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crossing over

These notes were inspired by Bishop Elizabeth Eaton’s sermon at the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering.  Click on the images to enlarge.

The 11-minute sermon is included below the images.



The Secret to Successful Surgery

Dr. W looked oddly casual in his surgical scrubs and snazzy black sneakers, which he confessed would come off–the sneakers, not the scrubs–during surgery. It gave him better balance, he said, while he operated using the… 915 more words

Life Lessons

Getting unstuck . . .

Being a bit of a neatnik, I am bothered by stacks of anything, laundry, newspaper, dishes. Even the neatest and most organized stacks eventually get on my nerves. 1,038 more words

6 Steps to Heal Past Wounds and Move On

Everyone is wounded in some way.   You’ve either just been wounded, in the process of healing, or getting over being wounded, and we’ve all been on either side of the wound as well.   1,328 more words


Finding my Hinds Feet - The Shore of Decision

I am sitting at a writing desk right now in a little closet office adjoining the guest room I am occupying for nearly two weeks. I’ve been here for three nights already and it’s only just starting to feel real. 639 more words

What God's Saying

Review/Revu: Purgatoire des innocents, Karine Giebel

Purgatoire des innocents by Karine Giébel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(English after French…)

Honte d’avoir survécu, haine contre soi même de n’avoir pas su se protéger, envie abandonner. 38 more words