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Surf the waves of Life

Looking for happiness and contentment? Stop searching then. It’s here and now! Spiritual traditions state it for already thousands of years and although society has changed this basic energetic law of human perception hasn’t.  107 more words

Attention Management

June 2, With Attention we Create

Attention is the force or energy that allows us to create. Continuously we create the way we experience life, how we react to it and thereby create the future.  90 more words

Meditation Ritual

May 26, Harmony and Openness

Everything we do in life is to get a certain feeling. For this we buy the most fancy stuff, (try to) diet and follow all kinds of trainings to get the best out of us. 115 more words

Meditation Ritual

May 5, Attention and Meditation

The key to how we approach life is in attention. Attention is the creating force with which we shape our lives. At Shuem we learn to focus our attention in one neutral point. 98 more words

Meditation Ritual