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Siding with Heaven

Watching televised court coverage of a cop’s manslaughter trial, I feel the tension of judgment heaped on this police officer and the elusiveness of justice in human courts. 115 more words



Confliction. Complete Confliction.

I’m itching to get out, yet I see the positives of where I am. I feel like my dream has been snagged away from me, but I feel like my dream is still in my grasp. 1,113 more words

Dog Agility

May 23 - Snake Bit!

Acts 28:1-16; 1 Samuel 4-5; Psalm 52

The ship that was taking Paul to Rome wrecked and all aboard were rescued on the island of Malta. 302 more words

Devotional Thoughts

Thrush and little green chickens

It is the first morning of Wood Thrush song, so loud and close I don’t recognize it at first. The flute-like whistles sound shrieky up close, but up close you can also hear the quiet churrs and burbles that follow the whistles. 535 more words


I can still remember being a young child sitting in this room at the Kingdom Hall where I had attended church my entire life. As the elders, Steve and Howard, who had joined me in the small meeting room began to speak, everything in my mind became a blur and I struggled to respond to their stern voices and not so gentle inquiries.

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Richard Propes

Let Others SEE Your Love in Us

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

“Mom, why is it so much easier to hate and be mean than it is to love and be kind?” 685 more words


Glued, Taped and Sewn Together

I watched as the woman he loved walked away from him,

and I heard his heart break.

I had known all along that he loved her with all of his heart, 242 more words

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