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Prayers for Huma Abedin

This will come as a surprise to all friends that know me as an unwavering conservative voice, but I am praying for Huma Abedin. Huma’s husband, Anthony Weiner, was outed once again in a sexting scandal now blaring across all of the major news outlets.  593 more words


My trip to the school nurse

My typing is a bit off today because I cut my finger. I didn’t realize it until I printed off a label, and saw a red smudge. 685 more words


And so it begins - Mercury is Retrograde with a moon eclipse hot on its heels.

Mercury Retrograde 29th/30th Aug – Sept 22nd/23rd

New Moon in Virgo with Solar Eclipse 30th Aug

The winds of change abound.

It’s a bit of a Virgo thing going on right now as Venus is just moving out of Virgo into Libra, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo, panic not is it more at home here as it is Virgo’s ruler and we have the Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the 1st of September at 9°, as we enter the 9th month of the 9 year. 1,499 more words

Carved candles

Looking back at all the good in my life and remembering things I love when I found this video. I loved going to the mall as a teen and watching the candles be carved right there on the spot. This artist truly amazes me!


Oracle of the Dragonfae

Oracle of the Dragonfae are a new deck of guidance cards that I recently purchased.  I have been offering cheap readings as I learn to use them.   199 more words

Healing the Eye of the Soul

The blind beggar on the road to Jericho did not let Christ Jesus pass by. He cried out and cried out louder. Jesus stops and the life-changing meeting occurs. 460 more words

Denying the Self

There are two main expressions of the soul: joy and sadness. The energy pours out through our cries and our laughter.

These expressions are a necessity of wellbeing. 142 more words