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25th annual nationwide "Healthy Kids Day" inspires kids in the community

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – “I would definitely come back to this,” said 11 year old Gab Hammes.

From basketball, to a spinning wheel…the YMCA was jam packed with kids for its 25th annual nationwide “Healthy Kids day.” 166 more words


16 Ways To Reduce Heart Disease by Loweing Cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol: LDL and HDL. Our bodies need both types, but the LDL (a.k.a. “bad” cholesterol) can lead to heart disease if we have too much of it. 1,898 more words


No NEED for a Heart Transplant

Sarah was told by her cardiologist that she needed a heart transplant. She sought a second opinion where the doctor asked, for the first time, if she had ever had a sleep test. 319 more words

Vitamins and Sunny Sonshine

I’ve been tired, cold, achy, and generally miserable off and on throughout my entire life. I go to the doctor’s office, they run the tests, and nothing shows up. 296 more words

Creative Writing

Antiphysical: Why Men Are Giving Up Sex & Relationships

From Facebook to porn, people are replacing real, tangible life experiences with a fantasy world

Kit Daniels – April 30, 2016


Why are more men now watching sports and pornography instead of meeting women? 41 more words


'Secret' of youthful looks in ginger gene

Source: BBC
By James Gallagher

Health editor, BBC News website

Scientists say they have made a leap in knowing why some people retain their youthful looks while others age badly. 521 more words

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