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Healing is Metamorphosis

Healing is not time wasted. No more so than the time a caterpillar spends inside the cocoon. It is a time of growth and development. 374 more words

Renegade Healer - Recovery

2018 - January

Sending out well wishes for love and happiness in this uncertain world.

Goodness, we are half way through January already and just like every year it will pass by fairly quickly.  247 more words


The Start to My Health Journey

My reflection in the mirror has never been my best friend. I was very unhealthy in high school and back then I had no plans of changing that. 1,060 more words


Taking the Forward Path

The road sweeps on ahead

But I am not afraid.

Why fear the unknown path?

Why cower from the deepest dark?

I have survived the unthinkable, 114 more words


The Road to Healing.

Someday I will be over you.
Maybe not today, but someday I will break free from the emotions that have kept me pining for you like a lost puppy. 312 more words


A Shock to the System - Loving a Narcissist

I have been giving a lot of thought to those compassionate empathetic people who have had bad experiences where they trusted and gave their heart, where their commitment and loyalty was taken advantage of, and most of all, those who have experienced the psychological tangle of narcissism in their relationships. 474 more words


Looking in the mirror

Words exist to explain the complex feelings we feel, simplify issues that can’t be communicated by gestures, body and facial expressions. Words are amazing when strung well together in a sentence. 324 more words