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One stop medical clinic treats special needs children

Life can be very difficult for a child with serious medical issues. Tough on the parents too. Imagine a special needs child with multiple medical problems. 542 more words


Understanding and coping with postpartum depression

KIMT News 3 — When you picture meeting your child for the first time, it’s hopefully an exciting image.

We all stress how much we love our kids no matter what happens, but sometimes that love can be proven difficult even if you’re not doing anything wrong. 1,117 more words


7 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder | Lifehack.org

Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference.

Work with how you spend your time in a day. Develop habits that can help you know what is important, what is not. 747 more words


Planning for the week ahead

They say the key to eating well is to plan and prep. Seriously, I already do this, it’s impossible not to when you are feeding a family of 5! 360 more words


Vegan and Refined-Sugar Free Blackcurrant and Apple Crumble

You may have noticed me raving on about blackcurrants for a while. That’s because they’re honestly SO GOOD FOR YOU. For one, they contain 4 times yep FOUR times the amount of Vitamin C than oranges do. 268 more words

Dairy Free

There is a hygienic need to wash hands – why do some people simply ignore it?


History shows that in the mid-nineteenth century, many-many women died in childbirth if they had to go for a hospital birth with a difficult delivery. Indeed, the mortality rate from childbed fever under a doctor, fluctuated wildly, but could be as high as thirty-five percent (three times that on a midwife ward). 691 more words