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Just Come

Are you brokenhearted? Are you crushed deep inside? Come to Jesus. You’re the one He is looking for.

“I don’t know how else to pray a perfect prayer…” – At some of my most difficult times, I faced up to this (problem) and in my humanity, I cried out desperately with words and groans that just can’t seem to suffice all my pain, struggles, and the help I so needed from God. 335 more words


Love & fear are Both Hiring, Which Company Will You Choose?

When a child falls and hurts themselves, many surround them, help them up and help them heal. When an adult falls and hurts themselves, many surround them, point out what’s wrong with them, try to decide if the person is worthy of help, and reminds them about their fall. 304 more words

Instability, displacement. Blessing, disaster, or a source of strength?

“Stop leaving and you will arrive.  Stop searching and you will see.  Stop running away and you will be found.”  -Unknown

It is sometimes hard to really determine what affect our past has on our current day life and relationships. 2,506 more words

How Do We Respond to Grace Upon Grace? (Jn 9:1-41)

     Have you ever noticed that some people in the gospels have a really hard time with Jesus being gracious? Let me give you a few examples: Some people brought their children to Jesus so that he could bless them. 1,846 more words


stupidity and redemption

I am a champion when it comes to screwing things up.

I have an innate skill for overreacting, thinking too much, missing cues, and harboring ridiculous wounds. 587 more words


How To Help A Self-Destructive Teenager

Amy: (We’re re-posting a couple of our Oldies But Goodies. This is one.)

Not too long ago I worked with an attractive family that demonstrated some of what Dave talked about in his… 1,059 more words


Back Through Time

I found I could

send a note


through time

to the place

just before

I needed it —

reaching into

a wordless place

that couldn’t be reached… 18 more words