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Mind Over Monster: An Overview of the Antisocial Mind and the Antisocial Brain

If you ask someone with ASPD what they struggle with most in life, they would probably struggle to narrow it down to one universal factor. Environmental factors such as upbringing, education, and social lifestyle (and many other things) all play a massive role in shaping the… 721 more words


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A unique lens to view people with anti-social personality disorders (ASPD). A reblogged post that peeks into the mind and brain of ASPD.

HHS: Trump health office lies to millions with fake reports and data

This following article is about how the  Trump administration used a government agency, HHS,  responsible for the health of Americans to falsify reports that undermine American’s health.    415 more words

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Head Trauma: Finding The Silver Lining

Is there a silver lining to traumatic brain injury? Does head trauma come with benefits? I didn’t think so until my youngest shared his wisdom. 479 more words

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