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Getting Unstuck in Life: Seeing Our Life Patterns

Our thoughts are our GPS, consciously or not, they affect our actions and our paths. By becoming more aware of our underlying thoughts, we can more easily change our direction in life. 612 more words


Two Healings, Two Responses…..

In the Book of John there is a story about a man, ill for thirty-eight years, who laid by the Pool of Beit-zada. Reportedly, the pool had healing properties, and as the story goes, an angel stirred the waters and the first one to get in the pool would be healed. 1,093 more words

Unchurched // A Different Look At Christianity

Conversation with Kierra Yvonne Fields

Poet, Writer, Photographer, Artist, Traveler

Kierra is an empowering personality whose journey and words are beyond inspiring. Kierra is an African-American who has a very special relationship with Africa.

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Non Classé

Wholesome leg wobbles

This is my body.

It’s the only thing that’s mine.

This is my body.

My lungs swell deep breaths.

And I wake from feeling bitter.


So new at this, I don't even have a name yet

I have always had a feeling that I had a calling to be a healer. Being a busy mother of 5, I ignored it, or thought about it when God would whisper it in my ear. 582 more words


Weekend Coffee Share: Soup and Snuggles

Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well. If you are, you are doing better than me. I’ve gotten another cold. Kept me out another  999 more words