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The Hurt of Healing (A Vorfreude Collaboration)


by Amrata Joshi, Cassandra Chappell, Dani Moreh, Daniel Vigil, Hanna Mejak, Jiang, John Clancy, Richard Joshua Ovalles, Tina Baleta

          The clock rang one out across the dark, quiet streets. 1,714 more words

Simple Words

We strain
for top shelf,
fancy words
that will impress,
but often find
it’s the heartfelt,
simple words
that bless.

© 2016 Dennis Ference


The Path of Least Resistance

What gifts are you grateful for this day? Are you able to acknowledge whatever has been brought to your door, be it sorrow or joy? Do you shut your heart to love, or open it fully with compassion to all? 924 more words


Healing is: Building new connections

Healing is a unique and personal process completed within a loving and supportive community of connections to people, places and thing.

Yes. We are responsible for our own healing. 270 more words

Behavioral Health

7 Chakra Crystal Healing Tumbled Stones Set Offered by People Crystals

7 Chakra Crystal Healing Tumbled Stones Set Offered by People Crystals

I have been obsessed with holistic healing options so I was pretty excited to try these healing crystals. 57 more words

Product Review


That’s the thing with death- it never comes when you actually want it to, when you’ve got your bags packed and affairs in order, waiting to depart from the train station of life. 132 more words

How To Be Perfect 




1. having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.



noun… 523 more words