this year I had a strong feeling that I needed to be part of something larger than myself. 348 more words

Life Lessons

It had to happen 

I heard a good sermon from my favorite Pastor. It had to happen. Explaining how reasons, seasons, and things take us on our way to our revelation in life. 341 more words

Chronic Pain

mood is spiking

my mood is all over the place. going up, and then down. i feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride and cant get off. and it sucks. 82 more words