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Reblog: The Criticism

When I was a young boy, age 14, a group of my friends vowed to be friends forever and always no matter what.  It was the end of the summer, 1993.  Years we…

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But you look so good!

I have not posted in a while – life is full and I was feeling somewhat lazy.  However, it is a rainy, stormy day and a long weekend, so I feel a desire to think and write. 826 more words


Reblog: The Rhythm of Life

I’m currently reading The Essential Sheehan, which is a compilation of articles written by running guru Dr. George Sheehan in the 1970s and 1980s. Dr. Sheehan’s articles offer a philosophical take on…

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That New Superbug Was Found in a UTI and That’s Key


THE WOMAN HARBORING E. coli resistant to colistin did not know it, and it’s only luck that we do. Her doctor would have never prescribed that last-resort antibiotic for a routine urinary tract infection—it can cause serious kidney damage. 984 more words


Injured Snowboarder Helps Other Brain Injury Survivors

LINCOLN, Vt. (AP) — A near-fatal halfpipe crash while training for the 2010 Olympics ended Kevin Pearce’s snowboarding career and changed his life forever. Six years later, Pearce, 28, continues to cope with his traumatic brain injury that he will carry with him for the rest of his life and he’s helping other survivors do the same. 566 more words


#MakeMayPurple OOTD.

This month is all about making May purple. Why? It’s because May is the month where the Stroke Association raise awareness of strokes – what they are, what to do if someone has one and why it’s important to raise awareness and support people who have strokes and  318 more words


#MuscleWiki (Understand your body, simplify your workouts) @MuscleWiki

MuscleWiki is a community built upon the principle that fitness should be simple. The difficulty lies in the journey – not the directions. We envisage a site where access to fitness related information is immediately accessible and easily digested. 101 more words