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A Post About Bupenorphrine from Dr. Fudin

Here’s some much needed information about Bupenorphrine. It’s written by Dr Jeffrey Fudin at: paindr.com/buprenorphine-so-misunderstood/

Please remember that this medication is best used for people who have ongoing pain issues and who are also recovering addicts. 148 more words

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So You Think I Can Hear?

This is a quote from a dear friend of mine who is profoundly Deaf and he is a Professor of ASL at a University in Utah….with that being said…. 90 more words

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Today’s Drug Abusers Did Not Derive From Yesterday’s Patients | Cato @ Liberty

Hello Luvs,

I thought that the best way to pass this article around, was to post the link to it, here in my blog. Please share this with your pain physicians, general medicine Drs. 124 more words

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Wait-free flu shots

After a morning at the dentist’s office, Mama and I stopped at a flu shot clinic on our way home. We got lucky and there was no line, and they gave us these swell stickers at the end! 45 more words


Sit & Listen

Well, here I am, unsuccessfully sleeping – so blogging instead. Maybe once I get moved back home, sleep will come easier, but I’m not counting on it. 343 more words



Hello Luvs,

I’ve decided to share this here with you. It took all I had, to do this song (3 1/2 minutes). I’m being quickly tapered from my LA/ER pain medication.*I had been a medical & educational Interpreter for the Deaf before my car accident in 2002. 52 more words

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Reach out to Congress with IFFGD

Interested in working on your advocacy? Read below what IFFGD is doing this month and how you can help!

During the month of September, join IFFGD and advocates across the nation in making your voice heard in Washington! 146 more words