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Racism in former East Germany

In former East Germany, many foreign workers were subjected to racism and violent attacks. Many of these crimes are still unsolved today.

“Beat the Algerians to death!” cried mobs of young men rampaging through Erfurt for three days in August 1975. 214 more words

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How The Term 'Marijuana' Is Rooted In Racism

The word ‘marijuana’ is rooted in racism — here’s why you should say ‘cannabis’ instead.

Apparently, we need to stop saying “marijuana” and this is why. 214 more words

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'The rich, the poor and the trash'

The gap between the rich and poor is growing. The rich consume much more than the poor and produce much more waste. Trash has become a symbol of our times. 314 more words

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Test Prep 101: MMPI - My Pure Opinion

As-Salaam-Alaikum, hello test-takers!

MMPI–Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Test–is a standardized psychometric test of adult personality and psychopathology(wiki). There’s a lot of MMPI types and it was designed to different company/people. 427 more words

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How I Organize, Study, and Prepare for School/Uni!


Hello, here I want to share how I study, organize, prepare, and what things that I use!

Writing notes

Well, I know the first time to do this is actually the hardest thing. 544 more words

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The Germans - Luther and the nation

How did Martin Luther, a simple monk, become a key figure in history in the 15th century? Luther managed to unite and divide Germans.

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