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Breakout - 2.8.15

 Dendritic Talc.  Talc is just a Magnesium Mica.  The green Dendrites are Pyrolusite, a simple Manganese Oxide.  Can you stop thinking long enough to understand what they’re saying?  1,445 more words


The Weight of Us

I’ll never forget the day the weight of us slipped from my shoulders.

Standing on the street outside the university in Paraguay, arms bundled full of English textbooks, the early autumn breeze bouncing the tender pink blossoms hanging from the weepy trees I loved, but knew no name for. 136 more words


Are You Being Emotionally Abused?

Abuse comes in several forms: emotional, physical, sexual, verbal. Often emotional and verbal abuse get erroneously played down. People sometimes falsely assume that it can’t be “that bad” and isn’t dangerous, but that couldn’t be more wrong. 648 more words

Defying Shadows

Day 22: Conversations with God over Laundry

Today was a simple day. I spent a huge chunk of it doing laundry, which is no easy task when you have a family of six and kids who are fond of multiple wardrobe changes every day. 637 more words


Days Since Break-Up: 7

Current Mood: Cups by Anna Kendrick

My beautiful mother returned from her Mexico trip early today! And while I had so much love and support from friends, nothing compares to a mother’s compassion and understanding.However, her empathy has now turned into anger as she helped spread the word of my cancelled wedding. 146 more words

Week 1

Getting back on the horse

When Ethan was small, like baby small I decided to train in Baby Massage and Yoga. I had never heard of these before in my life until I met my now good friend Charlotte whom I also work for/with. 1,137 more words

Trisomy 18

Moving on...

Hello all you wonderful people! I’m really excited to be able to write about and share my thoughts with you guys. I wanted to start by sharing a little story about myself that I hope will help you either right now or in the future. 790 more words